Aatma-Naagin,Yeh Hai Mohabbate,Kkb and Tei (Epi-1)

Guys here all the couples are married with eachother already.

Raman comes inside room and see Ishita in saree he gifted her.He comes to her and says

Raman:Today you are looking very beautiful.

Ishita:Thanks Raman and you are looking handsome.

Raman:I am the most beautiful lady of he party will be you only.

Ishita:Thanks but did you invited Ritik,Shivanya,Kunj,Twinkle,Abhi and Pragya?

Raman:How can I forget to invite them they all are my best friends.

Abhi is getting ready for party when he is about to go out of room and Pragmatic is coming inside room and they both bump into each other.Pragya is about to fall when Abhi catches her by waist.They have a eye lock.

Abhi:Are you okay Pragya?

Pragya:Yeah.Let’s go or we will get late for Raman bhai’s party.


Both leave for party.

Twinkle is showering and her shower is done and she is wearing only a towel and when she comes out she sees Kunj and shouts and Kunj also shouts.Kunj turns and says

Kunj:Are you shameless why are you roaming like this.

Twinkle:What shameless I was bathing and I came out so you came.

Kunj says

Kunj:Okay if you have came out like this then should we come to bed? (Asks naughtily)

Twinkle:Just shut up.

Kunj turns and sees Twinkle trying herself to hide behind curtains.

Kunj comes near her and brings his face near.Twinkle closes her eyes when he says softly

Kunj:Get ready fast or we will get late for party.

Twinkle opens her eyes and goes from there and Kunj smiles.

Ritik is getting ready when he notices that his shirt’s one button is missing.He is about to remove his shirt when Shivanya comes and says

Shivanya:Ritik what are you doing we are getting late for party.

Ritik:Shivanya this shirt’s one button is missing.

Shivanya:So I will put.

Shivanya brings thread and needle.She is stiching his shirt when she sees his beautiful eyes looking her.She also looks in his eyes and he gets hurt on chest because of needle.


Shivanya:Ritik are you okay? (Worriedly)

Ritik:I am okay Shivanya.And see you stitched the button.

Shivanya:Oh yeah so let’s go.

She is about to go when Ritik catches her and brings her towards him.Ritik brings his face near her.

Shivanya:Ritik let’s go we are getting late.

Ritik:No I don’t want to go just want to stay with you.

Shivanya pushes him and and says

Shivanya:Come fast we will get late.

She goes from there and Ritik smiles.

Precap:All the four couples to dance romantically.

Guys this story have ghosts but for 3 or 4 episode they will not come so please have patience.

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  1. Too good siddhi.. How do you find time for writing solo many ff’ss. Amaziiiiinggg

  2. Too good siddhi.. How do you find time for writing so many ff’ss. Amaziiiiinggg

  3. wow siddhi such an wonderfull ff it is , bring ghost ASAP .

  4. Recently my family and I haven been staying at a couple of FS around the world and this got me thinking m: if practically every other hotel company

  5. Nice episode

  6. Woaw……nice part

  7. nice epiiiii hey its a horror story nice im waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii………..

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