abhi na jao chor ke (Intro Part 2)


Hi guys i m again here with the secnd part of my story. Hope u all r lyking the track of their school days.
I wll defenetly try to keep reality in my story.

As i hv mntnd in the frst part that suman n shravan r stdnts of class seventh, they are now promoted to class eighth aftr there annual exam. And today sumo is going to her new school which is none othr than shravan’ s school. She is excited for her frst day bt on the same tym nrvs to face the new classmates. She hd heard that the stdnts are violnt as well as misbehavd.
“Mummy i m really gettng nrvs today”suman said sadly.
Mumma – you r brave grl. N remembr one thing that wth your behaviour n study u cn easily and fastly make your place in d school. I believe in u.
Suman gave a fake smile.
Mumma cm fast i m late on the frst day. Plz cm na . Sumo shouted.
“Ya beta i m jst dn. Lets go dear.”
Mumma said.
Suman is a bit padhaku typ.
Aftr sm procedure at school offc she entered in her class room wth pumping hrt.
She hv a fatty bag, two chotees,n specs on eyes.
Teachr is already in class room. She entered. All studenys are staring her as if she is an allien.
Sir welcm her and ask her to take seat. Class room is bit small wth respect to no. of students. All the benches were full. She walked furthr in search of seat. Grl at the secnd last bnch offered her seat. She sat there.
“Oo see her hair so oily na ” ,
” ya n her bag is like that she had put her clothes too.”
Suman cn hrd the whisperng sound all arnd her.
She did not see any boy face to face that day . She was although the topper of her class. Bt her cnfidnce level was vry low bcoz of increasd no. Of students.
Days passed, she got sm frnds. Bt most if thm were not reliable.

sry i m not movng d story vry fast. this track is very close to my heart so i dont want to open the twists suddenly.
in the nxt epi i would make suman n shravan intract.
as i m trying to keep the story close to reality u may not fnd fairy tch in this.
plz reply how u thnk about the story

Credit to: lovely lady

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  1. this was the lost part.
    it us between intro n epi 1

  2. shweeto/angel

    wowwwwwwww ek dam awosome yar………….

    But as i already red meeting of sumo and shrvu haahahahhaha

    1. ya dear that twist was over.
      btw thanx a lot for liking….:)

  3. Ohh…Thats awesome…Now we got that completion..

    1. thnx dear.
      i was also disappointed by the lost part.i too feel good now:)

  4. is their missing somethng in my story i couldnt fnd much commnts
    plz suggest frnns if something is mising in my story

    1. shweeto/angel

      nop ur story is just perfect

      ther reason f less cmnts can be that thr no that much ff reader in edkv section may beee

  5. it may be dear.
    u pklz cntnue readng , cmmntng n supportng me

    1. shweeto/angel

      i will for sure 🙂

    2. shweeto/angel

      did u post epi 4

      1. ya dear i hv snd it

    3. shweeto/angel


  6. which stream u were frm in 12 th

    1. shweeto/angel

      i did nt get yar???

      1. i mean wht subjcts hv u taken

      2. shweeto/angel

        medical group means i,m suppose to be doc hahaha wish me luck
        and wbu?????

      3. i m in maths grp n supposed to be engg
        all d bst dear
        wsh me too bcoz tommrw is my one entrance test.
        i cnt post tmmrw

      4. shweeto/angel

        ohhhhhh 🙂 wishing u all the luck of world 🙂
        will miss it tommorow

  7. good at last it came very nice

    1. Sry i cnt get yiur wrds ……
      Btw thnx fr readng

  8. And that was an awsm epiiiii…..you are juz rocking yaar..

    1. Thanxxxx dear……

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