Aayat- a love story between two different person (twinj) Episode 1


Hey guys I am Rhimjhim here. I am here to write a ff of Tashan-e-ishq. So plzz read it and do comment.

Characters involved:
Twinkle Taneja: a sweet Punjabi girl of 22 yrs. She is completing her college this year and is also a modeler by profession.
Leela Taneja: Twinkle’s mom, a single mother. She loves her daughter very much. She has a very big business and is very successful in her life.
Chinki Taneja: Twinkle’s friend and cousin. She is also reading in the same college as Twinkle and loves her sister very much.
Raman Taneja: Twinkle’s uncle and Chinki’s father. He is a partner in Leela’s business and helps her out in very field.
Pinni Taneja: Twinkle’s aunt and Chinki’s mom. She ;loves Twinkle more than Chinki and is very concernd about her beauty.
Yuvraj Luthra: commonly known as Yuvi. He is damn hot and handsome. He is Twinkle’s best friend and secretly holds a feeling of love and affection for her. He is loved by Leela like her own son.
Anita Luthra: Yuvi’s mom and Leela’s childhood friend. She loves Twinkle like her own daughter and dreams to have her as her DIL.
Kunj Sarna: a handsome hunk coming all the way from USA after completing his studies. He has got a job in a much reputated company and is here to attend his friend’s marriage.
Usha Sarna: Kunj’s mom. She loves her son a lot and dreams to have a sweet DIL.
Manohar Sarna: Kunj’s dad and Leela’s business. He loves Kunj a lot and wants him to get married to Twinkle.
Anand Sarna: Kunj’s brother and Usha and Manohar’s elder son. He is a manager of a famous company at New York and loves his brother a lot.

So guys this are the characters who r involed in my story. Without wasting much time I want to start my one shot. Hope u like it.

Taneja Mansion:
A woman is praying to WaheGuru. Her head is covered with her dupatta. As she turns her face is revealed. She is none other than Leela. She goes up to the kitchen and starts preparing breakfast. While preparing the breakfast she calls out to someone.
Leela: Chinki…..
A beautiful girl comes down the stairs and enter’s the kitchen.
Chinki: yes aunty…..
Leela: is Twinkle awake…..
Chinki: twinkle…. Wake and now….. no way… our sleeping beaty is having her beauty sleep right now…. [laughs]…
Leela: oh God what will I do to her…. [she leaves the kitchen and goes upstairs] As she opens and enters the entire room is shown. It is decorted with lot of photographs of a beautiful girl. Leela goes up to the bed and sits beside the person lying there with her face covered with the blanket.
Leela: Twinkle puttar….. gud morning… get up… or u will get late for college…. Get up…..
The person sleeping there slowly then removes the blanket from her face and her face is revealed. She is asa beautiful as a princess. She looks at Leela and gives her a sweet smile. She is none other than Twinkle.
Twinkle: Ma….
leela: get up…. Fast…. Yuvi will be coming to take u…..
Yuvi’s name made Twinkle smile a little. She gets up from her bed and moves towards the bathroom as Leela leaves the room.

Luthra Mansion:
The scene then shifts to a room filled with photographs of a boy who looked damn handsome. Then a boy is seen coming out of the washroom. He goes and stands in front of the mirror and starts getting ready. The boy is none other than Yuvi. A lady is seen coming inside the room. She is Yuvi’s mom, Anita.
Anita: Yuvi…. U got ready…..
Yuvi: yes mom….. I will first pick Twinkle and then will go for the workshop…..
Anita: ok….. bye….
Yuvi: bye…..

Taneja Mansion:
Twinkle comes down in a lovely floral pink frock. She goes and sits on the breakfast table when the bell rings. Chinki opens the door.
Chinki: hiii….. Yuvraj…..
Yuvi: hiiii… chinki…. Is ur sis ready????
Chinki: almost…plzzz come in…
Yuvi gets inside the house and goes up to the table.
Yuvi: gud morning Twinkle…..
Twinkle: gud morning Yuvi….
Yuvi: come on… fast we r getting late….
Leela: Yuvi puttar…. Come and have breakfast… I know that u have not eaten anything….
Yuvi: how u get to know everything aunty… [he sits beside Twinkle]….
After having the breakfast together, they leave for the college in Yuvi’s car.

Twinkle and Chinki r busy in planning about the workshop ahead while Yuvi talks with his friend on the phone. Suddenly his hand slips from the stirring and it goes straight way and hits the tree ahead.
All the people gather around the car. They take Yuvi out frim the car. He was injured the most. Twinkle and Chinki were safe as they were in the last seat. They rush Yuvi to the nearby hospital.

Anita comes there running and ask Twinkle about Yuvi.
Anita: where is Yuvi??? How is he now????
Twinkle: he is out of danger. There is no need to worry….. plzz sit…..
Leela too comes there with Raman. She sits beside Anita and consoles her. Anita hugs her cries.
Leela: Anita…plzzzz control urself….plzzzz for Yuvi….
Anita: Leela… Yvui is my life…
Leela: I know….
Then the doctor comes and informs thar Yuvi has regained his senses and they can meet him. Both Anita and Leela rush to see him followed by Twinkle and Chinki. Yuvi was lying on the bed. His head was bandaged. Seeing this Anita breaks down.
Yuvi: mom… plzzzz…. I am all right,….. see…
Anita: shut up…. How many times I told to that u shud never speak on phone while u drive but u…..
Leela: Yuvi….. plzzz listen to mom once… she ur mom…. She knows the things better than u…
Yuvi: Twinkle r u ok….
Twinkle: yes….
Yuvi: but what about the workshop….
Twinkle: u don’t worry about I had a talk with the teacher and she has asked u to take rest… only rest….
Yuvi: thanks….. and how is Chinki…????
Chinki: I am also… fine……
A nurse comes in to give injection to Yuvi.
Yuvi: why do I need this….???
Nurse: to get well soon….
Yuvi: no I am alright….
Twinkle: no nurse… give him the injection…. Don’t listen to him….
Yuvi: Twinkle u r my friend or my enemy…
Twinkle: u think what ever u want… nurse give him the injection… we r here to hold him….
Then Twinkle, Chinki, Leela and Anita all hold Yuvi and the nurse gives him the injection. He starts crying seeing which the nurse laughs and leaves.
Yuvi: u made me a joker today….
Twinkle: why u cried???
Yuvi: coz I got hurt…
Anita: ok u guys now stop….. Yuvi… I am here u take rest…. Twinkle puttar…. Go home and u too take rest….
Twinkle: ok aunty… I will come to meet Yuvi….. in the evening… ok….
Anita: ok….
Yuvi: bye…
Twinkle: bye….
Leela: Yuvi… take care….
Yuvi: yes aunty….
Leela: Anita… take care…
Anita: yes Leela…..
Chinki: bye Yuvi take care…
Yuvi: u too…. Bye…
And they all leave and Yuvi keeps looking at the door after Twinkle left the room.

Hope u guys liked it and plzzz give ur comments so that I can wrute more.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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  1. Amazing epi dear bt is it twinjs or twirajs ff???…..

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  5. Gr8 start yaar loving the storyline

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  6. Hey rhim (can I call u that) the start was good…waiting for it??

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  7. It was really nyc.. plz upload the nxt one soon!

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  8. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

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