Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 19

Plzz don’t bash at me I know tht I am very late… actually I was having my exams and then the puja. So here I start with the next part…plzzzz comment at let me know how it was…

Recap: twinkle comes to know abt her father.

Twinkle’s room:
Kunj is still lying over Twinkle. Twinkle’s eyes moves here and there and she jerks Kunj away. Kunj falls on the floor on his back.
Kunj: aaauuuucchhhh!!!!!
Twinkle sets her hair properly and looks at him with anger.
Kunj: wht???? U threw me on the floor not I… I shud look at u like tht….
Twinkle: wht r u doing here????
Kunj: came to meet u….
Twinkle: y??? I asked u to come….
Kunj get up from the floor keeping his hand on his back. Twinkle looks away and cleans her face properly….
Kunj: u were crying….
Twinkle: sooo… u will enter a girl’s room without her permission…. Don’t u have got manners…
Kunj: twinkle what’s wrong with u I was just…
Twinkle: shut up and leave… I don’t want to talk with anyone right now…
Kunj: twin…
Twinkle: I said just leave…..
Kunj looks at her shocked and then turns to go from the window….
Twinkle: use the stairs….
Kunj (turns): hmmmm????
Twinkle: I said use the stairs… u will get hurt….
Kunj nods and opens the door. Before he leaves from the door, twinkle get up from the bed and bangs the door on his face. Kunj keeps standing there distraught. Pinni comes there just then and gets shocked to see kunj outside twinkle’s room.
Pinni: o hlo wht r u doing here????
Kunj: actually I came to meet twinkle…
Pinni: frm where???
Kunj: wind…..
Pinni: wind????
Kunj: aaaa….mmmmm…
Pinni: wht???
Kunj:I need to go… gud n8….
Pinni: but listen…
Kunj leaves frm there…. Pinni keeps stnding there.

Sarna mansion:
Kunj enters his room and sits on the couch thinking abt twinkle’s behavior.
Kunj: she quarreled with me…. But y???? wht I did???? She is strange….
His phn beeped. It is a msg frm twinkle.
Kunj: now wht she wants…
He opens the msg and it reads:
Kunj keeps the phn aside.
Kunj: she is a lot more emotional thn I thought. Her father came she became soooo angry… wht will happen if I will propose u??? no no no I can’t take the risk… kunj sarna u r good the way u r… never ever think to propose tht siyappa queen… lets see wht she wants to say tomorrow… till then good n8….

Sarna mansion:
Bebe is getting ready to go to the gurudwara. She sees Kunj running to the kitchen.
Bebe: wht work does he have there????
She goes after him and sees him making jam bread…
Bebe: kunj puttar… u r making breakfast…. R u in a hurry…
Kunj: bebe I have a meeting bye….
Bebe: kunj wait I will also go to the gurudwara give me a lift plzzz….
Kunj: ok come fast… I will be late…
Kunj strikes with Manohar and back off….
Manohar: wht is the hurry…???? Whih train r u going to catch….???
Bebe: areeyyy Monu… he has a meeting….
Kunj winces as he will get caught for telling a lie….
Manohar: meeting??? Which meeting??? Where??? U did not inform me….
Kunj: I have grown up and I take my decisions alone ok…
Manohar: kunj… don’t forget tht I am ur father….!!!!
Kinj: yeah how can I forget tell me… well I don’t have time to argue with u… bebe if u want to come come fast or I will leave…
Manohar holds his habd and stops him: today u will not go without answering my questions…. Where do u go everyday…. I don’t do any job… and meeting…??? When a person does not have a job frm where will he get a meeting to go to??? Answer me where do u stay all the day… I am ur father and I have the rights to ask u…
Bebe: monu leave him na… he is grown up now….
Manohar: no bebe… he thinks tht he has grown up but he has to understand tht he will never ever grow up in my eyes… for me u r the same small Kunj whom I had sent to the hostel for good education… but I am seeing tht u r wasting all my effort like this playing fool around…
Kunj: enough… I have been listening to u since long… I will not listen to u by any means…. I do wht I feel is correct… and ur advice or ur order does not matter to me at all… I don’t give a damn to them….
Manohar: KUNNNJJJJ!!!
He raises his hand to slap him when bebe comes in between them. Kunj leaves frm there in anger.
Bebe: wht were u doing u were going to slap ur son who is a yung man now… Monu u have lost this right now….
Manohar: bebe… u too…????
Bebe: yeah me too… I have to go….
She leaves frm there. Manohar goes to his room and locks the door frm inside.
Manohar: this is all becoz of Usha… let her come today… I will teach her a good lesson….
Luthra mansion:
Anita is watching the TV when she sees Yuvi leaving with his bags.
Anita: Yuvi where r u going????
Yuvi: mom I need to freshen up… I am going for a change to Goa…
Anita: ok… but when will u return????
Yuvi: when I will feel better….
Anita: ok beta… u relax… and plzz dotn think abt tht Twinkle…
Yuvi: I have stopped thinking abt her mom… mistook her friendship to be her love for me… I got obsessed with her… but now I know tht we all have different means in our life and if I am lucky enough I will get my way as well… bye mom…
Anita: bye…
Yuvi leaves. Anita sits in the sofa and relaxes.
Anita: thank God tht Yuvi has moved away frm tht twinkle….

