abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 9)

Me: Thnk u all of u fr your support…..
My ff is slowly gng toward an end….. few epi are left only………..
Till now Suman is very surprised by the changed behaviour of shravan…………
Shravan never leave a single chance to hurt Suman.
in coachng classes whn they are in same class…. shravan’ s changed behaviour was strange for every one…….
After a class test copies in d coachng was distributed bt numbers were not announced…….
Suman was standng wd her ffn in class… shravan came their….
Shravan- hi riana,,,

Riana- hi
Riana looked at Suman. Riana was shocked bcoz shravan had said hi to her fr frst tym. Bt she was most shocked bcoz shravan had said hi to her in frnt of her bt not even looked at Suman ……
Suman waited fr few secnds for shravan to look at her…
Bt after that she moved away frm their wd tears in her eyes……..
She went on the last bnch of class n noticed shravan n riana . Shravan was talking wd riana sweetly…..
Riana was looking bhnd fr Suman …. she was feeling uncmfrtable wid him……
Suman was very sad… now every thng was changed……
Whn class ended, Suman fnd Riana alone. She collected all her strenghth to talk wd her about the recent convo….
Suman – hi riana, if u dont mnd may i ask u sm thng???
Riana- sure.. bt i too hv to ask u smthng… is everythng okey btween u n shravan….
Suman – i too dont kn…
Riana- plz yar if there is any misunderstandng plz clear it…….
Suman – ya, bt may i kn wt he was talking wd u??
Riana- ha yar bilkul….
He asked my marks…. n thn if yours…..
Mera marks to ek bahana tha, use to tera marks janna tha……..

Riana smiled teasngly…….
Suman felt sad………
Shravan who asked abt other grls frm me is now asking my marks frm other grl….
Bt yeah she was a ltl happy that he hv not forgot her cmpletely……

There was resheudling of classes of cochng…
Sir- studnts i hv to change the tym of classes…..
All of u sggest tym….
There also shravan opposes tym suggested Suman. There also rudeness was presnt in his way. Sir asked” is there any reason for your opposition”
Shravan- sir wo wo wo i mean ki us tym me mera kahi aur bhi class h… i hv to miss it….
Suman was again surprised bcoz she kn very wll that he doesnot read any where else…….
He was jst lying in frnt of everyone …….
Everybody were whisperng abt thm
Suman was embarassed………….

Her suggestion was rejected n she saw him enjoying this…
She wept whole nt… she decided that she will never speak any thng in frnt of him… every tym he opposes her.
Suman talked to her self….
Mujhe bhi hurt hota h .. wo hr waqt mujhe galat krne k liye kuch bhi jhuth bol deta h…..
I will alao never think abt him…..
He is very bad …….
She kpt weeping.

Kash tum mile na hote
Kabhi sath hm hse na hote

Kabhi koi gm tumse bata na hota
Tumne ye dil churaya na hota.

Tumse milne ki ikcha na hoti
Hr waqt ye ankhe tujhe khojti na hoti

Tere liye yu roya nA krti
Hr rat mai soya to krti

Tuje kisi aur k sath dekh mai jala na krti
Akele hone ka dar mujhe jalaya na krti

Tum na milte to mai roya na krti
Hr waqt mai bhi muskuraya hi krti”

Suman was hurt……..
Sry guys it is also a bit sad epi…..

Next epi will be good… plz guys read n cmmnt…..
Cmmnts are energy boosters….
Love u allllll

Credit to: lovely lady


  1. angel

    that poetry explains pain of sumo well 🙁

    waiting for thngs to be ok soon

    wana knw the reason of this behaviour of sharvan

  2. ufaq

    Amazing di u rocked I think ur sharvan has a strong reason behind all this and that poetry is written by u??? And di u were topper hann???love u

      • ufaq

        Seriously??? Actually I hate poetry but after reading urs I think that some poetries r awesome

      • Karthik

        This poem is yourssss.ohh god…that was splndid…..i love this epi nd at the same time sad also..y he is doing lyk this….was swati lying to her….nd i like riana bcuz she dint hesitate to say thingsto you.

  3. lovely lady

    sry guys i hv done some spelling mistakes..

    frgv me i wll try to wrt clearly frm nxt epis….

  4. That was a really sad episode Shravan hurts her a lot…Looks like Shravan is doing this for a reason..Ya,anyway…I’ll wait for knowing it,..?
    Will miss u alot after this ff…

  5. Dais

    Hey dear vo poetry bahut acchi hai I mean it really n yeah a lil sad episode but it was nice ..

  6. angel

    @abhi didn,t u ever met him or talk to him after that day,,,,,,, and how many months/years has passed now?????????

      • lovely lady

        sry abhi i read it late….
        it was fab wrtng….
        bt your story hv a sad end ……
        i m vry sad fr u……
        plz try to cntact him whn u fnd d rt tym….

      • lovely lady

        guys i wnt to cnfss smthng…….
        jst to maintain the charm of the story. i cant keep it more secret…….
        actually my story also hv sad end… very sad end……
        i wll explain all my feelings wt i flt whn we separate in the epi.
        i jst hope my feelings reaches him by this ff…….
        i cnt cnfss directly……..:(

      • I felt it ,when you said its a real story …So sad thinking that someone else also had a bad experience in life…i will ask further,i will read it n say my view in last episode..
        N about my story,even if we talk again…we cannot become good friends again,…N ha,he talked to me once ..n after that in tuition class , he used to talk to me ..but just some funny taunts…Dont know why,iam not getting that old ..old..trust or friendship in him..?

      • angel

        ohhhhhh sad end 🙁

        but guyzzzz may b this is not end u both met ur sharvan and sanskar may b one day again 🙂

      • lovely lady

        Yar i hv a ques for u….
        U also wrote a real life story on edkw..
        That was your??

      • angel

        @abhi if life gives u chance na someday than talk to him

        may b things got better nd u get that frndshp bck dear 🙂

  7. Garvita

    Good episode
    Feeling bad for sumo shravan is too rude but might there is a strong reason behind it
    Hope everything will be good between shraman soon

  8. Hiiiii…I am Miloni slinent readerEvery story is close to my heart…..all story telling is very goodI want something from u Guy’s.. Plzz give me song of ek duje ke vaste ……I am not getting it yar ..plzzz any one help meee

    • lovely lady

      Actually many thngs are erng wd telly updates…
      They took so much tym in moderatn….

  9. lovely lady

    U were r8 abhi…….
    Bt u also bot kn wht destiny hv decided for u….
    It may be that he is only made for u….. or it may be sm body else

  10. angel


    no it was not mine it was of my best friend,s she had told me each and everything so thought to post it here,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. angel

    hahahaha thanku

    but honestly i dont want it as i,m afraid of love n all these thngs r soo complicated

    so i had never take a step towards it
    and due to this i had also lose sm persons which were so close to me

    • lovely lady

      it was awsm abhi..
      i jst read it…..
      so good n while readng i thnk feeled that i was in heaven……

  12. Actually i tried to write one more real life story in tellyupdate….but accidentally i deleted it while typing.,,?

    • lovely lady

      oops abhi….
      its ok… plz wrt it again……
      n plz share the name of the ff once it is send……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.