Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 11


Hey guys I am really sorry as I am too late with my ff. here is the next part of my ff.
Recap: Twinkle leaves for Kolkata.
Luthra mansion:
Yuvi is listening to songs when Anita comes running to him.
Yuvi: mom wht happened??? Y r u running as if u have seen a ghost….

Anita: shut up u fool….she has gone without telling u for once….
Yuvi: who mom????
Anita: Twinkle.. she has gone to Paris… on one informed u…. but that boy came to know abt it and he came to see her off….
Yuvi stood up instantly: wht???? She went to Paris that also without informing….. who can she do this?????
He rushes out of the room and out of the gate and finds Leela and Chinki talking to Kunj.
Yuvi: wht is he doing here????
He goes up to Kunj and puts his hand on his shoulder and makes him turn around.
Kunj: hii Yuvraj… how r u???
Yuvi: I am fine….how r u???
Kunj: all going good….
Yuvi: leela aunty can u plzz call Twinkle…???
Leela: Yuvi beta she has left for Kolkata jst a few moments earlier…
Yuvi: without telling me!!!! She cud have atleast informed me…
Leela: she thought that u will get disturbed abd she did not want to disturb u… she will come back after a month or two… then u can talk to her….
Yuvi: I can talk to her even on phn that is not the matter the matter she went without saying me a good bye….

Kunj: if that is the matter then here is something that she has left for u… [he presents him a gift with a letter] Yuvi [receiving it]: wht is it???
Kunj: open it urself and see it…
The gift had a cute smilie on it yuvi opened it and found a box of his favourite. He smiled.
Kunj: she knew it…. U will like it…
Yuvi: she knows abt me even better than I know myself.. we r childhood friends and no one can come between us…. NOT EVEN U….

Kunj [confused]: wht???
Yuvi: nothing chill…. [he smiles and goes away] Kunj: strange… it seemed as if he is very annoyed with me…
Leela: don’t worry he is like that only… only a little miffed… Twinkle shud have informed him… she made a mistake now… he will call her every now and then and will ask her come back… wht I don’t want…
Kunj [confused]: but y??? she is ur daughter… u will miss her for sure….
Leela: it is for her benefit… ok beta I need to go… come Chinki u will get late for ur college….
Chinki: yes… [she nods and leaves]

Saran mansion:
Kunj goes up to his room and sees Twinkle standing there.
Kunj: Twinkle wht r u doing here???
Twinkle: who Twinkle??? Kunj….
There again Kunj was hallucinating her. Usha was standing there instead. She runs down to her son.
Usha: where were u all this while??? Today is ur first day to the office… forgot or wht???
Kunj: oh no… I will get ready in five minutes… u serve the breakfast fast…
He rushes inside the washroom and locks himself up and opens the shower. He goes and stands infront of the toilet mirror and sees his reflection. As he looks nearer at himself he sees Twinkle standing behind him. He turns in shock.

Kunj: u!!!! wht r u doing here????
He tries to hide himself but then as he looks up he sees that there was no one.
Kunj [to himself]: oh God… I am seeing her everywhere…. Wht will I do now??? I am madly in love with her…. Let me call her….
He goes out of the washroom wearing the towel, water was dripping from the muscles of his hands. His hair was wet and his six packs were enjoying the soothing sensation of the cold water. He picks up his phone and is abt to call when a thunderous voice calls him…. KUUUNNNJJJJ…..
Kunj: oh shit… papa…. Coming papa….
He hurries with his dresses and gets ready hastily. In his hurry he forgets his phone in the room and leaves. He rushes downstairs and finds Manohar standing there with his hand on his waist. Kunj comes down the stairs looking towards the steps making sure not to make any eye contact with his papa.
Manohar: wht is the matter with u these days???? Ur maa was telling that u live in dreamlands these days… thinking something away from ur life…
Kunj [hesitantly]: nothing like that papa… u know maa… she is over protective….
Manohar: yeah… I know her… but the problem is I am having a hard time to know you…. U have u changed a lot Kunj…
Kunj: no papa… I have not changed.. it is my way of thinking that is not matching with u… that’s all…. Stop nacking every now and then… I hate it…

Manohar [disappionted]: u hate each of the things I do these days Kunj… and u say that I don’t understand u…a father is a son’s best friend… but I really find it difficult to develop any such relationship with u…
Kunj: I need to leave…. Maaa… I am leaving….
He leaves or rather say he ran away…. He hated to talk to his father… he tried hard not to face him at all… he was scared of him but was not ruled by him… Kunj wanted to be ruled by his own thoughts and feelings. But his father tried to get a hold of his son who was a little bit carefree but not extravagant and that entire process spoilt the matter and their relation… A father lost a son and a son denounced his father from his heart…. The place that he gave to Manohar was empty now… the anger of being sent to hostel has made Kunj like this… he wanted to stay with his family all the time…. His friends and all… but Manohar wanted his son to excel in everything and then… the worse…

Kunj parks the car outside a coffe shop as he notices something. He was shocked. There Yuvi was forcing a girl to sit in his car. The girl was screaming for help but there was none. Kunj walks up to yuvi and puts his hand on his shoulder.
Kunj: yuvraj… wht r u doing???
Yuvi: eh u!!! stay out of it…. Ok…. It is better for u…
Kunj: no I wont… this is wrong…
Yuvi: I don’t need to knw wht is right and wht wrong from u….
Kunj tries to stop Yuvi. There was soon a cold argument and then a hand to hand fight, kunj was defending while Yuvi was offending. He was angry as he remembers that Twinkle has gone without informing him but she informed this guy. The polce arrives just then and they take both Kunj and Yuvi with them.

Precap: terrible news shakes Tanejas, Luthras and Kunj.

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