aashiqui (Ragaan ff) pt 9

Let’s begin….

Ragsan were Silent for few mins..
Both were thinking how to start the conversation…

Rag: hmm
San himself: itne nervous mein apne first audition par nahi hua tha
Rag: sanskar ji u don’t need to hesitate
San in flow: how are you?
He mentally slaps himself
Rag smiles:m fine… And how abt you?
San smiles: m fine

Rag: i need to ask u are you ready for this relation?
She asked him with collecting much courage bt she was hell nervous
And now she is thinking why she asked this question

Sanskar he was abt ask the same question bt she is asking him…. San himself: i m ready if you tell me to marry now ?
San:woh…i want to know abt you.. Actually for you is it not any forced marriage or any kind of tension u can share with me

Rag herself: now how vl i say him that i love him.. Oh god… Help me..i want to tell him Mr feelings.. i came keep it in me…
San himself: she is not talking anything.. i guess….
Rag: woh actually sanskar ji….
San: plz don’t add ji.. i feel old
Rag laughs… She was nervous wch can surely identified by her laugh

By sanskar was in his own nervousness.. How would he see her nervousness
Rag: ok.. Sanskar
San: great

Rag herself: watever i hv to tell him now….
San himself: watever the consequence i hv to tell her my feeling now… Watever may be the consequence
I m ready for it

Rag: sanskar..i want to tell you something
San: even i want to tell you something ragini
Rag: ok… Tell me
San: no..u first asked so you tell me
Rag: no it’s ok..u tell first
San: ladies first
Rag: is there any rule…u tell

San: if we keep on telling like this we can’t say… So listen i m gonna tell
Rag nods
He closes his eyes…. Takes a deep breath
San: ragini
Rag: ya sanskar
Sans: woh i want to tell you that i love someone

Rag was shocked…. She felt broken… It was like she lost everything by his one sentence.. She identified her feelings the same day and now….
She stands and turns immediately to hide her tears….
San opens his eyes he sees her standing and her back faced to him
He too stands
San: and being an actor i wont say that i cant live without her bcs it would be cheesy line… Wch i use in my dramas bt this is the reality…i want to say those wat my heart says…. And it says.. That…i can live by without no meaning…u know wat.. This is love of 4 days..ya wont believe not even 4 days hpnd meeting her.. Don’t know wat magic she has done to me that i m acting like a teenage boy…

His each and every word were hurting ragini….

San:now u would ask.. How can you be so sure that this is love…? Bcs not only my heart even my while body wants to be with her…i want her to be called mine and i m her’s

Years were not taking its leave they were flowing continuously… She always explained abt love bt did she knew that love hurts? By she is facing now and now she cant cry hard too

San:i want to know abt her…. Wat she feels for me?i want to ask her

She covers her mouth to prevent sobs

San:i just want to say..i want her in all my life..i want to hold her hand in my every happiness and also want to give shoulder to her every sadness.. Totally i want to be with her in her every emotions…

Rag wipes her tears: Sanskar…u should tell this to her… And m sure no girl can reject you…. And the girl whom u love is very lucky that u love her immensely m sure no other men can love her like this….
Again tears makes its way in her eyes… She wanted to cry hard

San: r u sure….
Rag: yes….

Rag didn’t listen any talks it was silent
Rag thinks he has gone so she turns and was shocked….

Ya sighed to see sanskar on his knee
He was smiling at her
She wipes her tears immediately.. Which sanskar noticed.. He gets confused and felt her pain… Bt he was adamant
He forwards his hand to her


Rag was shocked…..
Rag: bt..u said that you love someone and u should ask her this…?u should not waste your time here..u should propose her ass soon as possible..

He could see her tears which were flowing for him by he didn’t knew the exact reason


Rag was shocked…. She didn’t knew wars hpng.. Is she dreaming? Bt if it is a dream she never wants to wake…
She kneels and hugs him tightly as not to let him go not even in dreams.. She cries hard

Sanskar was shocked too… He didn’t expected this….
Bt her sobs brings him back to the reality… And reality stuck him.. He smiles widely…
He too hugs her

He feels the wet
He pulls her out of the hug
They both stand
Rag: tell me this is not dream
San smiles he cups her face: ragini look into my eyes
Rag looks at his eyes: you scared me
San: i want to listen from you… Do you love me…?
Rag: I love you… She was still crying
He wipes her tears
Rag: for a moment..i thought i lost you… For…
He covers her lips with his finger: shhh..kuch mat kaho… And m really sorry for making you cry…. And you don’t know ragini how happy i am! My happiness has no bounds
He hugs her

Voice: this time you made me cry…
Ragsan both composes and sees Samar Rey and riya
And samar was wiped his invisible tears ??
Sam:i bet.. This time i felt it real

San glaring him: wat do you mean.. This time?
Sam laughs: i was joking… bhaiyya… And finally ragini mam became my ragini babhi
Rag smiles
Sam teasing sanskar: bt mam..still u had better option
San:you…. San chases him…
Sam hides behind rag: babhi bachao…
San: ragini… Move from him..i won’t leave him today…
Rag stood him: u can’t do any thing to my devar until i m with him
San:oh so u changed the party
Sam shows his toungue
Rey and riya:bt dont worry jiju we r with u
San smiles

Later they goes and tell their decision to the family all gets happy….
All blesses them

San: tonight i m going back to Mumbai
Rag feels sad: this soon
San: yeah.. i hv came with 4 days leave.. Bt want to tell you that.. This 4 days will be my most memorable days… In all my life
Rag: m scared sanskar
San: scared for wat?
Rag: i don’t know why? Bt still…..
San cups her face: look ragini… Nthng is gonna hpn.. Don’t you trust me
Rag nods….
San: then don’t worry..m soon finds come directly as bhaarathi
He winks at her
Rag blushes

She hugs him… He hugs her back as this was the most most most memorable moment

Precap: Rumours ruins

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