Ab Phirse jab baarish hogi… Teri yaad mujhko aayegi… Act-2 by Naina

Hello Peeps!! I am back. I am here with the 2nd part of my ff “Ab phirse jab baarish hogi… Teri yaad mujhko aayegi…” I am not at all happy with your response on the previous episode and I am feeling very low. I don’t know where I am lacking after all I tried to give my best. Please support me guys. I really need it.
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RECAP:: Shivaay and Shivaay wake up and Shivaay informs Shivam about their new sponsors and their meeting with them. Aru says Anika about Shivaay and before only Aru takes a word from Anika that she should accept what all she asks for. Anika accepts it unwillingly.

Here it goes



In Anika’s room..

Anika’s POV

Mind~ what the shit you have done? Did you even remember about your dreams and life goals? You have always dreamed about love based marriage right then why the hell you agree to marry? whom you haven’t been? and at least you didn’t even remember his name now… why Anika why? What do you want to do with your life? Can you be happy after marrying an ajnabee…?

Heart~ for the first time ever I got to know that with one decision a person can be hell happy and be proud of you that today you made your mom happy.. You know right her face is so blown out like she is the most happiest person alive.. And remember life is not about being happy it is all about making other’s happy and searching for your happiness in their happiness…

Pov ends

Anika is not able to accept the fact that she is gonna marry someone. She is not sad for getting married she sad for marrying a stranger. She is fighting with her own emotions and she has no idea that the stranger is going to be her love for life.

She is in great confusion whether to obey her mother or to obey her principles. She is walking like a maniac in her room. She is biting her nails out of tension and pulling her hair off making it look messy. She just need someone who can give a warm hug…

Arnav enters the room with an intention to confront Anika about her decision. He stops looking at Anika who is wandering like a mad cat. He goes to her and stops her by placing his hands on her shoulder. Anika looks at him and she gets shocked. Arnav holds her and makes her sit on the couch.

Arnav’s anger vanishes in the nick of time by looking at Anika. Arnav is very furious but didn’t want to confront her like the way he actually wanted to do. He sits on the couch beside Anika. Anika eyes lids are acting as a barrier for the immense flow of tears in her. Arnav can clearly see that she is not sad but feared about her decision. Arnav doesn’t want to make it hard for her so, first he composed himself and started speaking in his low tone.

Arnav:: Anika!! Why did you do this? I don’t know why I feel that you are not at all happy with this decision of yours..
Anika starts crying. Arnav feel bad and places his hand on her forehead to console her. Anika cries and hugs Arnav. Arnav closes his eyes and a tear escapes from his right eye. He reciprocates the hug and tries to help himself from sobbing. All his attempts are in vain. The barrier for his tears breaks down with in no time and he too starts his tear fight on her shoulder.

Arnav blows out and wipes his tears
Arnav(with a low and composed tone):: Nik!! Stop crying like a kid now.
Anika moves back and wipes her tears. She composes herself and looks straight into Arnav’s eyes which are seeking and eager to know her answer. Anika Smiles knowing his state of mind.
Anika:: I am not a kid okay.. (She looks away from meeting his eyes)
Arnav:: I know right. And don’t you dare to change the topic. (With a deadly glare)
Anika:: you know me since 21 years right and you are correct even this time. (She said it with ease like she doesn’t care)
Arnav:: What do you mean? Nik!! I don’t want any reverse answers got it.. Like my question is straight your answer should me like that… just YES or NO (He said it with full rage and presses his last word)

Anika:: ahh… Of course no I am not happy with my decision In fact to say I am not at all happy with myself. (She muttered and then muted)
Arnav:: I knew that you are not happy. But why did you do this? I mean what is the need to do this? (He run out of patience and his next move in only and only based on Anika’s reply)
Anika:: Didn’t you just see mom is so happy? Right now nothing matters to me other than mom (Saying this she turn her face away)
Arnav:: Nik!! Don’t get into this melodrama. This is your life you can’t take decisions under someone’s pressure(He said this in one go)
Anika:: Did you feel mom’s concern as melodrama? Boss!! She just wants my future to be secured and being a mother she can be a bit selfish right?! (She said this with utmost gratitude to her mother)
Arnav:: you know what Nik you are a liar.. You are a big liar.. you only told me that I know you from your birth from 21 years then why are you trying to hide your tears with fake attitude?(he said with utmost rage in him)
Anika looks at him with plain expression
Arnav:: do you even think like that ki marrying a stranger can secure your future? Can it help you in anyway? (He spited his words out)

Anika:: then what should I do? Do I say mom that I can’t fulfill the thing which mom asked for the first time? You know this right the only thing mom asked me till time is to marry him and how can I reject her? How can I reject that person who has done everything for me without me even asking? How can I reject that person who never let me long for something in my life? (Saying this she breaks down in to tears)
Arnav hugs her and places his left on her head and his right hand covering over her shoulder.

Arnav:: Stop crying Nik!! You are my strength and I just can’t see my strength falling weak and getting part a ways. (He said holding back his tears)
Anika:: Then… what should I do…? (She is crying so badly that she can’t even complete her words)
Arnav:: I know about you and I can understand you like always you do. I will talk to mom about this and you know mom will surely understand you as she is not aware of the fact that you have your own dreams and your own expectation from life. I will make her understand. (He assures her by patting on her back)
Anika moves back and smiles at him indicating him that she is fine now. Arnav kisses her on her forehead and smiles back. Arnav leaves from her room. Anika looks on…


Oberoi Mansion..

