abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 8)

Me: Hey guys!!!
I m thank ful to all of u frm bottom of my heart…
This ff is really close to my heart bcoz it gave me so cute frns like u…
I remember the day whn i had started this ff.. i was new on this site. I dont kn any one. Bt today i hv got so many numbers of frns.. who understand me n support. Love u all a lot……….
Till now secret convo between swaria n shravan hv disturbed Suman. Swati hv told the matter of their convo bt Suman hv sm doubt….
Suman didnt get tym to discss abt that wd any one. Even she didnt gt tym to observe shravan’ s mood bcoz after two days of that convo their semester exam started n after it their vaccation was on …
Suman doubted swaria bt she thought why wll swati do bad wd her. She had blind trust over her frns..
After one month their school opened and also their coachng classes.
Suman was now less tensed abt that day. Wd tym her tension hv gone.
On the frst day when she entered the class she put her bag on d frst of the frst bnch. She noticed that shravan had also put his bag on the frst bnch of boys row bfr she had cm
( __× ×__) lyk cross were seat of shraman.
[ this was d seat arrangemnt of class 8 in which their frndship started]
Whn Suman turned after keeping her bag she noticed shravan standing on the gate.
Shravan entered the room . No one was there except shraman. Suman smiled seeing her, bt he doesnt responded. He came n took gis bag n put it on another bnch wd a loud sound of dhammmm
Suman got frightened. She felt hurt by thus. It completemy seem like shravan hv changed his seat bcoz of Suman. Shravan suddnly went out after doung this. Suman remain stunned.
Whn teacher came……
” Suman hw was the exam? ? The resuts wll be published soon …..” teachr asked…
Suman – ya sir exam was good. Hope result will be good.
Shravan( in low voic)- ha paper easy tha sb ka acha gya h…..
Suman heard taunting him. She was shocked to see another face of shravan.
Now shravan’ s taunt over Suman was very Common.
Suman was more surprised than angry by this changed behaviour of shravan.
Suman – aree yaar swati kya ho gya h shravan ko. Wo itna strange kyu behave kr rha h.
Swati – to kya ho gya? ? Tujhe kya fark parta h ..
Suman – ni fr bhi use kuch to hua h na?? Shayad meri kisi bat ka bura laga ho??
Swati – tu hi na pareshan rhti thi ki itne rumours h. Ab dheere dheere rumours bhi khatm ho jayenge… tujhe to khush hona chahiye..
Suman ( in mind) hw shd i tell u every time whn i listen my name with shravan i felt so fortunate….
Whn ever he see me, i feel like i m in heaven. When ever he smile at me, i felt like i m over all this wrld.
Jiski ek muskuraht dekhne k liye pareshan rahte the aaj wahi meri hasi urane lga………
Suman was very tensed abt shravan’ s changed behaviour…………………

Plz guys tell me hw u like it. N if u want any improvemnt plz tell me….
sry this epi is very small

Credit to: lovely lady


  1. Ufaq

    Ur always awesome sorry to say BT don’t u think that shravu is a bit akro sorry
    Anyways do u have really a sis???

  2. shraman

    Amazing yr. Hoping for next ep. I hope shravan talks to sumo soon… Waiting to know the convo between them..

  3. garvita

    Nice episode I really like all ur fiction and big fan of this story
    Plz continue and keep it up

    • lovely lady

      oo thn u were a slnt reader…..
      bt dear i wrt only this fiction….
      by the way thnx fr liking the story…
      bt plz cmmnt bcoz cmmnts r the energy boosters……….

    • lovely lady

      dont kn dear no bodys cmmnt is geetng posted.
      i hv also posted cmmnt on mil jate h jo bane … it is also not posted

  4. The episode was awesome but sorry to say di don’t u think or shravan is a bit akro anyways awesome
    Do u HV any sister

    • lovely lady

      thnx for liking d epi……
      bt shravan is not that much akru as u thnk……
      actualy his behavious is mysteirous…. bt he have also good shades that u wll fnd after one epi….
      i dont had any sis bt now i hv one… am i wrng ufaq ????

  5. lovely lady

    there is a ques for all my frns ufaq, angel, karthik bro, abhi…..
    plz answer it seriously… n honestly……..
    hv i made any mistake to wrt a real life story……

  6. it was really awesome….but shravu’s changed behaviour ka reason??Waiting for knowing about it…Oh ,so you loved someone in your life..I don’t know why,iam feeling that this story is having a sad ending…Its just my feeling…Maybe i got this feeling because of the experiences which i had in my life,…
    Anyway,i hope shravu will not hurt sumo more.

    • lovely lady

      oo u had bad experience…
      i cnt shr much now to maintain the charm of the story……. i hope u dont mind

    • angel

      i,m also feeling same as abhi

      but i wish it has happy ending
      if it has happy ending thn i,ll get some believe on love

      as for now i dont hv believe on it as i never saw real happy love stories

  7. angel

    nyc epi,,,,
    waiting for truth to be revealed 🙂
    and waiting to see sweet side of sharvan as well 😉

  8. ufaq

    No not at all y I will hate the hero and u hvnt done any mistake if the life story is awesome then why to write a ff even I will try someday and u just take it easy cutey di I have chose name for u cutey it is good or I should change it

  9. So LOVY is fixed….???
    N @angel n lovy…I will give the link of my Story in this ff’s next episode…..I wrote in on swasan..hope you guys wont mind..?

  10. Karthik

    Sorry yaar late hai….bt epi was nice.

    Wht happnd to shravu achanak….itna rude behvr….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.