abhi na jao chor ke ( epi- 1)


Hi guys n frst of all thnx everyone for reading, commntng n complemnts.
Now it is my third part of the story.
Till now Suman hd entrd her new school n facing sm taunts.
” mumma u kn today my teachr was very happy wth my perfrmnce” Suman said with happinss.
Mumma said ” ya beta i m proud of u . Keep it up sweetu”
Suman said “u kn mumma our class tests are startng aftr two days n my frst paper os hindi.
I hope.my performnce will impress teachrs.”
Mumma- ya beta n all the for your test.
Next day in class –
“Ha yar is bar bhi wahi topper hoga.”
“I too hope so. ”

Suman heard such lines.
She was curious to kn abt tht boy.
She hesitately asked about who is that u r talkn abt.
One of the grl said – ” dont u knw?
Are wahi yar jo frst bench k frst me baitha h —
suman was very shy typ n actualyy much terrified by the boys.
Usne dheere se grdn uthaya.
She can only saw his back.

Bt she still want to see the guy whi might be her competetor in furure.
One fact abt Suman was that she had lost all her cnfdnce in her new school. Fortunately she got sm vry good teachers who supported her to enhance her cnfdence lvl.
In the lnch break.–
” hey Suman wll u cm wd us, we r gng in school campus.” One grl asked.
Suman answered ‘ ya sure lts go’
In school campus they were jst walking thn a grl pointed toward a boy- ” see shravan he is playing with kids”
Suman saw him frst tym.
Playing with small kids like a kid. There was a sign if innosence on his face. There were no any mark of attitude of being topper. Lets go dear. We r gettng late.
Suman was still thnkg of him.
” ni yaar shayad wo waisa ni h jaise sb h. Waise choro yar apne ko kya” Suman was talking to hrself.
Now the next day was her hindi class test.
She was prepared well bt nervs also.

In class whn ques paper was distributed she became glad to see that she almost know answers of all ques.
The class rooms were very small n stusents were a in large no so benches were very closely set.
Suman was sittng in the frst of fourth bench. She heard a whisperng typ sound cmng frm boy’s bench in her rght side.
She moved her nck to see who is.
she was scared too. The boy was non other than Shravan. He was siftng jst in the r8 side of Suman
( they were sitfng lyk ___× +___ where × was Suman n + was Shravan.
Suman was schoked why he is calling her. It was a loose class test.
she moved toward him n asked wht jst by her eyes.
He saw her n thn asked a ques of test booklt.
” do u kn the answr of 2 – a”
Suman answered” ya its answer is (c). She gained a littl strenghth To ask a small ques which she was cnfsd in.
” hey will u answer my ques, wht will be the ans of 4 th ques is it b or c i m confsd. ” Suman asked
Shravan rplied that” it is b ” with a cute smile.
She was very happy to talk wd him

She dont knw why?.
In the next epi there will be entry of a grl. The grl is none othr than……. oops yahi to twist h…….
Wait fr nxt epi

Hope u will lyk this guys.plz plz rply n cmmnt.
N suggest any chnges u want

Credit to: lovely lady

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