Aashiqui – shivika And Anri ff – part 4

Hii freinds i am back please tell me you like my story or not and give me points out of 10……. and i am trying to post all story and my exams are finish just two more and then i am free please wish me for my result okk moving toward story

Part 4
Anika : Shivaay what are you silent please talk to me
Anika try to talk with shivaay but he is not paid any attention toward her he ignore her completely
Anika : shivaay i know you are angry i hide this from you but listen to me once i can explain you shivaay
Pinky :.What will you explain you lie to him you make him fool haa i know you are not shivaay standerd even have a big name but you cant become a good partner for my shivaay and i think shivaay is also agree with me today
Adira : stop it mom donot say anything about Anika if you donot know her so donot make any stupid theory about her and but wjat i accpect from you this because i always wonder how could you accpect bhayia wife because you are obssesed with your heera beta and one more thing i donot want to hear anything againest Anika so just stop your saas bahu drama
Anika : Shivaay talk to me why are you silent shivaay please for once
Shivaay : what will you explain why you hide this from me you make me fool Anika and i am so stupid Anika our relation based on lies how could i believe on you now Anika
Anika : shivaay i m not in state to tell you anything 1 year ago i used to stay in paris there i meet with Adira she is like Gauri to me i meet her she is my everything but one day
Adira : you left me like everyone leave me alone Anika
Anika : No Adira its not true i have to leave you if i donot leave then your life also in danger because of me and i donot want that
Adira : Why Anika am i none to you if anything happen to you then am i not hurt i will hurt Anika because i know you are none to me but you are everything to me
Gauri : Adira dii we donot want to go but we have to we have to hide our identity dii and jiju one year ago
One year ago we used to stay in one house me Anika dii and Adira dii we three support each other in good bad time
Anika : but one day

Flashback ( Anika is narrating flashback )
Anika Adira is fighting
Anika : Addy(Adira) give it to me
Adira : No Ani you know what i love choclate and this is last piece i will not give to you
Anika : this is not fair Addy you know i also love choclate i will eat this
Anika make a pout
Adira : okk okk drama Queen shut up we do one half is you half is mine
Anika : thats perfect you know love you addy
Adira : Love you too ( sisoo love ???)
Gauri come like rudra make acrybaby face
Gauri : you both donot love me you love each other
Adira : Arey what happen duggu(Gauri)
Gauri: dii please donot call me duggu
Anika : Why what problem in this name this is good duggu
Adira : Yess this is awesoem
Gauri : okk okk but i am angry on you both
Adira : why
Anika : what happen crybaby
Gauri : Because you both eat my choclate i put in refrigerator but you both eat without me i am angry on you
Adira : Aww thats problem
Anika : This is really big problem
Gauri : ys thats why i am angry on you both

Saying this gauri turn her face but Half half choclate come from two hand that make perfectly one choclate and gauri turn and see Anika adira both have choclate in both hand
Gauri see this and smile brightly and took choclate break in both choclate in two pices make eat Adira then Anika three sister hug each other the one phone call come on Anika phone
Anika : Hello
Flashback end
Anika : we three very happy that day because that day Adira b’day but one phone call change our life
All look shocked some jealous (pinky+(omkara))

Past revealation

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