Aashiqui – shivika And Anri ff – part 3

So Adira is surbhi jyoti she get many vote
Part 3

Adira : Stop it donot you dare to shoot Anika i will kill you
Shivika and whole faimly move and see Adira standing
Anika is shocked shivaay and oberoi is surpriesed
Shivaay : what are you doing here Adira
Adira : i just come back from paris and you kali thakur leave Anika
Anika : Adira
Adira ignore Anika and donot look at her tear come from both eyes
Anika notice a gun lying Anika take gun and point toward kali
Anika : today it you and me lets see who will doe you give so much pain to us i will not leave youkali thakur you hurt my sister you kill my parents its payback time
Kali : you stupid girl you kill me what a joke kali thakur not afraid of anyone
He try to shoot but bullet is not in gun
Anika smile

Kali : you cant kill me you are good heart you both sister can hurt anyone how you kill a man
Anika : Donot you know who i am I m Anika rajput and a rajput never afraid of anyone when someone try to do something wrong If anyone afraid then he/she is not rajput but what you think i will give easy death no its so easy for you i will give you a death you die thousand time in one day i will give you same pain what you give to me my sister my faimly and today my this faimly(pointing toward oberoi)
Adira : stop Anika you are not a criminal you cant kill him
Anika : No Adira today i will kill him he is responsible for every problem in my life you know because of him i bear so much insult not me today you know what happen this woman(pointing toward pinky) call my mom bar dancer only because of him all point toward me i cant bear this i will take my my sister revange
All is shocked and Adira is shocked knowing her mom reality
Gauri : dii you cant do this i know we bear many thing but if you kill him what diffrence left in between us amd him we also become like this dii what mumma used to say us we have no right to kill anone its all in god hand he is only who give us life and who snatch our life please dii
But Anika being Anika she try to shoot but someone come and point gun toward roof (guess what who is he he is our hero sso )
Shivaay : Anika stop it you are my Anika you cant kill anyone i know he do wrong with you but now handle this case to police leave. Him
Anika listening this break down and hug shivaay
Anika : why shivaay why always me please stay away me from all thease i cant take this man because of him i lost my everything shivaay my faimly i have to stay away from my sister because of him i bear so much because of hime veryone insult my faimly
Shivaay : Stop Anika stop crying you are strong na and my tadibaaz Anika never cry
Anika nod

Adira and Gauri is confuse
Police come Arrest kali Adira make recording of kali confess his crime and give to police and kali look angry toward Anika and Gauri
Adira : Anika bhayia what connection you both have
Gauri : yes dii who is he
Anika go and hug Adira but Adira dobot reciprocate she left Anika and go to gauri and hug gauri
Gauri : Hii Adira dii i miss you both
Adira : I miss you too
Shivaay omkara and oberoi is confuse and pinky look angry
Anika come to Adira and hug her
Anika : i am sorry na Adiravplease forgive me but Adira turn her face
Adira :. Gauri om bhayia shivaay bhayia lets go home
Adira hold gauri hand and take her away
Shivaay held Anika hand and goes awayb
Anika : i know shivaay many Question running in your mind and you want to ask to me
Shivaay : first lets go home

Past Revelation Anika Adira connection Gauri om marrige reveal

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