aashiqui (Ragaan ff) pt 10

Let’s begin…..

San got ready to go Mumbai…
He hugs everyone….
And sees Samar is missing
San; we is Samar?
Sarika: his friend called him for some urgent work so he went
San nods
San: ok…
San goes….
He sits in the car…
Driver: congratulations sir… Finally u r marrying in real
Sam smiles: thankyou

He calls ragini bt she doesn’t pick the call….
He gets a text: busy
San friend: she has time to talk to everyone bt no time to talk to her own fiance her love…
He reach airport….

He was abt to go in
Sam from behind: bhaiyya….
San turns
Sam: are you angry…
San: no.. Tu yahaan
Sam:woh… i had to come airport only do thought to meet you here
San: ok
Sam hugs him

Sam:ok bye
Sam turns to go
San sea ragini there
San: ragini
Sam; wat no she is not here
San: i saw her there
Sam:u r hallucinating
San remembers his antics ya
He again sees Ragini waving her hand from lil far
San: see see she is waving her hand
Sam turns wr i can’t see
San: see there properly
Sam: she is not here
San: ok.. Now bye…
He runs to go
Sam laughs
San: wat?
Sam:mere buddhu ram bhaiyya ka kya hoga…
Sam gets confused
He then again sees the place wr ragini stood by the was none
San: i think u are gone mad…
Sam: ok go…
San turns to go
He sees Ragini standing infront of him
Rag smiles
He turns and looks at San
Sam laughs
San angrily: that means you were playing a prank on me
Sam laughs more
He pushes San
Rag held him
San: Sam… Mere bhi din aayenge
He hugs Rag tightly
San: even you joined him….i thought
Rag: i can never ever be busy for you… Bt don’t call me in class hours
San smiles
Sam: now go your flight would miss
San leaves rag
He was abt to go
Then turns waves his hand to Rag
She to waves
He turns bt again sees rag and waves hand: bye
She too does
Her does this several times
Sam:oh ho ab jao bhi…
San: jealous kahi ka
Rag laughs
Sam: why vl i be jealous.. If your stay here for few more mins then.. The mouth u hv to go
San: not a bad idea
Sam: arey jao bhi…
San: huh ok… Ragini bye
Sam: not again
Sam smiles and goes

Samrag then leaves….

Next day….
Rag MSG’s San:good morning…. And a great day ahead☺
San was in car going to his set
San as her msg: good morng love.. Without you…. Everything is boring?
Rag: why so??
San: i vl tell you wn vl get married
Rag: ?…. Ok m leaving to college talk to you later
San: ok ?
Rag: bye ?
San: ?….
Rag: ?
San: love you??
Rag: love you too❤?

Both smiles
Rag goes to her college
San starts his car to go to his set

San reached the set

Sw sees him and runs to him and hugs him
San was shocked + confused
Everyone looks at them and some fans who came to meet them took the photo

Sw: u are back….m so happy
San smiles weakly not understanding her behaviour

Later they resumes shooting….

After the shoot

A co star of them takes a selfie
San was confused by swara as she hugging him in the selfie
He brushed off his thoughts

Later swara takes selfies with him..

SWARA HERSELF: i can’t wait for him to propose me… i VL myself propose him soon… Ya this would be better

San was taking photos with lil fans
Sw gets lost in him….


Rag goes to home….

Sam opens his fb
And was shocked…..
Sarika; did you see that article
Sam: its not like that di.. Its some fan made
Sari: wat if ragini takes it seriously.. And that swara has commented that he is special to me…m not understanding anything.. She also mentioned distance make understand the relation
Sam gets her point
He knows ragini doesn’t hv interest in this.. Bt this rumor affects her then?
Bt first he hat to talk with sanskar and clear with him something that is bothering him

Here rey too sees the same article bt he was confused….
Swara’s words are confusing him
It’s his sister’s life he can’t hide it too

Rag: wat Rey
Rey: di there is some article… i don’t its true or not.. Bt i felt right to show you…
Rag: wat? And which article you are talking abt?
Rey shows her the article
She was shocked.. Shocked by the article and their photos.. Their hugs
Swara’s comment…..

To be continued……

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