Ab Phirse jab baarish hogi… Teri yaad mujhko aayegi… (Promo Shots) by Naina


Hello peeps!! I am back with the promo shots of my new ff “Ab phirse jab baarish hogi… Teri yaad mujhko aayegi…”. I am overwhelmed with the response from my dearest readers on the introduction part. Please please keep commenting… PLEASE DON’T SKIP THE AUTHOR’S NOTE BELOW.

If anyone missed the intro part the link is here.


Dadi and Pinki are fuming… Dadi calls Shivaay…
Shivaay:: Hello Dadi!! Is everything fine there.
Dadi:: everything is fine… just tell me when will you come India.
Shivaay:: why so hurry Dadi? I told naa I am having a concert here…
Dadi:: I don’t know anything… within a week you have to be here..
Shivaay:: but Dadi… atleast tell me the reason..
Dadi:: ********************************
Shivaay:: WHAT!! Dadi you know right I am not at all interested in these..
Dadi:: I don’t know anything I just promised them about you..
Shivaay:: No Dadi… I am not gonna come to India at any cost…
Dadi:: you are coming and that’s final…
Beep beep
Dadi gives a Hi5 to Pinki


Shivaay is in car in his way back to Oberoi Mansion in India.
Driver turns on the radio upon Shivaay’s saying…
Radio Jockey(RJ):: “Aur aaj… Aaj mujhe lag rah jaise baarish hone wali hai… kyun na aisi baarish wali mausam mein ek aisi aawaz sune jaaye jo bilkul baarsih ki boondhon ki tarah hai… Aap sabhi ke liye… Ek special surprise… Ek special song…”
Shivaay is awestruck and mesmerized by the female RJ voice. He is totally overwhelmed with ********** (that’s a surprise)
Shivam:: Hey Shivaay!! What happened?
Shivaay:: Nah.. nothing
Shivam:: Are you sure? Tumhe dekhne se toh aisa nahi lag raha…
Shivaay:: Oh really!! Toh phir kaisa lag raha…
Shivam:: Umm… khoya khoya sa lag rahe ho…
Shivaay didn’t respond to his words and turns his face towards the window and looks out and he remembers the RJ’s voice.


Boy:: you wanna talk something right…
Girl:: yeah… actually I am not ready for this
Boy:: what? You are kidding me right…
Girl:: no… I am not kidding…
Boy:: if it’s a prank… I didn’t like pranks… get it…
Girl:: can’t you get me? I am not ready for this I have my own dreams…
Boy:: we both can fulfill them right…
Girl:: oh man!! I am gonna reject this…
She leaves… Boy stands with silent tears…

Left over introduction::

Khushi Singh Oberoi:: she is the only daughter of Oberoi’s . So, obviously she will be the lucky charm of Oberoi’s. She is brave and intelligent girl. She is the mixture of her brothers characters. She has the same attitude like Shivaay, same type of thinking as of Om have and same kind of behavior possessed by Rudra at times of serious moments. She is away more practical and modern. She is CEO of modeling internship of Oberoi Companies. (She is quiet opposite to that khushi shown in IPKKND)

Shivam Singh Oberoi:: He is the adopted son of Shakthi-Pinki. He loves his family a lot and he is always grateful for all the love they showered on him. He is like a shadow of Shivaay. He is family member cum friend to everyone in Oberoi family as they feel free to share things with him. He is the other person of Shivaay’s duet band named “Double S”.

Ishaana Saxena:: She is a chirpy and fun-loving girl. She believes in fulfilling her own dreams and living her life to the fullest. She is the daughter of India’s best lawyer Vikram Saxena and Fashion designer Vividha Saxena. She is a doctor by profession.

Soumya Kapoor:: She is the only daughter of rich politician Abhilash Kapoor and Avantika Kapoor who runs a NGO for the welfare of poor people. She is a practical and modern girl. She always helps others and she is very famous after all. She and Anika are besties. One thing no one knows about her that she is Love-angel she hides her identity from everyone only Anika knows about it.