Dadi:: Pinki!! How can you promise Raizada’s about Shivaay? (She said with angrierce(angry+fierce))
Pinki:: Mummyji!! Actually I am also interested in this proposal In fact to say I only asked Arundhathi about it(She muttered casually)
Dadi:: Oh my maata!! Pinki… what have you done? Now, Billu will become a wrecking ball and will sweep us plainly (She said imagining the consequences)
Pinki:: Mummyji!! I don’t know anything only you can make him agree for this (She said to bring dadi on clouds)

Dadi blushes inside:: but why are you so interested in this proposal?(She said with a suspicious expression)
Pinki:: actually Mummyji Anika is very beautiful and intelligent. She can make perfect pair with my heera beta… (She said smiling thinking about their Jodi)
Dadi:: okay when you are sure about this.. Then I will talk with billu about this… (She said with a immortal feeling that only she can make the great SSO agree)

Dadi wants her acting to be as perfect so, she remembers those moments when Shivaay and Shivam left house for the first time for a concert and leaving OM to Paris, Omkara leaving to New York city for his first International Art gallery presentation and Rudra leaving to Thailand for his novel work (As I have said Rudra is a romantic novel writer so, he wants to know the deepest roots of budding romance between couples). Instead of getting anger she gets sad and tears escape from her left eye. Pinki looks at her and she speaks..

Pinki:: Mummyji!! What happen? Why are you getting emotional? Shivaay is a boy he will stay with us even after marriage also… not like a girl for whom we have to do Vidaai…
Dadi:: it’s not like that… I am just thinking about that time when all the four sons of this house left home for their professional work…
Pinki:: Haan… I feel like I can give a tight slap to four of them… they never thought about their family…
Dadi:: Haan… when they will come here then for sure we will slap them…

Dadi and Pinki are now full on rage. Dadi calls Shivaay
Shivaay lifts the call unaware of the fact that Dadi gonna burn him…
Shivaay:: Hello Dadi!! After a long time. I guess everything is fine over there.
Dadi:: Billu!! We don’t always call you to say you about the problems here. Sometime, when the time’s bad we have to tell you about you..
Shivaay:: Dadi!! What happened to me? I am perfectly alright…

Dadi:: Is it Billu? I don’t think so your life is on track..
Shivaay:: what happened? Just tell me…
Dadi:: you tell me when are you coming to India?
Shivaay:: Our concert is India is postponed to next month so, not in recent times..
Dadi:: you are coming to India with in a week…
Shivaay:: Ahh… Dadi we are having a concert next week in Milan..

Dadi::I don’t know anything.. You are coming and that’s final.. Okay..
Shivaay:: But Dadi give me the reason atleast..
Dadi:: we want to talk to you about your marriage and for that we don’t really need your approval okay as we already decided the bride to be for you..
Shivaay:: Dadi!! You know right I am not at all interested in this…
Dadi:: Now, who asked you about your interest? You just need to come over here to put mangalsutra in your bride’s neck… so, simple task right…
Shivaay:: Are you kidding me Dadi? I said no and no means no always…
Shivaay can’t reply to her rage and remained quite
Dadi:: If you dare to cross my words then you alone have to face the consequences.. GET ME!
Shivaay don’t know what to say and cuts the call
Dadi gives Hi5 to Pinki and shows thumbsup as a gesture of success…


At Shivaay and Shivam’s bungalow

Shivaay walks out of his room and reminisces Dadi’s words. He loses his control and breaks his phone. Shivam comes there singing..
“Pyaara Bhaiya mera dulha banega,
Babhi keliye sehra sajega,
Pyaara Bhaiya mera dulha banega,
Raja banke godha chadega,
Pyaara Bhaiya mera dulha banega…”
Shivaay:: Shivam!! What are you doing? Just stop this okay..
Shivam:: what am I doing?
Shivaay:: stop that and don’t act like you don’t know anything…
Shivam nods
Shivaay:: and tell me who told you about that?
Shivam:: about what? He smirks (He knows that but still want to hear it from Shivaay)
Shivaay:: wahi..wo..uh…me.. Meri.. Shaa… Shaadi.. ke.. bare mein.. (He gulps his words)
Shivam:: Bhaiya!! Feeling shy even before marriage? Ahh.. haa (He smirks)
Shivaay:: Shivam!! Don’t include the crap and just tell me who told you about it?
Shivam:: the same person who told you about your marriage.. Our lovely Dadi..
Shivaay:: Offo… you both are impossible.. What is the need for Dadi to tell you?
Shivam:: So that I can make sure that we will be flying to India next week…
Shivaay:: Shivam!! Even you.. You know right we are having a concert next week and that’s really an important one..
Shivam:: I know that Bhaiyu… our flight will be right after the completion of the concert…(he smirks)

Shivaay:: what? How can you say that? (He is sweating now)
Shivam:: I already arranged our flight.. After all Dadi asked me for it and I just want to make sure that I will not do any mistakes..
Shivaay is like Oh Mann!! And don’t know how to escape from this trap…
Shivaay:: you guys are impossible…(Saying this he leaves from there)
Shivam looks at him and smiles…

To be continued

PRECAP:: Shivam and Shivaay’s concert… Shivaay in search on Anika…

Authors Note:: Guys!! If you like it please comment and if you don’t like then please let me know where I am lacking. Pros or Cons anything and everything is okay. Please let me know your views. Silent readers Please comment guys I really need your support.

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