Kunj drops bebe at the gurudwara. Bebe looks at him sadly as she sees at Kunj’s dull face… she favours not to take up the matter again and goes towards the temple.
Kunj leaves frm there and goes towards the café. He looks at his watch and sees tht he is late by an hour.
Kunj: she will get very angry… wht will I tell her…

twinkle is tried waiting for Kunj.
Twinkle: these men they can never e punctual…. I told him 10 and see it is going to be 11 and he is not here till now… wht if he has not seen my msg and I am waiting here for him like a fool…
She is abt to get up when Yuvi comes and joins her…
Twinkle: Yuvi wht r u doing here????
Yuvi: I came here to say u sorry….
Twinkle: but how did u know tht I am here????
Yuvi: I was passing this café when I saw ur car…. I m sorry twinkle for all the strnge behaviours I have done till date… I thought tht u also luv me the same way I luv u… but I was wrong… I was a fool to think tht love means to get… but I know now tht love means to give happiness and I wish u all the happiness of this world… I have had enogh of u… now I am aiming to do amething really good in my life… now frm today onwards our roads r separate and I promise u tht I will never cross ur way… bye…
Twinkle: wht????? Where r u going???
Yuvi: Goa… I have a camp there… ok good luck…
Twinkle: bye….
Twinkle puts her head down and thinks all tht had happened till now… kunj comes there just then…
Kunj: I am sorry…
Twinkle looks u: u too???
Kunj: wht??
Twinkle: aahhhh…. Nothing… sorryyy…..
Kunj: may i….
Twinkle: yeah plzzz….
Kunj: sorry for being late…. Bebe wanted to go to the gurudwara so got late….
Twinkle: is today sorry day???
Kunj: wht???
Twinkle: now just a while ago Yuvi came here and told me sorry…. Now u r telling me sorry….
Kunj: Yuvi came here??? for wht???
Twinkle: he told tht e has understood his mistake…. He will never ver disturb me with all the proposal and all….
Kunj: ok….
Twinkle: hmmmm….
Kunj: so…..
Twinkle: so????
Kunj: u called me to tell something???
Twinkle: ooo haaa… yeah… see I for get to tell the main thing only… I need ur help….
Kunj: again?????
Twinkle: so mean…..
Kunj (laughs): no no tell wht….

bebe is walking on the road her way back to home. She is looking at her belongings and is not aware tht someone is coming frm the other way as well. And they collide.
Bebe: hayo rabba… cant o see and walk…..
She cud not say anything re thn tht as she looks at the girl in shock. The girl was wearing a grey coloured mini skrt and a pink coloured top (just the same one whick Kareena Kapoor was wearing in kabhi khushi kabhi gam…. Remember guys….). bebe keps looking at her in shock.
Girl: sorry auntyji… I am really sorry… I hope tht u r not hurt much…
The girl goes past her and bebe sits on the road holding her head.
Bebe: vaye guru… wht was she wearing… u ept me alive to see this day… tht girl in my town r wearing… wearing…. Was she wearing anything at all…. Hayo rabba…
She touches her chest and leans on the wall beside her.

Taneja mansion:
RT is reading newspaper and Leela is doing puja.
Raman: didi… have u seen Twinkle????
Leela: no why???
Raman: no I need her signature for her exams….
Leela: she might have gone somewhere and will be back soon….
Raman: ok….
A cab stops in front of the house and the same girl who coliided with bebe is seen coming out of the cab.
Chinki sees her frm the roof top and rushes downstairs to inform all…
Chinki: leela ma…. A girl has come outside the house and she is wearing such short dress….
Leela: wht??? Whoo????
And the suspense is over at last and the door opens and the girl comes in.
Girl: papa…….
She rushes towards RT and hugs him.
RT: Mahi!!!!!…..
All look at them in shock…

Precap: twinkle gets shocked to meet her sis. Mahi refuses to accept them as their family and acts stubborn. The Sarnas and Luthras comes to the house of the Tanejas for jagrata. Bebe sees the girl in the Taneja mansion and gets furious.

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