Aashiqui – shivika And Anri ff – part 2

Hii gyez i am back please comment if you like this hii gyez i m going to introduce a new character tell me whome you want as shivaay sister Adira
Surbhi jyoti
Jeenifer winget
Krystel dsouza
Disha parmar
Tell me whome you want as Adira

Part 2
Anika run away from there and shivaay follow her both go outsude the mansion but suddenly someone enter and see shivika running pinky come to girl
Pinky : Adira you how you here
Adira : cant i come back my home
Pinky : i donot mean it but you exam is going on so why you come
Adira : you care for me i never think so how you know my exams and course end in this house knowone care me except shivaay bhayia why he is running behind that girl
Pinky : that girl is so shameless i donot know when she go out of our life
Adira : mrs. Oberoi why are you cursing her

Pinky : have you any shame you are calling your mom mrs. Oberoi
Adira : wow you remember you have daughter i have to meet my bhai i am going behind him
Adira meet dadi and dadi also with her because she is worried
Pinky : where they all went donot know what drama is going let i also go
Anika see omkara jhanvi and rudra car outside a house she enter inside
Shivaay : This girl what she is doing in this house why she is entering like this i have to cheack her
Suddenly he notice omru and jhanvi car
Shivaay : omru and badi maa what they all are doing here
Adira and dadi pinky see them entering they also enter
In kali thakur mansion
Gauri see kali is going to press the button and crocodile is coming out to eat omkara then she shout

Anika shivaay dadi and Adira pinky see all this jhanvi omru is captivated tej is marriying shweatlana
Anika : Kali thakur what the hell are you doing here
Kali : who are you what the hell you want
Anika : i am your death rememeber 15 year ago what you did with my faimly and today i will take revange from you
Kali rememeber killing a woman and man
Kali thakur : ohh so you are daughter of Rathores
Anika : yes i m the one and the one who see you killing my faimly i will surely take my revange
Shivaay go and free om from kali captivated they all fight with goons and come toward kali and Anika
Pinky : what is this drama what this girl doing i am now she is doing any drama Adira : Anika what she doing here
Gauri move back and see Anika

Gauri : Anika dii what are you doing here and what are you saying
Anika is confused because why chulbul is asking this
Gauri remove her wig and glasses Anika see this gauri run and hug Anika start cry like a baby Anika drop gun and hug Gauri tightly and start cry kali thakur take this opportunity
Gauri : Dii where are you he did very bad with me you know he want to marry me forcefully he misbehave with me dii you know he kidnap our massi and ask me if i donot marry him he will kill mom where were you dii
Anika is crying gauri also
Kali thakur point gun toward Anika and Gauri
Kali : i kill your mom dad 15 year ago and today i will send you both to your mom and dad and laugh like a devil

Shivaay and omkara Adira is shocked to see kali pointing gun toward Anika gauri
Shivaay : kali thakur just drop your gun if something happen to Anika i will kill you
Kali thakur : you cant do anything Mr. Shivaay singh oberoi if yoy try to move i will kill this Anika and her sister
Pinky is happy and wishing that he shoot Anika
Adira : stop there donot try to shoot Anika i will kill you

Police come and arrest kali thakur past revalation
What relation between Anika and Adira

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  2. Superb i want jeenifer ???? next post soon

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    Hi rithik. I think surbhi will do good as adira

  4. Shrinidhi09

    Hi rithik. I think surbhi will do good as adira. This ff is really amazing. It made me speech less

  5. awesome

  6. Surbhi as adira as the bonding amid jyothi and chandna will be nice

  7. It’s really amazing…..Waiting for next part

  8. Awesome…waiting for next. I think surbhi Jyoti will do good

  9. Awesome update and adira as surbhi jyoti because chandana and jyoti bond will be nice as they were besties ….. ……..

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    Awesome and Surbhi Jyoti will be perfet for the role of Adira

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  12. Awesome. Waiting 4 d reaction on every face when they realize d truth.

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