abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 10)


Me: Frst of all u guys shd clap fr me…
I m wrtng this epi fr third tym..two tyms it had been deleted by mistake…… bt still i m wrtng….

Thnk u all of u fr cmmntng on my all epis… specially on d last one.. it had record cmmnts..
Thnk u all of u fr liking n apprecitng my story as well as my poem….. i wll surely wrt another ff jst to keep in tch wd u guys….

Suman is very much distrbd by d behaviour of shravan…. hr patience lvl was almost at an end….
Bt shravan didnt left any chance to taunt on Suman ……
One day Suman entrred the class vry hurrilly.. n suddenly dhapppppppp
Suman banged wd shravan……
They had a cute small eyelock…..
Shravan broke d eyelock on hooting of class….. he lft harshly…..
Suman heard him scoldng his frns after class……. she,was happy today…. after a very long tym she had sweet momnt wd his shravan…
After that day…. shravan’ behavioir started changing…….
Me: His taunts decreased….. n slowly get completely ended……
She was happy…
Bt the prblms get chnged……
Now shravan’ s frnds cmmnt on her. Suman was very shy typ. She nevr answrres thm… even her frnds smtym anserwed thm in anger. Bt Suman never……..
Suman jst look on shravan. He looked helplessly on his frnds….
Bt he nvr stop his frns… Suman was happy to see this ltl changes…
Shravan somtyms becm rude bt the strang thng was that his eyes n behaviour express two diff things… hus behaviour may be hard smtym bt his eyes were always in side of Suman .
One day ……..
Saket a boy who study in d same coachng wd Suman n Shravan cm to Suman —
” Suman i need your bio copy….cn u gv me??”
Suman was srprised to listen this.. saket had no interst in study. Thn why he was asking abt it??
Bt Suman was kindhearted. She said yes to him…..
Suman boght that copy nxt day bt saket didnt asked fr it……
Suman didnt gave….
She kept watchng saket behaviour… after four days again saket asked fr d copy. Thn Suman told him abt her reason fr not giving her copy. He agreed that hee will ask it tmrw.
She noticed that SharavaN was listng all cnvo.
Next day after noticng thm she got to kn that the copy was actalyy asked by shravan …
She,was extramly happy…..
N the whole copy exchng process was ovr cute…..
She finally made shravan kn that she knew the secret betwren saket’ copy asking…..
Those days again made her dying fr him. His act was too cute…… n actually funmy too….
Now she was sure that not every thng hv ended berween thm. Their untold love for eachother was still alive( i hv said love for each other is a bit cnfsn bcoz shravan hv not cnfssed his feeling.)
Shayad next epi last ho…

plz guys cmmnt n spprt……..

Credit to: lovely lady

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  1. Yes…party toh banti hai..?

  2. Guys angel cutey di abhi bhoomi anyone of u is angry with me have Isaid u anything abhi u feltbad after reading my comment i m really sorry yar iIdnt that it will hurt u and bhoomi to u also iI m sorry i ddidn’t mean that

    1. wt hppnd yaar????
      wt hv u said…???????
      i cnt understand any thng..
      plz ufaq clear it swettuuu

      1. No actually I felt that bhoomi and abhi felt hurt by my comment sorry guys I didn’t mean to hurt u

  3. My Ff has been posted

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  5. @ ufaq its all right .. no sorry in frends …. Happy Birthday dear .. may god bless u and all your wishes come true .. Many many happy returns of the day…

    1. what is the name of your ff ?? @ufaq

      1. Love has brought season of love….
        At Swaragini…….

      2. Sry i mean
        Love has brought season of spring

  6. LP thank u Soooooon much bhomi sweety and di u forgot the name of my ff very bad

    1. Thanks swety

  7. @Abhi when r u posting next part of your ff (edkv) ?? R u busy with your studies??

    1. Yes yaar…iam getting mad with this 10th standard,…Always works n studies,..Sorry for not posting yesterday…saturday i will surely post…Pakka sure…?sorry again

      1. Its ok .. I can understand .. In 10th we have to study hard .. Cant enjoy 🙁 … Post when u will get time… 🙂

      2. U have to study hard swety in this era competition is very much especially for board classes

      3. Bhoomi hw was ur result

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    1. I will tell after it comes.. promise.. I m too very excited and nervous ??

      1. Don’tget nervous hope for best my matric rresult isalso coming u and me r of same age sweety and dnt b nervous

      2. Whn is your reslt cming ufaq????

      3. 26 july

      4. Bhoomi u r from????

      5. i m frm Nasik, Maharashtra

  9. ohhh god such cute love story…I was just smiling by reading your ff….I can’t express how much I loved it…oh god in this ff family such a awesome storys are also posted…lovely lady what is your real name…and from were your…it’s your school story hahahaha…I am waiting for next epic post assap…Please babes

    1. Oo thnx dear fr liking my story sooo much ………..
      It is my real story so i cant tell my name…. sry dear hope u undrstan…. btw i m frm india n u?????
      I will post last epi vry soon………

  10. its okay dea…I justed ask to know about you…whatever story is awesome…

    1. Btw afa in whch class u r????

  11. after my 12th I am doing fashion designing

    1. Grt…….
      In which u r????
      Where r u frm????

  12. Lovy waiting for your last episode .plzz post soon..??

    1. I m stuck in sm family fnctn……..
      So i m not gainig tym….
      N i dont want to wrt my last epi jst casually………
      So plz dear wait …. i m sryyyyy

      1. its ok … post as soon as possible .. ???

  13. 19…and u

  14. Bhoomi…can you your ff’s name or link please….I like to read storys please…If you don’t mind

    1. Sry but i dont write any ff … As i m not good in story writing .. i m sorry ..

      1. hahahahaha. …
        yaar why your being sorry for that…I thought your writing ff…its okay…I love read stories so I asked…

  15. Hai lovy…post it soon yaar.:):)
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    1. Sry for being late..
      Will surely post it tmmrrw

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    1. All the bst yar…..
      Hope fr the bst….
      I will try my best to post today

      1. Thanks yaar ??

  17. lovy….did you posted last episode..its not getting…haaa bhoomi insha Allah I will pray for you….All the best…you will score heights maker. ..

    1. Sry yaar i cant post today also……
      I m stuck in sm family gt together….
      Although i tried to wrt n the part i hd wrtn in hurry was soooo bad… so i hv deleted it…..
      I m really sry guys……
      I too donno whn i can post bt not more than sunday…. i mean i wll surely try to post befr or on sunday……

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