abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 2)


Sry guys my scnd part was not posted by TU.
N thnx everyone for reading my part thrd. Plz keep cmmntng.
Now let this part be thrd part n forgot the unposted part.
Till now Suman n Shravan hv hlped each other in class test.
Days passd n now Suman hv made a small place in the class.
Now she used to sit on the frst bnch.
There is a grl in the class( which was the new entry as i hv wrttn in my earlier post) named Ria. She is a old student of tht school. There are sm misundrstanding between Ria n her bst frn. She cm to sit wd Suman. Anothr grl named swati hv cm to st wd Suman. Now three of thm hv becm good frnds. They all sit togethr on d frst bench.
Suman love to sit in frst. Shravan also sits on the frst bnch. They sit very close.
Bt till now there is not much feelings for each othr in shraman’s mind.
One day whn Ria enterd the class room she got hd on collision with Shravan. Evry one startd laughing secretely.
” Ria wt happn today” Swati asked smilingly.
Ria answered irritatingly” nothing yaar. Tum log fr shuru mt ho jana”

” shuru kya hona we all kn dear. Ab kitna chupaogi” swati said teasingly.
Suman was hearng all this blankly.
She said, ” wt u all guys r talking abt. I cnt get anythng. Mujhe bhi to kuch batao”
Swati give a teasing look and said ” tumko ni pta yar. Apni Ria ka bf h Shravan.”
” wht!! kya kh rhi ho tm” Suman said shockingly.
And she also startd teasng Ria.
Ria said irritatingly, ” ab tum bhi mt shuru ho jao . Aisa kuch bhi ni h. Ye sb inki mn ki kahani h.”
” Ok baba wll not say ” Suman said teasngly.
In lnch break.–
“Hi Suman ” Shravan said frm bck.
Suman turnd and said hi!!
Shravan- if u dont mind may i have your physcs copy fr a day
Suman – ya sure. ……
Take it.
(She handed the copy to her)
Shravan – i wll back it tommorow.
Suman – ya its ok.
Suman smiled.
With tym this copy – books transaction carried on
Now she hv startd understandng him
Bt she always teases Ria lyk u kn Shravan look cute togethr. U shd sit on my seat.”
Suman said to Ria.
Ria said – i m very good on my seat. U keep on dear.
Suman – oops i hope i m not cmng between both.
Ria – oo plz
Such cinversation carried on.
One day again Suman was teasng Ria thn suddnly Ria said that ” madam aisa na ho aisa na ho ki meri n so Calld Shravan ki sttng krte krte tum khud na fisal jao.
Suman was stunned to hear that.
She pondered, “yeah i really talk so mch abt him. I shd focs on the study. And aftrall shayad Ria psnd krti h usse. I shd talk less with hm n abt him”
Suman was a ltl bit hurt wd Ria’ s wrd.

Now in next epi i wll tell u all that how suman tried to ignr him n shravan console her
Plz plz plz reply wht u all think abt this track

Credit to: lovely lady

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  1. shweeto/angel

    omggggggg omgggggggg

    just superbbb yar

    u knw agr mere pas pori story hoti to mn bina break ke parh letiiiiiii

    i,m more excited now

    ohoo notes carying and on 😉

    just loved it 🙂

    1. thnx dear u r really sweet
      plz keep readng my posts also aftr the class starts.
      bcoz there r many twists yt to cm
      the lyf of suman whch is not othr than…… u kn wll was vry cmplicated

      1. shweeto/angel

        and i,m curious to know how sharvan will console her 🙂

    2. shweeto/angel

      i,ll try my besttttttt
      yar to read butttt if not i,ll come once in week and will read all and will coment on 🙂

      1. thnx dear bcoz u r the one who hv cmmnted on all my post. btw in which claas u r

      2. shweeto/angel

        any tym lovely lady 😉 actually u r very lovely 🙂

      3. thnx fr the cmplemnt dear. u r also lyk n angel

  2. Thats awesome…Riya,hope she will not create any troubles for Shraman…Wow,super excited for next part..shravu consoling sumi..yo.?

    1. thnx dear
      ria will be an imp part of d story.
      keep reading

  3. Wonderful…

    1. thnx tanya

  4. shweeto/angel

    but can i ask in which class u r now????

    1. i hv jst given.my 12 th n preparing for entrances

    2. u r in which class dear? ??

    3. shweeto/angel

      what a coincidence 🙂 same just gave 12 exams and preparing for entrance!!!!!!!! 🙂

      1. wow dear wt a coincidence.
        may i ask u frm where u r n from which board u hv gvn 12 th

    4. rply angel

    5. shweeto/angel

      oopppssss sorry i went of yesterday i,m frm pak dear and u??????

  5. i m frm india

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  6. awesome

    1. thnx dear
      also go through the recent posts n rply how u lyk

  7. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow lovely lady ur ff is very lovely

    1. thnx dear.
      keep readng n cmmntng.
      i hv send scnd part also.
      plz read n cmmnt

  8. thnx dear.
    keep readng n cmmntng.
    i hv send scnd part also.
    plz read n cmmnt

  9. Shravu consolding her…wooowww…that will be awsm

  10. Thanx alot fr reading…..

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