Aatma-Naagin,Yeh Hai Mohabbate,Kkb and Tei (Epi-2)


All the three couples go to party.Raman sees them and goes on them with Ishita .

Raman:Hi Abhi,Ritik and Kunj.

Ritik:Hi Raman and congratulations for your product’s launch.

Kunj:Yeah Raman your product is awesome.

Raman: What are you talking you all helped me.

Abhi:They both are right.

The boy comes in center.

Boy:Guys today’s party is for famous business man Raman Bhalla’s product which launched in market so this is a party and without dance party gets boring.So I request all the couples especially Raman Bhalla his wife and his friends.

All the four couples start dancing romantically.Dance gets over.Raman goes to drinks bar and is about to drink when Ritik stops him.

Ritik:Raman this is harmful for you.

Raman:Ritik this medicine for me.

Kunj and Abhi comes there and listens there conservation.

Kunj:Raman,Ritik is right out should not drink this.

Abhi:Let it be Kunj and Ritik it’s nice to drink.

Abhi joins Raman.

Kunj:How to make them understand.

Ritik:They can’t understand.

Ritik thinks to spend some time with Shivanya and goes to her.He sees Shivanya talking with some ladies.He comes to her.Shivanya excuses from ladies and says

Shivanya:What happen Ritik?

Ritik catches her hand and takes her aside where no one can see them.

Shivanya:Ritik what happen?

Ritik:Just wanted to spend time with you.

Ritik brings Shivanya near to him by her waist.Shivanya tries to go but Ritik not let’s her go.He brings his face near her and she closes her eyes.They are about to kiss on lips when Kunj and Twinkle comes there and they go little away from eachother.

Ritik:Kunj what happen?

Kunj:Nothing just wanted to discuss some problems.


Ritik and Kunj goes from.

Twinkle:So what was happening with Ritik bhai? (Said teasingly)

Shivanya:Nothing like that.

Twinkle:Really then okay.

Raman sees Ishita’s saree’s Dori was open so he goes towards her and secretly ties it.

Raman:What Ishita why don’t tie your Dori properly?

Ishita:How will I know if it’s tied properly I don’t have eyes back.

Raman:Then I am your eyes.

He gets romantic with Ishita but she goes from there and shows tounge.

Precap:Abhi to see a lady.

Credit to: Siddhi

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