Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 12


Hey I am here with the next part of my ff.

Recap: kunj misses Twinkle. Yuvi and Kunj have a fight and r arrested.
Police van:
Kunj and Yuvi r looking at each with rage. Kunj has seen the real face of Yuvi for the first time.
Police: u both were having mood to fight like heroes on the road…
Kunj: I just tried to help to girl….
Police: shut up…u cud have called the police… were we dead…
Kunj: I thought so….
Police: wht!!! How dare u say so???
Kunj: I thought so as I found no one helping the girl when this boy was dragging her…
Yuvi: tht is no one of ur business… I drag her… or do anything… u r no one to say in between…
Kunj: yes I am… I am the citizen of this country and have the duty to stop anything that is happening infront of my eyes that seems wrong to me…
Yuvi: wht wrong did I do??? I tried to help my friend who loves this girl and take her to meet him… but she was only refusing to go…
Kunj: so u will drag her…
Yuvi: if required then will kipnap her as well….
Police: oh shut up u two… continuously fighting…. Hey u… wht is ur name [pointing at Kunj] Kunj: kunj Sarna….
Police: yeah…get doen… oay… stop the van… [the van stops] get down… [Kunj gets down]… now go…
The van starts. Yuvi looks shocked.
Yuvi: y did u let him go… for his fluent lecture…
Police: shut up… u did wrong with the girl and he did right by stopping u… that is the difference y he is outside and u r here going to the police station.
Yuvi frowned.

Kunj reaches for his phone and realizes that he has left it in the room itself. He takes an auto and goes to spot where he had left his car and then leaves from there to his house to take the phone.

Luthra Mansion:
Anita is trying to call Yuvi but his ohn is coming switched off as he is sitting in the jail. She switches on the tv and gets shocked. There a news was being aired that the flight which was scheduled to carry the passengers from Amritsar to Kolkata is being hijacked.

Sarna mansion:
The news is on the tv when Kunj enters from the main door. He goes past the tv without looking at it.
Bebe: Kunj puttar wht r u doing here???
Kunj: bebe I forgot my phn in the room….
Bebe: ohh… see na such a horrified news is coming…
Kunj: wht bebe???
Bebe: that the flight which was scheduled to carry the passengers from Amritsar to Kolkata is being hijacked…
Kunj was shocked. He turns to see the tv. The headlines were racing.
Kunj: Twinkle is in the same flight.
He runs upstairs to get the phn and goes out od the house after getting it and goes straight to Taneja mansion.

Taneja mansion:
As kunj reaches there he finds Leela crying while Raman trying hard to contact with the authority chinki sees Kunj and runs up to him.
Kunj: nothing will happen to Twinkle… I will go to the airport…
He leaves from the there.

Precap: Twinkle is shot. Wht is the demand of the hijackers???

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    Rhimjhim. .U nailed it
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