Abhay is like abhimanyu


I just used to follow updates so I don’t know in depth for investigation but will pen down my thoughts.

Dahleez team have done a good job with names for eg Aravind means lotus but what significance u guys have to tell me

Abhay means fearless
Abhay lying in a pool of blood with 11 bullets and the lack of co ordination after 26/11 whichever led to death of a martyr. It just reminded me of that. Abhay had no ulterior motive just save country and free asad of blame. Small mistakes did cost them their lives. But crimes like yash will not go free. All terrorists are not Muslim and asad his sacrifice will prove that. Do u remember what abhay said I break relation with u and accept swadheenta as my sister. Here is the meaning adarsh doubts asad but swadheenta will bring justice for both her brothers. Journalism will play a pivotal role my gut feeling says that lady reporter will help swadheenta. Jaya will support swadheenta in heart. What goes around comes around and manohar will realize it. Beaurucat manohar says Lakshmi will come but u know what why Lakshmi is at the feet of Vishnu because she represents money. Wealth shouldn’t be allowed to control u.
This reminds me of Ashoka pillar with 4 lions

Like Krishna with his illusion brought justice for abhimanyu
Swdheenta will break illusion and bring justice
for her Hindu brother and Muslim brother
Satyameva jayate
Truth will prevail

It may have to cross a lot of hurdles
Yash will be stripped of his honours

But I don’t know how swadheenta will break emotions and bring logic in here
Vanshika might indirectly be of help I feel

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Nice sister

    1. Thanks
      I love ur name and I hope u are proud of it
      I don’t mind if u don’t like star Sita
      But real Sita can’t be considered a victim
      Just reflect
      No need to start a debate
      Thank u

  2. Aman singh will be fearless just like Asad

  3. @ sanjana
    Ashoka pillar
    Right Abhay is the lion in front
    Adarsh and jai dev in sides
    And Asad will be the unsung hero in the back
    Brought it out well dear

  4. Well written Sanjana…

    Just want to see Dehleez ending with a Happy note.

    1. Thanks
      Fingers crossed hope so
      The baby in dp is cute

  5. Very well written sanjana

  6. Ya sanju u r ryt….pls see my msg n june 1 page…n ya i dont know how l swadu prove that asad n mamu r not terrorists…. Abhay n asad r my favs with swadarsh… But they died.. L miss them…

  7. Great sanjanA

  8. Very well penned down!

  9. agreed 🙂 🙂 will miss them

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