abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 3)

I m really glad to see the response for second epi.
One part was missing after my intro which has been published now. Here are links of all my parts in order:
Intro Part 2 (This was missing)
Episode 1
Episode 2

Now Episode 3:
Let me reveal a fact today , that this is a real story. So there may not be fairy typ story in this asa well as my frthr posts.
Till now i hv told u that now Suman n Shravan hv started talking for the book copy exchange, that means for tkng hlp frm each othr. N Ria frn of Suman hv make Suman realised that she think so much abt shravan.
Now starts thrd epi–
Suman talking to herself…. i shd realy not think abt hm much. I shd also ignore him a litl.
Bt omg i hv to return his english
copy which i hv taken yesterday.

Suman reached school ..
No body was in class room. She was early today. She put her bag n sit on her seat that was very close to the seat of Shravan.
She was thnkng abt the wrds of Ria.
Then enters Shravan in class. She saw him n went to him to return his copy.
Suman – thnx fr the copy.( she said giving him his copy)
Shravan – welcm.. bt mujhe andr to ane de. N btw gmng.
Suman didnt responded.n went bck to her seat. She was lost thinkng.
Shravan talked to himself… aaj kya ho gya h isko. Gmng ka bhi rply ni diya.
He cm n put his bag on bnch.
He saw Suman lost in thoughts
” r u ok today ” shravan asked her.
Still she was in thoughts.
” mai aspse baat kr rha hu ” this tym he spoke a litl bit louder.
” oo sry i was sm where” u were tlng smthng.
” u r looking lost today. I think u r thinking abt smthing very much
Stop doing that. ”
Shravan said very innocently .
Suman was shoked to see shravan talking to her so frankly.
She didnt spoke a sngle word. Jst watched him n give a small small smile
She was feeling good now.
Tym passed …….
She started understandng him much more. Now she easily undrstand that he wants anythng without shravan tell a sngle wrd.
Her bonding wd shravN was gttng stronger n at the same tym her frnshp wd Riya was gettng closer.
Bt still she was not sure what Ria thnk abt Shravan.
Their frst semestr started.
Her exam went superb n she was waitng fir result eagerly. It was hr frst exam in that school so result was very spcl to her.
The school was closed for few day n result date was announced two week after commncemnt of classes.

the school opened…………
All the students were glad to meet each othr. Suman n Shravan saw each other. Both of thm Saw each othr. They give a sweet smile to each other.
“Ria u kn i m realy nervs for the reult. I hv never givn exam wth such a large no of students. ” Suman said.
ria– dont wry yar u wll really get good marks. Your class perfrmnces r reaaly good dear”
Days passed n now only one week is lft for the result.
” u kn mai class teachr ko prsnlly janta hu. I will go to see the marks.” Shravan told to his frn.
Suman heard this. She thought she will ask him tmmrrw abt the result. He mght see my rank too”
Nxt day ……..
In lunch brk
Suman – hi u hv gn to see result yestrday.
Shravan -ya how did u kn??
Suman – sry i hrd u talking.
Shravan – its ok bt kisi ko batana mt.
Suman- i kn u mst bhi frst bt who is secnd???
Shravan-smiled,n said thnx n said scnd tum ho
Suman – why r u joking.
shravan – really u r scnd.trst me.
Suman – ok bt i cnt belv
Btw kiska kiska result dekhe.
( she askd to kn the result of Ria n Swati.)
Shravan- srf apna n tumhara.
Suman – ( shockingly) tb kaise kh skte ho ki mai hi secnd hu????¿???
Shravan – isme itna shock hone ka kya bat h i kn u wll be scnd.
This was the most rocking shocking moment for her.
She was frcd to thnk that how the prsn who she hv meet only few month bck cn trst her more than she did over herself.
Now the cnfdnce lvl was much increased.
N whn the result was declared. She was really secnd in class

In next epi i ell tell u how they cm very cls aftr an evnt.

Plz guys rply n sggst any improvemnt u want in my wrtng

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  1. shweeto/angel


    the first part wassssssssss soooo cute and innocent when she ignore him 🙂

    i,m eagerly waiting for,next part 🙂

    to see how they come close 🙂

    1. thnx dear
      i wll post it vry soon.

  2. Ohh..Shraman bonding is increasing day by day..Btwn,is it ur life story??

    1. actually it is my real life story…..:)

      n thnx for cmmnt.

  3. is their missing somethng in my story i
    couldnt fnd much commnts
    plz suggest frnns if something is mising in
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    if u rr nt liking thn shd i post frthr or not

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      no waysssssssss u hv to post complt

      1. i too want it dear.
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      2. shweeto/angel

        i guess its perfect 🙂

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Rally ur ff is very very interesting

    1. thnxx fararajo
      plz keep reading n cmmntng

    2. hv u read othr parts dear????

  5. Very nice episode….kaash pehle se i had read your ff

  6. Wowwww u reaally liked it…..
    Thank u…..

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