aashiqui (Ragaan ff) pt 6

Let’s begin…

San:sam..tu abhi ke abhi bahar aa..
Sam collecting his order: kahan aur kyun…i hv class
San:i m outside your colg…come fast
San stands shocked lil loudly:wat??no ways

Everyone in cantern looks at him
Sam understanding the situation: sorry

San: its ok come fast…
Sam shouts:oh hello i didn’t tell sorry to you..sorry my foot…even my boots wont say sorry to you
Again all looks at him

(He was talking over Bluetooth… Sometimes these cell phn makes tragedy?)

Sam:sor…he hits his head

Sam:bhaiyya i m not going to come..i told you na i vl talk to you in evng

San:plz….tere bhai ke liye itna bhi nahi Kar Sakta…
Sam loudly:stop ur drama now…you can fool viewers not me..i m not going to fall on your trap…i vl kill you

Again all looks at him
A guy who was sitting in the table next to him gulps

San:plz bro..my chotu…mere laal…

Sam was getting angry on himself now bcs at first his dramebaaz bro and these ppl who seeing him scared as he is a terrorist

Sam:ok fine…..

He keeps the plate in table..poor guy who sitting there thought he is beating him..he stubled due to fear

Sam:m sorry frnds it was an urgent call he said pointing towards the bluetooth

All took a sign of relief:ohhhh…

He ran picking the sandwich…..

Sam reaches the car and sits…
Sam who was hungry was abt to eat sandwich San grabs it from him and starts to eat
Sam was in shock: my sandwich
San:is anywhere written its yours…
Sam:accha ji…jao…i won’t come
San: sorry sorry..he gives the half sandwich
Sam eats
Sam:now tell..wch ghost entered you that..
San glares him
Sam:chota hoon iska matlab yeh nahi that you glare me..
Actually he was scared ?aa

San starts the car
Sam:bhaai saab..would you mind to tell me wr we going?
San: ragini’s house
Sam:par kyun
San sarcastic: to marry her
Sam shocked: wat? Sacchi mein my bro got mad….he needs a doctor

San hits him lightly
Sam:ahh…now wat i did…?
San:just stay quite
Sam:yess..yes…now u order me too…oh god plzz give some seriousness to my brthr..always in tv world
San:tu phir se..
Sam acting to be verge of crying:aur nahi tho kya..dance song…now dont know wat is going to hpn..did you remember to call me while dancing..no..if you had told me before I would hv studied few steps

San:you r angry BCS i didn’t call you for a dance
Sam nods like a kid

San puts sudden break

Sam falls front
Sam:haww….brthr is attempting to murder brthr…breaking news…bhai ne maara bhai ko…famous celebrity sanskar maheshwari killed his own brthr

San sarcastic:if you didnt stop your bak bak..then surely it vl be a breaking news…


Both looks at each other then looks away… Now both laughs

Sam: wats the plan??
San: no plans for now.. i just want to see her
Sam: wat then why me?
San:as u said..this is not tv world that hero will go and directly propose heroine…so you r going to find wat heroine i mean ragini thinks about me
Sam shocked:wat mee??
Sam keeps his both palm on his head..

Here rag got ready in red salwar..
She was looking like angel….

Here sansam reached…

Sam: wow…haaaa.. Kya khushboo hai khane ki
He runs and sees janki
Sam:aunty..khana milega bohoth bhook lagi hai
Jan smiles:ok beta you sit i vl serve you..

San looks around…. He was calling ragini himself ragini kaha ho…!!?

San goes and sits with samar

San:wat r u doing
Sam:waiting for my kulcha and paneer makhni and biriyani..
San looks at him in disbelief

Jan brings the food..sam rubs his hands….
Takes the food and eats
San:subah subah biriyani?
Sam:for your kind information its 10:30
He gets busy in biriyani ??
Jan:samar didnt you go college

Dadi:janki…come fast they vl reach any min
Jan:i forgot
Sam:any urgent aunty
Jan: actually a boy coming to see ragini
San who was drinking water spits… And coughs badly

Sam who got the point little late
Sam:u mean…. marriage
Jan smiles:ha….
They leaves

That’s it for Sam:oh god i didnt knew you vl accept my prayers this soon.. atleast now my bro vl hv some seriousness….hahaha…. hahaha…. hahaha….????oh god oh god..my stomach is paining

San glares him
Bt sam is sam

Sam:dil jude bina hi toot gaya…. hahaha hahaha ?????

Here groom reaches

Sansam sees him and guesses him to be groom

Sam teasing:wow he is sooo handsome….i hope ragini mam selects him

After half an hour
Sansan were still there
San was sitting..being lost all hopes
They see the boy coming back angrily…
Sansam gets confused

To be continued…

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