Aashiqui – shivika And Anri ff – part 1

Hii gyez i know you all are waiting for my ff i will post very soon i have a exam on 7 may please wish me luck and coming to this ff
So basicaliy this ff is based on ishqbaaz and dbo current track and this is purly shivika and Anri (Anika+ Gauri) ff because i love gauri and Anika i want to see thier togetherness and some secne of omri so

Part 1
Pinky : you wife is daughter of bar dancer
Shivaay : what the hell mom are you out of your mind what you are speaking is unimagineable amd i knw Anika cant be a daughter of woman like this
Pinky : ohh so you think i am liar
Shivaay : i donot think but i believe it
Pinky : Naintara come tell about your daughter

Naintara : yes i am Her mother she is my daughter
And a tight slap come on her face ( Guess what who is she she is Anika )
Anika : How dare you tumhari himmat kaise huyi you know what like you pepole cant be my mom
Pinky : wow Anika you are so cleaver you slap your own mother to stay in this house what i accpect from you afterall you are her child can do anythink for money
Anika : shut up today i am Quite because i respect you but from today i hate you i donot think again in my life ever i respect you because of you my mom is insulted because of you my existance is insulted because of you my character is insulted not ( saracastically) not only because of you your son The Great shivaay singh oberoi you onoy start only this drama you try to find my past
Pinky : i know Anika you are cheap but i never thought in my dream you are ashamed of your mother

Anika : i am not ashamed because of MY MOTHER (streched) but i am ashamed for you thinking for my husband thinking because one day i love him but today i donot know what i feel for him or not
Pinky : okk but have you any proof she is not your mother
Anika : you have any proof that she is my mother okk so tell me in what condotion you left me orphanage
Pinky sign nainatara to make any story

Naintara start to make story but anika cut him
Anika : i know something about my past so jist donot dare to make any story and if you say anything wrong then i will call police
Naintara frightened
Naintara : see mam i donot know who you are and who not your saas come to me and tell that your husband is searching for your mother and she told me to do all this
Pinky : shivaay she is lienig dont believe her
Dadi come and gave a tight slap on her cheeks

Dadi : i never thought that you faal so cheap pinky i thought that you loud but good from heart but you heart is black you cant love anyone you are so cheap pinky
Shivaay : mom yes in starting i search for Anika parents because of my ideologiyy but after meeting Mr. Bajaj i feel Anika is so good and i will never search for her past but that woman again call me amd said that she know Anika mom adress i felt like i will give back Anika her mom her house her name but not because of my ideologiyy about blood lineage but today you proved is ypu are so cheap i am sorry to say that i am your son but after what you did i felt like if i have no mom then it better

Pinky is shatterd
Anika : Mrs. Oberoi you make fun of my past you make fun of a orphan you make my fun of my mother but you know what you forget when you make fun of other then their is one who see all this and make fun of yours today Aaj tak i see many pepole in my life but you make fun of my existance i never forgive you for this Aunty ji i will never forgive you

Anika : Shivaay and you you also hirt me i know shivaay in this bar dancer you trust your mom but shivaay you try to find my past you try to make fun of my bring an orphan is there is any offense to being an orphan tell me shivaay A orphan camt live a respectfull life shivaay tell me shivaay you hurt me today because of you shivaay today i bear insult of my mom who even donot exist in this world you made fun of a woman shivaay why shivaay why shivaay tell me
Shivaay : Anika i never want tp hurt you Anika i want to search for your faimly because you bear so much in your life i want erase your all bad memories you did so much for me i want that you meet woth your sister chutki Anika i love you Anika please forgive your stupid singh oberoi last time Anika please forgive your shivaay
Anika : Shivay i want some time
Anika run away from there shivaay follow her

Anika reach kali thakhur Haveli where om chulbul jhanvi rudra is capture and whole faimly behind her

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    Ohh wowww..wat a great episode..the mix of dbo and ishqbaaz.. fantastic..BT plz post the other FF too.. eagerly waiting for both the ffs next episode

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