For the role of Ishaana many asked me to replace her… I don’t know whom to put in her place so, please help me out guys…

Role of Ishaana::
1. Vrushika Mehta
2. Surbhi Jyothi
3. Anyone you wish to…

Okay guys… I am done… Let me know your views…

Please please please please please comment your views to encourage.

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  1. Surbhi jyoti

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks for your comment Dea…
      Yep.. I will take this into consideration…

  2. Hi naina
    U r ff is inyeresting nd awesome.
    I want surbhi jyothi as ishana

    1. Nainaa

      Hai Sunanda!!
      Thanks for such a lovely comment dear… I am so blessed to get a lovely reader like you…
      i will surely take that into consideration…

  3. ShubhangiRokxx

    awesome promo nd ya ishana shud be our. vrushy only

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks Dea for such a lovely comment…
      i will surely take that into consideration…

  4. Pooja26

    hii !!!!! darling….. 😉 😉
    howz u ??
    i think vrushika is right for ishana’s role….

    pata nhi kya ho jata ff na naam padhte hii 😉 😉
    loved d name to d core yr…… hayeee 😉 😉
    michimichi hone lagti h……
    haha …..silly me….. 😉

    lovely intro……

    post asap…….
    tc……. 🙂 🙂

    1. Nainaa

      Hai mah sweet and cute Pooja Darling… 😉
      I am good Dear… what about you?
      I will surely take that into consideration… 🙂
      If you don’t mind… yeh title padne ke baad kiski yaad aati hai tujhe… 😉
      Sharma kyun rahi ho… koi baat nahi PM pe bata diyo.. 😉
      You too Take care…

      1. Pooja26

        chl pakka batungi 😉 😉
        m fyn……

  5. Umama shahnaz

    Vrushika only she make a gud pair with Omkara
    And intro of Anika y?
    It was a gud start love it keep going

    1. Nainaa

      I will surely take that into consideration…
      I gave a intro Anika because She is a way different from original Anika shown in IB..
      Thanks for commenting Dea…

  6. Shivika

    Awesome promo
    Vrushika mehta

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks Dea…
      I will surely take that into consideration…

  7. Dobhsh

    OMG! The promos are so suspense filled. Pls post the first episode soon. Cant wait.

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dea for such a lovely comment…
      Yep… I will post it in 2 to 3 days…

  8. Akansha

    Hey naina… Its nyc.. Waiting fr d episodes to start.. N let ishana role be played by vrushika.. But bring surbi jyoti also into d ff if u can… Waiting… Post it soon

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks for such a lovely comment Dea…
      I will surely take that into consideration…
      You know what I love Surbhi jyothi but here I guess many are fans of Vrushika…

      1. Akansha

        Even m a fan of surbi but den vrusy looks cute wid kunal.. Anyways whatever ur choice is I ll support u

    2. Nainaa

      Aww!! Thank you Dear???
      I agree vrushika looks cute along with kubak but her upper jaw line is a but different…

  9. Akshaya

    Vrushika cutie . Prinku is not in your ff? Waiting episode dear. I want to read 3 rd promo’s episode???

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you my Akki…
      I will surely take that into consideration…
      No… prinku is not in my ff… I replaced Khushi in prinku’s character…
      sure… I will post it soon… i think it may take 4 to 5 episodes for it..

  10. nice….
    no…don’t replace ishana….
    and ishana character only made vrushy…..
    in my pov

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks Saba…
      I will consider it…

  11. Aksharaa

    Wow just fantastic i loved it waiting for next……love u dear btw can u tell me the meNing of duffer and daskii

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear…
      Duffer- Stupid person… mostly we refer it to our crazy siblings and cousins.
      I guess it’s dashiki means a type of clothing worn by people of specific regions mostly Africa side… I mean like loose trousers…
      Love you too Dea…

  12. Sat_9492

    Awsm promo….. Vrushika is best for ishana role….. Waiting for episode…..

