abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 6)

Hey guys…. i m very thnk ful to all of u for supportng me..
Your cmmnts n supprt made me to write the next part…..
Till now suman hv started feeling somethng for shravan. Bt she didnt kn what to guve the name for such feeling…. Now they are promoted to ninth and many thngs changed…

They were sent to another building of the school. N most imp their sections were changed….
Suman was sad. Bt she cant reveal her sadness in frnt of any one. Ria n Suman were now bst frnds
Suman shared every thng wd her. But she cant talk wd hr on this topic wd Ria. As Ria n Shravan were supposed to be gf bf . Bt Suman didnt kn what Ria think abt Shravan.
One day after the change in section…..
Suman met a grl in corridor. She was searchng for the school office for Submitting papers of the branch transfer.
Suman – cm on i wll show u the way…
Whn they reached the counter.
Suman meet shravan……
Shravan- hi, wt r u dng here???
Suman – this new grl was searchng fr the offc….. n wt r u dng here????
Shravan- are mujhe sectn change krwana h .. us class me bore ho jata hu…
Suman – ( in shock) o really ….
Some of the frnds of Suman were aaspaas. They heard this convo of shraman..
They announced in class that shravan is changing the class jst fr Suman…
Suman was tensed by sch thngs… bt she also dont kn why bt yeah she was a litl bit shy by these…..
The frnds of Suman teased her…
N Suman also started thinkng abt shravan………
Suman was talking wd herself…….

Shravan who never talked to any grl, Had shared all lykes- dislikes wd her in the quiz program………
Bt she never thought very mch abt him…….
Days passed bt shravan couldnt came back to that class. Bt after some day due to sm academic reasn, names of some boys of Shravan’ s class were added in the attendence register of Suman’ s class…
In that list Shravan’ s name was also present…. Suman was very happy……
Now everyday, shravan who was the monitor of his class have to bring the names of student present in his class. He was a very hndsm guy, so whnever he entered in class , grls started staring him.
He jst entered the class give a look to Suman, n go back…..
In whole school the rumour was in air that Suman n Sharavan like each other. So in embarassemnt they cant talk. They Jst smiled whn ever saw each other……
N here suman was in guilt that Ria may be feeling bad bcoz of all these rumours……

One day…….
Ria- hi Suman, aaj kl tu bri sad rahti h. Shravan ab dusre class me h isliye na???
Suman – ni yar, wo kisi bhi class me ho why wll i care……
Waise aisa to ni ki tu apni emotns mera nam lkr shr kr rhi h???
Suman teased her..
Ria- suman plz yar nvr cnct my name wd your shravan…… i really dont lyk that……..
Suman was shocked to see Ria’ s such reactn……
Now Suman was also tensd wd such rumours……
Times passed n Shraman get attached together even they were in diff classes.
Even now shravan n suman talked bt in coachng classes aftr school.
Bt many thngs were changed……
Such freedm were absent.

Now they speak less wd words bt more wd eyes n expressns. They supported each other indirectly now….
Rumours hv created a distance btween thm.
Bt that distance never decreased their trust for each other……..

Plz guys read cmmnt n support it………

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  1. i have just started my fsc part 1st episode was awesome di and ya thanks for permission

    1. thnx for your cmmnt dear…
      u mean u r in 11th.
      i hv jst cmpleated 12 th

      1. Ya I am in 11th u r preparing for ur entrance in MBBS??? Best of luck

  2. Nice n different 🙂

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  3. not mbbs dear…..
    i m preparng for engg.
    bt other thn simple engg. i m preparing for architecture…
    wts your subject- maths or bio

    1. Its always bio math is not made for my little mind by the way from where u belong???

      1. maths is not that mch tough dear….
        bt yeah i also say that bio was not for me…
        bcoz how much i was weak in bio wo sirf do log jante h….
        ek mai khud n scnd the grl sitting behind me…
        bcoz i copy answers fem her copy only 😉

      2. i m from india n u???

      3. hahaha so u hate bio that much but my math was also very good but as i want to be a cardio surgeon thats why i chose bio it will help me to become a doctor

      4. Pakistan

    2. Excuse me I want to know that what is needed to fill in captcha while writing ff plz tell me

  4. Epi was suprb yaar…he endered the cls and give a look to suman…. that was cute..btw you r planning fr b.arc?

    1. Bro how r ur exams going???

    2. thnx for liking the story….
      ya i m planning for barch…..
      i m missing nit by sm marks……..
      hoping fr other government college…
      btw what is your branch???

    3. Ohh..i.see…civil yaar..nd exms are going well…

    1. thanx dear

  5. some body plzzzzzzzzzz tell me

    1. ek jagah padha tha maine ki……
      fll the captcha to prove u r a human being………

      1. mujhe pta ni h isse jyada

      2. OK thanks

  6. ur story is really cute…i just read the whole episodes…its really amazing 🙂 🙂

    1. thnx a lot dear….
      hope u wll be a regular reader…keep cmmntng n spprtng

  7. Angel/shweeto


    in captcha their is quest na answer that

    its ans will b 5

    1. i have done it i thought its demanding some kind of info any ways thanks sweety

      1. r u posting any ff???

  8. Angel/shweeto

    Hiiii hello lovely lady

    sorry i,m late na

    epi was veryyyyyy nyc that story is becoming more cute loved it
    sumo and sharvan are so cute its just an innocent love

    but plzzzz make ur epi,s lil longer 🙂

    post next part soonnnnnnnnnnnnn

    1. its ok yaar!!!!!!
      thnku sooo mucchh… for liking innocent love of shraman

      ya i wll try to my epis longer… n wll post nxt part soon.

  9. That was really awesome…Same thing which happens in real life…I really loved it…Keep writing..??

    1. thnx abhi.
      i hope u will like upcming epis
      i will send it very soon

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