aashiqui (Ragaan ff) pt 11

Let’s begin….

Here rag sees the article and was shocked….

And here sam and sarika calls Sanskar

San picks the call
Sam:bhaai wr r u?
San:at the sets…why?anything important
Sam: bhaiyya…did u saw the article…
San confused:which article?
Sam tells him abt the article and swara’s comment
San was shocked abt swara’s statement…he was not at all bothered abt as these types of rumours are as usual to actors….

Sam: bhaiyya i know that these a just a fan made..bt i want to clear this….wat if Ragini mam considers it…think abt it…
San:sam..u know ryte i m not connected in social sites…and abt Ragini…
He himself was confused bcs their relationship is a start…wr trust on eachother has started to grow…its still not grown completely..there are the chances that ragini may believe on rumours…which may turn the relation upside down….
San:i vl talk to her..
Sam:ok bhaiyya..talk to you later..

San gets thinking abt the matter…

After the shot..swara was with tv reporters
Sanskar sees this…he was confused..he doesn’t know the complete truth..as may be swara’s comment are also a rumour…..

He goes there and acts normally..

Reporter:swara…see your special person is here..
This made him confirm..and there was one more doubt may be she would hv referred him as a best friend…then he gets her today’s behaviour….

Reporter:sanskar..tell us abt ur special person
Swara crossed her fingers listend it….
Sanskar:there are lot..first comes family..my mom dad..my sister sibling…my nephew
Reporter:for the first time u told abt family
San smiles: that’s bcs u didn’t asked this question before…
Reporter:hmm.. that’s even true…ok then there’s no other special person
San smiles:my friends…my co stars and whoever came in my life and….
Sw wanted him answer her name
Reporter: that’s cheating
San laughs
San:ok all my teachers…
Reporter:oh…i thought that..forget it..
San:ya there’s one more person…
Sw again got excited
Reporter:ohh..sanskar u r making audience excited…as u know many ppl love you both and they named you swasan too
San:yaa.. Thankyou so much audiences…
Reporter:they even predicted that u both will be a perfect Couple

Sw smiles while sanskar laughs
San:ya its in reel…bt in reality we r only best friends ryte swara
Swara’s smile fades…bt still she controls and smiles weakly….

Reporter:oh ya..u left the person..a most special one
San smiles:my science professor
Reporter:wat?bt u r not a science student
San goes smiling

Bt swara was broken..she thought he too loves her bt he only thinks her as a best friend.. that’s all…


San calls ragini..
Bt she isn’t picking the call….
He tries many times..

San himself:did she see the article and did she believe it…..

He was sad….

He tries one last bt this time..rag picks the call..

He listens her sniffing
He gets worried

San: Ragini
Her voice trembled:sanskar
San: Ragini
San: Ragini
Rag:kuch bologe bhi… She was sounding different
San:tum ro rahi ho..
Rag:bcs of…
San:no… Ragini…. look it was just a misunderstanding
Rag: misunderstanding….!
San:i only got to know by sam…
Rag:u should…
San:i was confused..u know na how much i love you
Rag laughs
San gets confused…

Rag:oh no..wat hpnd to you….?i m talking abt onions…
San: onions!!
Rag:ha.. And why were you reasoning me…

San:u were crying bcs of onion
Rag:arey haaa….

San: actually i was talking abt…
Rag:ya i know u were talking abt the recent reports ryte…that you were dating with that girl.. wat’s her name..ya swara…
San was shocked as she was talking so casual
Rag:and don’t ask anything..bcs i love you and i trust you….
San was shocked and was happy that she trusts him…

Rag:tum bhi na sanskar….and
Here ragini goes to her room
Rag lil jealous:is swara more beautiful??
San grins:i think someone is jealous
Rag:no..i m not..it was a casual question..u reply na
San:arey..first you agree that you r jealous…
San:are you sure….
San:yes she is beautiful pretty gorgeous and(teasing)hot
Rag burns in anger:then go marry her
San teasing:u sure?
Rag:ha jao..u date her u marry her…do anything u want
She was abt to disconnect the call
San:bt she is not like my science professor na…!
Her lips turns into curve
San: my Ragini is the most beautiful girl from outside and inside…
She blushes
San: now tho i can’t wait
Rag: for wat?
San: to make you mine..
Rag blushes more..
Rag couldn’t talk due to blush: i hv work.. Vl call u later
San: being a professor… Telling lie…
Rag; no
San: tell the truth that u can’t talk to me due to blush
She blushes more: sanskaaar
San smiles:see it’s the truth…

Rag:ok bye…and
Rag:i love you…
San:basss…. itna hi
Rag:then wat you want…
San:hmm…a kiss…

Riya enters her room
Riya confused: wat?
Rag: nthng riyu…
Riya shrugs and goes out

San:i m waiting….
Rag: talk to you later
San: no ways… i need a kiss
Rag: bt you are not here
San: that means ready to kiss me face to face… Of you tell i vl come eye now ?
Rag; no no…
San: then
Rag kids on her phn
San feels it: haaye…ab tho mom dad se baat karni padegi
San:shaadi ki date jaldi fix karne ki…
Rag blushes: bye
San: not in a mood to say bye
Rag: now i seriously hv work…
San pouting: ok..bye
Rag: bye tc… i love you
He smiles

To be continued……

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