abhi na jao chor ke(Intro)


i am new here. Hope u will like this. This is my frst ever story. Plz cmmnt on this and suggest moderatn needed. Every body’s cmmnt is very much valluable for me.

Let me start the intro.

It is a teenage love story.

The leads’ are suman and shravan. I will other charactrs in the rt tym. Shravan reads in a big school. Sumo is in small school rt now. Both are toppers in their respective school. Both belong well cultured family. Sumo’ s family are thinking to move her ina big school now. Both sumo n shravan are in seventh . After a long session of discussion the school of shravan was choosen for her. The city they live in was a small city so not much optns were available to her. The school was a big one but well known for bad boys. Sumo was very sad. She thought her life is going to be hell now. Being a simple grl she was much frustated to handle her new classmates.
Now in the next epi i will tell about her entry and intro wth her new class

plz rply guys abt this.

Credit to: lovely lady

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  1. shweeto/angel

    wowww sounds intresting 🙂
    looking forward to read upcoming epi,s

    1. thnx for readng dear
      i wll post next part very soon

    1. fhnx dear

  2. Wow…it looks interesting..u r showing their school life..thats awesome..?

    1. thnx dear for appreciatn my thoughts.
      i wnt to wrt smthn which wll be,diff n close to reality

  3. Wow school life! interesting to read post soon

    1. thnx dear
      plz cntnue readng my posts

  4. School life in detail too interesting… Keep it up..

    1. thnx yaar
      this story will be focussed on their school life.
      the teenagers can easily coorelate with it. i hope?!!!!!

  5. wonderful start school life so it will be more interesting

    1. Ya dear
      Thanx a lot for readng….lol

  6. […] was missing after my intro which has been published now. Here are links of all my parts in order: Intro Intro Part 2 (This was missing) Episode 1 Episode […]

  7. School lifeeee???thats interestinggg

    1. Thnx bro…….
      Wtng your cmmnts on othr parts also?

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