aashiqui (Ragaan ff) pt 8

Let’s begin….

One hour back..

Dadu:woh log 5 min mein yahan honge

Rag was feeling weird.. She was feeling as this was not right….
Suddenly she gets into fb…

Rag: i hv a big prblm that i easily get confused….
San smiles:being a professor you are saying this?
Rag:ya i explain others bt i don’t know why sometimes i feel confused
San:hmm.. Even i don’t hv perfect soln bt i can say that…if you are confused share with your heart and mind both you vl get 2 different answers..i vl prefer you that dil ki baath suno aur uske baare mein socho….(listen to heart and think abt it)simple…

Rag smiles: from where you got this line
San: from no where..(from aliya?)

Rag:u r so nice..sanskar ji..i thought you would be… She stops there
San: wat u thought abt me
Rag: nthng
San:u r going to tell me or not
Rag: actually……. I thought that you vl be either flirt or egoistic
San angrily:u thought me to be such a cheap i didn’t expect this from you..

Rag scared and sad: m sorry.. i don’t know wat made me to think like that plz
San laughs holding his stomach seeing her expression

Rag was confused+shocked
San:see your face….
Rag: youuuu….
She hits him continuously
San was still laughing
San: revenge completed..u scared me that day… Today i scared you
He again laughs
San:ur expression was worth to see…hahahaha
Now rag too laughs seeing him laugh..

In reality Rag was thinking abt it and laughing
While everyone are seeing her

Dadi: wat hpnd??
Rag still laughing lost:woh sanskar na he is so cute… He makes me laugh everytime.. My heart wants to stay with him everytime
All roll their eyes at her
Rag gets her antics.. She sees everyone who are looking at her weirdly
Rag sees her mother
Rag bites her toungue: a…ais..aisa kuch nahi hai ma….jaise aap soch rahi hai..mein..
Jan; did i ask you
Rag: Woh…ma…kuch nahi…

Later the guy comes… With his family

Rag sees the guy…. She was not feeling right… Guy liked ragini even the families agreed

Everything was going well

Rag herself: why i m getting only sanskar’s thought.. Yes he is a good person by now.. In this post phase..i m not liking this…i disagreed to talk to this guy alone all thought it as im shy bt i m insecured.. i hv met sanskar alone roamed with him bt still i m feeling to be with him why?
Her heart: bcs you love him
Her mind: no bcs he is your best friend
Her heart: ragini you hv many best friends.. Did you feel the same with them like with sanskar
Her mind: its not true
Her heart:u love him ragini that’s the truth
Her mind: he is an actor cum model.. Many girls hv crush on him… You are just attracted towards him..
Her heart: attracted??huh! You watched him in the show be you didn’t liked that time… Now you love him because of his nature and good heart not by his looks
Her mind:no… You are attracted to him
Her heart: no you love him truly

Guy pokes his mother
Guy’s mother:woh janki…hum thoda len dhen ki baath karle tho

All were shocked…as they were talking abt dowry

Rag who was frustrated she didn’t listen wat they talk abt.
She gets sanskar’s lines

“if you are confused share with your heart and mind both you vl get 2 different answers..i vl prefer you that dil ki baath suno aur uske baare mein socho….(listen to heart and think abt it)simple…”

Rag herself: do i really love sanskar? She thinks abt their first meet and all their moments a smile appeared on her lips

She comes out of the lost world and now she sees everyone.. She gets confused

She sees Riya and rey
She signals them wat?
They gets more confused by her na infront of her only they said abt dowry be she is smiling and signing them wat?

Guy’s mother:janki ji aapne kuch kaha nahi…
Janki:ji Woh
She looks at ragini
Rag was hell confused

Guy’s mother: we hv told you before itself… Watever you vl give that is for your daughter only
Rag: wat? Wat to give?
Guy’s mom: you should talk in between elders
Jan: ragini beta they are asking dowry
Rag angrily: wat

Guy’s mom: its not dowry…
Rag stands: get up
She yells at them angrily
They stands
Rag; now leave… Get out
Guy’s mother: this much insult…
Rag: thank yourself that i didn’t hit you.. Before i do that move
They moved from there angrily

Rey:wat was that..i thought sudden reaction from you bt u were like tubelight..u reflected late
Rag angrily: woh..mein sanskar ke baare me soch rahi……………
She stops thinking wat she blurted

Jan smiles: do you love him?
Rag bites her lips
Jan: i can see that.. Bt still i want confirmation from you
Rag looks down..
Rag nods in yes yes like kid
All laughs….
Riya:so finally you fell in love with actor
All: unbelievable
Rag blushes
Rey: bt wat abt him?
All gets confused
Riya:leave that..
Jan:we should think positive
They teases ragini

Fb ends

Hearing rp & suji all were shocked at first later they laughs
Rag was shocked.. She hides behind the door she blushes….

While everyone in sanskar’s family were confused
Seeing them laughing..they too started to laugh
Rp to suji: wat hpnd?
Suji: do i know? If i would hv known i would hv first informed you

Sarika:bhaiyya why they r laughing?
She then stands near rp

San was hell confused he looks at Samar who was in deep thoughts

San:wat are you thinking?
Samar:i m thinking that they r laughing like i was laughing at you wn you r behaving like love sick puppy
San stand his foot
All looks at him
All stops laughing
Sam: nthng…insect has bited
Dadu: does insect only see you
All laughs
San glares Sam
Sam: wat i did? wat i did?

Suji:u didn’t tell us the reply
Jan: ji hame manzoor hai(we accept)

All gets happy
Suji and janki hugs
San gets confused
Samar gets excited
San held his hand: they didn’t ask ragini
Sam: so wat? U wanted this only na…
By the way i m so happy atleast someone will correct you
San to Sam: joke tha

Jan calls ragini
Rag closes her eyes.. She was blushing
How vl she gave sanskar till now she was unaware of her feeling by now ??

She silently goes hiding her blushy face

Suji hugs her….

San was worried..

She takes blessings from rp he cares her hair..
Sarika hugs her

Chintu:now will she be my real maami;
All laughs: ha
San gets embarrassed ??

Suji: i think we should let sanskar and ragini to talk
All agrees

Riya rey sarika and not to forget samar
Takes ragsan with them

They gives them privacy in balcony

Ragsan both were nervous….

To be continued……..

M sorry i hv become irregular wat to do? i was helpless

And thankyou everyone for asking me abt my broken leg ?? it’s fine

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