Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 7

Hey guys I am extremely sry for getting so late. Plzz pardon me. So here the next part of my ff. plzze njoy reading and plzzz do comment.

Recap: Bebe comes home. Leela tells Twinkle abitu her decision to send her to Paris via Kolkata. Twinkle wants to meet Kunj.


Kunj is waiting for Twinkle at the same table where they first met. Twinkle comes there wearing a pink gown and is looking like a princess. Kunj sees her and gets into some dream.
Twinkle [waving her hand infront of his eyes]: where r u lost???
Kunj [coming back to his senses]: no…. nowhere….plzzz sit….
Twinkle sits and looks around.
Kunj: so…. Why u wanted to meet me??
Twinkle: yeah… the thing is… I am leaving for Paris day after tomorrow…
Kunj [surprised]: wht???? But why????
Twinkle: I have got a scholarship in the modelling school there….
Kunj: oh… that’s great…. Congrats…
Twinkle: but the provlem is Sharanya…

Kunj: why????
Twinkle: her marriage…. I will not be able to attend it…
Kunj: oh.. yeah… that’s right… [thinking a lttle]I am sure u r not trying to sneak out without informimg her…. [Twinkle nods slowly making a sad face]… plzzzz no…
Twinkle: u can only help me in this matter….plzzzz
Kunj: have u gone crazy… she will not marry without u…. plzzzzz
Twinkle [holding Kunj’s hand]: plzzzz…. Kunj…plzzzz
Kunj: ok… I will try….
Twinkle [happy]: thanks a lot…..
They continue talking while pair of eyes are looking at them. A hand lands on the shoulder of the person and the person turns. It is Yuvi who was looking at them and the person who broke his gaze was Anita.
Yuvi: mom…. U scared me…
Anita: yuvi… I don’e think it is right….
Yuvi: wht mom???
Anita: the closeness between Twinkle and the boy….
Yuvi: oh mom they r just friend…

Anita: u know him…
Yuvi stops to think. Twinkle never hid anything from him. Then y this. She did not tell him about the boy with whom she was sitting hand in hand in the open park.
Anita: Yuvi… do u know him????
Yuvi: no mom… bt she told me about her new friend…
Anita: keep an eye on them… Yuvi….
Yuvi: mom… I am not some sort of spie…. [he leaves]
Anita: I will not let my son get hurt AGAIN….. [she too leaves]

Taneja Mansion:
Sharanya comes to meet Leela when she finds her packing Twinkle’s bag.
Sharanya: aunty… why r packing Twinkle’s bag????
Leela [thinks]: Twinkle told me not to tell her anything… [aloud]Sharanya puttar.. these r going to the laundry…
Sharanya: so many at a time… strange….
Leela: arey leave all these… tell me about ur marriage preparations….
Sharanya: oh…. Aunty… that’s going awesome… I want Twinkle from day 1 ok…
Leela [sadly]: ok….
Sharanya: ok aunty… I just came to see if Twinkle had returned but she has not… ok then bye….
Leela: bye puttar… [Sharanya leaves]

Again the stage has been set up for a dance. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and smile.
Kunj: can we before u leave for Paris…. Miss Twinkle Taneja….
Twinkle [smiling and offrer]: it’s my pleasure Mr. Kunj Sarna…

They walk up to the stage and stand between the other couples. The song is played [Nazdeekiyan from Shandaar]. They danced hand in hand, eyes in eyes and with each other’s breathe. The entire surrounding seemed to vanish slowly and steadily. A strange air of excitement prevailed. And in that air Kunj wanted to hold back Twinkle forever. This was not love. But according to him no other feeling can bring such excitement. Then is he in love???!!! The answer was known but still unknown. The feelings were familiar but still appeared to be strangers. His heart felt a strange feeling with the passing of each moment. Then what about Twinkle was she too feeling the same? Well Twinkle was confused. She felt a sudden sense of comfort with Kunj. She had this blind feeling that whenever she will turn back she will find Kunj just behind her to protect her. The dance was now working on their minds. It was ruling on their hearts and senses. The song finished gradually drawing them apart. The parting was slow. It was as slow as the setting of the sun. the hand s moved apart. So did their heart and at last their soul. Though they realized that they were standing apart from each other, their senses were brought back to Earth by the applauding audience. Twinkle and Kunj composed themselves and went down the stage.

Twinkle: thanks for the dance Kunj…. [she hugs him].. I will miss u…
Kunj [hugging her back]: I will miss u too…. Twinkle…. Keep safe ok and plzzzz keep contact….
Twinkle nods and leaves while Kunj remains standing.
Kunj: I love her…. Dammit!!!! It was the right time to tell her how much I love her… [a strange smile made it’s place on his lips]
Just then Twinkle turned around and waved to him. Kunj waved her back. Suddenly something struck him and he ran up to Twinke.
Kunj: Twinkle will I drop u….
Twinkle [smiling]: ok… thanks…
Kunj runs to bring his bike. Twinkle sits on the bike and they set off. It seemed as if the weather was also in favour of their love. The clouds covered the sky and they broke down on the two love birds. It started raining heavily. Kunj stopped the bike on the side and ran under a shade. But not Twinkle. She stood there getting wet.

Kunj: Twinkle…. Come fast… u r getting wet….
Twinkle; it’s an amazing feeling Kunj.. u shud also have it….Come
Kunj runs to her and keeps looking at her while he too got wet. At last when the rain stopped they rode back to their house.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj r ill. Yuvi hurts himself. Anita to make a plan to separate Twinj.

Hope u guys are liking my ff. Plzzzz let me know….

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