abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 4)


Hey guys thnx for your support.
I hope u all r enjoying the story.

Till now Suman n shravan hv devloped an untold bonding.
Their frst semstr result is out.
In this shravan hv got frst postion n Suman is secnd.
Now, this is my nxt part of story.
Now a new Suman is out.
She is full of cnfidence now. She now belive in hrself. N she thnx Shravan for this in heart. Now she cnsdr shravan as her confdence boostr n a very good frn. Bt she nvr admits this fact bfr any one.

One day………..
Swati — yar Suman i need english copy of shravan. Usse puch na tu. Wo dega kya???
Suman — mai kyu puchu tu khud puch le
Swati – ni dear plz. U donno he will nevr give it to me.
Suman — tb to tum Ria ko bolo mangne. Ye mangegi to ek kya ds dino k liye de deg a πŸ˜‰
Swati — ni yar ye sb khne ki bat h
We all knw tum mangogi to wo kabhi mna ni krega.
Suman — aisa kyu bol rhi h
He is a good guy n he will nvr say no to any one.

Swati — acha ok baba tlk to him ba plzzzzz
Suman — kkk
” hi shravan is your english copy free fr a day.???” Suman asked shravan.
Shravan spoke out cutting her line ” ya tk it if u need. U need not to be so frmal”
Suman – i dont need actually Swati need it .
Shravan — swati need it? ??
Oooo Its ok take it n give her.
I thnk u need it.
Suman said him thnx n took d copy.

Whn she turnd around……
Swati n Ria were smiling…
Suman — wht happn to u both???
Ria– didnt u noticed.
He never think a secnd to thnk to give u a copy or any thng n fr other he think twice or shayad even more.
Swati- awwww he was sad to knw that u will not keep it n rathr give it to me.
Both started teasng Suman.
Suman – plz guys stop it yar. Nothng lyk that.
U both hv gone mad.
She handed copy to Swati .
” ok suman nothng much bt tell me one thng.,, shravan is your good frn na???” Ria asked.
” not at all yar he is jst classmate. How could i dare to make your bf my frn.” Suman answered.
Ria – ooo plz he is not lyk that.
All three started laughing.

The daya passed…..
Their bonding continued geetng strenghthen. Bt they nvr talk vry frankly. They jst speak few words n rest was told by their eyes n expression.
The second semestr started….
As per sitttng arrangemnt , shravan ,Suman ,Swati, Ria all were in the same class.
The untold spcl bonding was revealed Befor the class. As shravan was very intelignt n so was Suman, every student take hlp frm them only. Bt Shravan remain a bit concentrated typ. So whn ever Suman was bz grls tried to ask frm shravan n whn shravan was bz in writng boys cntact Suman.
Bt Suman hv never talked to anyone else in boy othr than shravan.
” yar suman, u r bz wrtng so plz tell shravan to hlp me plz” a grl asked.

” shravan yaar plz hlp her a litl. I m wrtng a long ques”
“Ya sure ” Shravan told.
Aftr sm tym whn shravan was bz wrttng he asked his frn to ask Suman.
” yar i hv never talkd to her, tu bol de na plzzzzzzz” the frn of shravan told him
” Suman dekh le na ise” shravab said n she nodded to say ok.

So such typ of small small incident give rise to humour that Suman n Shravan Like each other.

Suman also overheard such thng bt she did not gv much mnd over it. As it was exam n she did nt want to give explanatns rt now…

Now in nxt epi i will tell abt the lyf changing day of Suman n shravan.
It was their science paper n smthng hppn very spcl. Wt fir the nxt epi.
And plz keep cmmntng………..

Credit to: lovely lady

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  1. shweeto/angel

    ohoooooo toh mr parhaku sharvan ko suman ke elawa koi acha e nh lagta thaaaa hahahahahahaha πŸ˜€

    superbbbbb yar they way help others on each othher saying superbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    but what abt that event u talk abt in pervious epi??????

    And as usuall waiting for next epi

    1. shweeto/angel

      ohhhh ok πŸ™‚

      will be waiting

  2. thnx fr your lovely reply.
    actually mai wo evnt hi likhne wali thi bt mujhe ye incidnt yaad aa gya.
    next epi pakka wahi hoga

  3. wooooooow very cute and d teasing scene was ver funny overall superb

    1. Thnxxxx dear
      This is a true story…………?

  4. Wow a comic epi….

    1. Thnxxx dear …..
      I hope u hv said this epi comic genuinly………
      Btw read n commnt otger parts too…

  5. Their bonding awww….and that line “suman dekh lena ise” awww….it was lyk she is his heart…too good yaar

  6. Actually now it is lyk tgat ” she was his hrt”
    Btw thnx for lyking n cmmnting..
    I too yhink ki kash aap mera ff shuru se padhte n support krte…

    1. I too wish the same…its awsm to read….was his heart means????your story dont have happy ending????

      1. i thnk i shd tell in my story…
        other wise the charm of the story wll be lost
        i hope u dont mind

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