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear…
      I will surely consider your opinion…

  13. Nansshivika

    Surbhi jyoti and loved it cutiepie different storyline waiting for ur post????

    1. Nainaa

      Aww!! NandhuPie… Thank you so much for such a lovely comment…
      I will surely consider your opinion..

  14. Hii naina i m silent reader of ur ff ur all ff r awesome and for ishana role vrushy is best 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Nainaa

      Ohh… Dea?? thanks for breaking your silence… I am so happy that you liked it…
      I will surely consider your opinion…

  15. Jayashree

    Nice… something unique and looking forward for future updates..I like both SJ and VM…so I Dnt mind …

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot for commenting Dea??
      I am so happy that you like both of them… so, it will not bother you whether I opt anyone of them…

  16. Pri_24

    I want to go with Surbhi Jyoti as Ishana and This promo are interesting just amazing I am excited to read further so update soon Cutiepie…??????????

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much ChocoPIe…??
      I will surely consider your opinion?

  17. Nice promo I think virushy it the best pair of Om……..post soon

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks Dea?? I will surely consider your opinion?

  18. Hey and the above Stuti it diff from me we r not same….big confusion but I have extra I in last of my name…..

    1. Nainaa

      Okay Dea?? so, I have two lovely cuties as my readers???double I makes a sense between you both…?

  19. Awesome

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dea??

  20. Puvi

    Awesome nania I loved it and where is on and rudra

    1. Nainaa

      I will be uploading some more promos next based on some family time types?
      Thank God ki you liked it…

  21. Puvi

    Awesome nania I loved it and where is on and rudra who was that guy and girl

    1. Nainaa

      Arey!! Itni bhi jaldhi kya hai…. Suspense ko apni jagah main rehne do??
      Uss boy aur girl ka bahut jaldhi pata lag jayegi… waise maine socha ki aap log guess kar denge…

  22. Shaza

    Hey Naina , it’s me first time commenting on ur post l and it’s been a long time I din comment on any ff’s ✌?️?

    The promos were awesome , especially Khushi , so Khushi is Sanaya Irani ? , than do she have Arnav for her ?, actually when I hear the name Khushi only it reminds me of ipkknd so couldn’t control asking , if there is no Arnav then it’s ok , but still try for Arnav plssssss ????✌?️

    For the charector , it’s just a ff so we cant see it ryt , so I think no use of voting ???
    I wish some day Gul khan also ask ib followers , who she wants as Om’s lead and votes will be count ??

    1. Nainaa

      Hey Shaaz!!?….
      Arey!! Please read the 1st intro part I had mentioned the link above naa…
      Arnav Singh Raizada is brother of Anika Singh Raizada in my ff?
      Yep… khushi is Sanaya Irani only….
      With the prior consideration of IPKKND do only i have mentioned her character…
      You know right I said I am watching IPKKND I just became gaga over it especially Arnav he is such a man… by God I wish they could restart the programme…
      How can you even think when khushi is there Arnav won’t be??
      No Dea actually some scenes can be drawn perfect with some people only so, I guess I had no option than to adopt a poll…
      Ofcourse✌ I love if she makes any poll…
      We can’t put any hopes right as Gk can never to such senseful things…
      Thanks alot for commenting Dea???

      1. Shaza

        Actually , I missed the first intro so …yea that’s true if Khushi is there then how can Arnav not be there ?❤️
        Even I wished it would be back , even Sanaya is ready to do a serial ryt now as her news show got scrapped , but Barun Sobti is doing tanahiayn ?, of Gul khan would release ipkknd 2 instead of Tanhaiyan maybe it would be more famous and better ,

  23. Rithik

    Disha parmar

    1. Nainaa

      I will consider your opinion?

