abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 5)

Thnx all for cmmntng n supprtng till now. Now this is the nxt part .
Till now shravan n Suman are gvng fnal semetr of class eighth . Their chemistry is slowly cmng out.
Now ………,.
It is their science paper.
“Ria all the bst ” Suman said.
Ria -,same to u n plz hlp whn u gt tym.
“Ya sure yar” Suman said smilingly.

” hi Suman.!!! All the bst fr exam …. tumko to mujhe batane ka tym hi ni milta h” shravan saidto Suman.
Suman – same to u, aisa ni h jb puchte ho to batati to hu”
Shravan – yar tu to serious ho gyi. I was joking….
Both laughed.
Exam started—
All were wrtng their paper,
Aftr half n hr od startng of exam, the director of the school cm.
Sir — there is a quuz cmpetitn today

We got a sddn notice. We need two stdnt. Who r intrsted??
No body raised hnd in hesitatn.
Sir – Suman, r u interested?????
Suman — ya sr okk
Sir– thn u choose your partner..
Suman — (hesitately with broken voice) Sir ask Shravan if he has no any prblm…….
Sir — shravan wll u go? ???
Shravan — ya sir sure.
Sir — both of u cm wd me.
In offc………

See both of u r gng to the vnue which is near by only. N we wll give u your paper aftr that…
Ok,sir …… both said togethr..
Both see each othr and smiled.
They wnt to the cntre with a sir . He left thm there n asked thm to cm bck wd own.
They walked inside…
Aftr reachng the table. …. shravan pulled the chair fr Suman and asked her to sit jst by eyes.
Suman flt so spcl ..
There was an hr fr the qiz to start
Shravan — why u suggested my name??

He asked smilngly.
Suman — i jst thought u wll like this quiz so i ………
Shravan– ya i wnt to cm bt i dont want to cm wd any body….
Suman smiled lowering her eyes.
Thn their cnvrsatn started.
They talked wd thr open heart.
Suman — is this your frst school???
Shravan– no . I was sent to hostel whn i was kid becoz i was very naughty..
Suman said in mnd u r stll naughty.. n smiled.
” why r u smiling ” shravan asked
” nothing lyk that” …. Suman said.
Their chat cntinued n aftr the end they were the persn to kn most abt each other . They kn each orhers all like n dislikes. Even their very close frn dont knw thus much abt thm.
Thn the quiz started. It was vry good.
now Suman n shravan cm out of hall.

” we wll hv to go alone, sr will not cm na” Suman said.
” ya we hv to …
Yeah we can go togethr. ….. if u dont mind” shravan asked.
Suman — ok wll go togethr.
They walked outsd walking togethr……
” oops there is traffc jam ” Suman said.
shravan – yup. Its ok lts go…
They started walking by sd of the road. There was so many hurdles.

At a place a bicycle was on the road ( gira hua)
Shravan crossd it n look bhnd fr Suman.
Suman was trying to cross bt gttng trobuled.
shravan asked her to wait. N he picked up the cycle to give way to Suman .
Suman felt so spcl……..
Aftr sm tym walking there was a large sand cone put by buildr.
Shravan again crossed it and waited fr her . She,was tryng bt failed….
He suddenly give his hnd fr support. Suman was stunnedddd
She hesitated to give her hand in His hand.
She saw in his eyes..

His eyes were making her cmfrtable to gv hnd. Bt she knw she was in road , she didnt give her hand. She put paper, box in his hnd to make her hnd frree to tk supprt wd a pole.
Shravan lowered his eyes ….
They both reached the school n wrt their paper in a empty room.
This was a vry spcl day for Suman n shayad fr shravan too.
Now, Suman started feeling smthing spcl fr him. She was not much mature . So she dont kn what to gv wrd fr that spcl feeling…

In the next epi i wll tll u about their jrney in class ninth …… n in upcoming epi i wll tell u how Suman realised her love for shravan……..
Plz keep cmmntng n supporting me

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  1. Its really awesome to read a school love story….I really loved it..i hope Shravan is also having That special feeling for her.eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Thnx dear….
      I hopee u will also like upcoming epis…..
      Btw i wll nxt part in nght ………..
      Keep reading.. . Cmmntng …. n supporting????

  2. shweeto/angel

    wowwwwww that was justtttt amazing its getting more intresting day by day
    waiting for next part 🙂

    i smile all time while reading this 😉

    1. Thanx angel…….
      U r cmmnts r really very spcl………
      I will post next part in night…..

  3. Thanx dear … read other parts of story too n cmmnt…….???

  4. im tooooooooooo happy after reading bcoz im also 8th.and very nice yaar

    1. Thnx dear……..
      I hope All teenagers can feel it btrrr than any one…..
      All the bst for your future…..

  5. Sry guys i cnt post the frthr story fr sm day……
    I hv lost my phn:(
    Cmntng frm dads phn……….. cnt post it frm this phn…………

    N one thng more i want to wrt a romantic love story aftr cmpleatng this story..
    Plz suggest the tv show for my nxt ff……
    Waitng for every bodys rply ……..

  6. Wll post aftr very few days……….

  7. shweeto/angel

    waiting for next part

  8. Woww yaar…he took off cycl for her…soo cute…bt broke his heart by nkt giving her hand on his?

  9. Ya dear ……
    Actually it is a true story ….. so she didnt gave……..

    1. Yur stry !!!!will wait to read that spcl story ofyour life..

  10. Nice track but plz post soon di I hope u don’t mind if I call u di,will u????

  11. no dear i wll realy not mnd
    btw in whch class u r????
    i wll post very soon

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