  24. Rithik

    As ishana

  25. Samaira20

    Promo is super amazing… excited for ur ff….and according to me vrushika would be better for ishana…..

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot for commenting Dea??
      I will surely consider your opinion

  26. Fama

    Nice promo and for Ishana’s role I think you should choose Vrushika, surbhi is my favourite but I think Vrushika is perfect for ishana role

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Dea??
      I will surely take your views into consideration…

  27. Awesome promo…full of suspense…so kushi is the daughter of oberoi family..nice..for me vrushy is good for ishana..eagerly waiting…post asap..

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Dea??
      I will Surely consider your opinion…

  28. Shivika22kapoor

    Valla finally I read it!!!!!!!!
    The story line seems to be different and interesting.
    The portrayal of characters is amazing.
    In total I liked the promo and I am eagerly waiting for the first episode so post it soon.
    And definitely the title sounds to be really nice baarish well it’s my favourite as well.
    Well for Ishu’s role I think hmmm
    Vrushika would be perfect.
    Well that’s it for now meet you with your next part hopefully soon and do send me the link dear if in case I don’t comment.?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you so much Dea??
      I will surely consider your views…
      You don’t worry I will send you links in PM
      And please, send your ff links also… actually it’s impossible to search for a particular ff in this vast TU…?

  29. Priyali

    Di.. I just loved the shots to the core… awesome… BTW … agreed with pooja…title dekhke kisiki yaad toh aati hi hai..

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot for commenting Dear….
      Yeh bhi bata diyo kiski yaad aati hai… chal PM pe bata dena… agar tum chahte ho toh….

      1. Priyali

        OK… pm tomorrow morning bataungi

  30. Kashi

    i really liked the intro …n i m looking forward to read it soon..
    i liked the first…n everything else

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Dear….
      I will upload it soon…
      BTW… can you please give me the links of your ff…

  31. Hey Naina , forgive me for the late comment , looking forward for the next epi eagerly, loved this to the core ,want vrushika as ishaana , love you ?

    1. Nainaa

      Hey Mirra!! Apologies accepted 😉
      I will surely consider your opinion…

  32. Prateekh

    WOW!! Dear it’s awesome and perfect portrayal of characters…
    Post next one soon… I am so excited for it…Love you…

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Dear… I am on cloud 9 that you liked it…

  33. Nishi33

    Yayyyyy…!!! such a good promo…shivaye awestruck with anika’s voice..awww…shivam is nice..
    i guess you should take sana ( krishnadasi’s female lead) for ishana…as I’ve heard that she’s coming opposite to omkara in the show so it will show a greater impact…jaise ki shivika onscreen hai to ff’s me bhi nakul or surbhi hi ache lagte hai so jab kunal or sana onscreen dekhege to we’ll love them together..*it affects our imagination*
    but you are free to take anyone you want..i just gave my opinion..it can be wrong too

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Dear…
      Even I heard that Sana is approached for the role opposite to Om….
      I will surely consider your opinion…

  34. SamSun

    nainaa u rocked again. loved it. and I prefer vrushika cause she is best for ishu’s role. ?☺☺

    1. Nainaa

      Thanks alot Sam Dear…
      I will consider your opinion…

  35. Sreeja

    Hey hi anima awesome promo I just loves it u r fantastic u have so many beautiful ideas dear plzz update epi1 fast dear………

    1. Nainaa

      Hai Sreeja!!
      Thanks alot Dear…
      I will uploaded it once but I got rejected mail..
      I will upload it again…

  36. Hey cutieeeeepieee……… i luvd it a lottt……. d best thng in dis is arshi ❤❤❤❤❤ no one can take their charm…… d best pair i have seen…. luv u…. sry for d late comments….. n i want vrushy only as ishu…….

    1. Nainaa

      Thank you Lassy…
      I agree Arshi are eternal couple?
      Love is in air for them…
      Love you Dea?

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