Aashiqui- A passionate love story…! An AVNEIL OS

hey guys ….basically I’m a crazy sidmin urf twinj urf tei lover n stalker butI love avneil urf zainaditi too….

I’m a writer abt twinj in tei…

but taking a break I thought of wr8ng sumthing abt avneil as I like this cute couple…the chemistry of aditi n zain hv touched my hrt

so I thoughtabt penning down my imagination n presenting it to u…

I’ve published this os abt sidmin before too n it’s originally wr8en by me…

hope u like it guys …

so lets start with a huge smile


☆☆☆ ONE SHOT ☆☆☆

the story starts with a girl standing at the edge of the terrace without boundary
she has stretched her hands and feeling the cool wind that is coming from the north
the sun is all teady to set
the wind is feeling jealous seeing this beauty
the girl os revealed to be none other than AVNI
se is wearing a long skirt with a sleeveless top and scarf in her neck
her hairs are opened which are dancing in the rhythm and song of cool air
suddenly a voice shouts
v- avni ! avni…!
please come back from the place
but she is not responding
the man is revealed to be our handsome hunk NEIL
he rushed towards her and hugged her tightly from back
she was still standing in same way
neil- avni u know na
I Love You soooooo much

thunder occurred cusing flashing of light suddenly which caused hasmin to hugg sidhant t8ly in fear
suddenly a rain drop felt upon avni’s cheeks, nose n lips…

avni came closer to her …put up her chin…n kissed her cheeks nose n lips wiping the rain drops…

&  their lips drooled into a crazy ..wild yet passionate lip lock…

after a gud 15 min they parted due to lack of oxygen…

& avni started blushing badly…

neil then smooched her neck n bit her earlobes sending shivers to her spine….

suddenly rain started falling
in order to save avni tried to rush to room
but sid hold her hand and pulled her close

neil- is mausam ki aahat hain hume ye yaad dila ne ki koshish kar rahe hain ki hum ek dusre ke liye hi bane hain
iska hume istakbal karna chahiye
and he started singing tum hi ho from aashiqui 2
hum tere bin ab rehe nahi sakte
tere bina kya wajud mera

he started caressing her face
he touched her forehead nose chicks lips chin by finger

tujhse juda agar ho jayenge
to khud se hi ho jayenge juda

he then gived a smal peck on her forehead
avni blushes very cutely

Q ki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho
meri zindagi
ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

they both are fully drenched in water
now avni sings

tum hi ho
tum hi ho
harz bhi mera marz bhi
chain bhi mera dard bhi
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

then thir lips again came closer for a kiss
as they longed for it

tere liye hi jiya main
khudko jo yun de diya hain

neil carried avni in a bridal style to the room
and put her down in bed
tere bafa ne mujhko samhala

he then slowly unbuttoned her hooks
and put off his shirt

sare gamo ko dil se nikala …tere saath mera hain naseeb juda…tujhe pake adhura naa raha…hmmmm

they soon became naked
they covered themselves with a blanket
he kissed jas passionately

Q ki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho
meri zindagi ab tum hi ho

she was moaning and caressing his hairs
soon their eyes meet and he took her permission through eyes
then he entered into her
avni felt immense pain

mera chan v mera dard v
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…

tears gushed out from her eyes
sid kissed her to console her
then avni also started enjoying
and soon they slept embracing each other

Q ki tum hi ho
ab tum hi ho
meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

like they were 2 angels
nothing can separate them
in the morning

avni wakes up and find sid sleeping with her in tight embrace

she blushes badly thinking what happened previous night
suddenly sid wakes yp and again kisses her

avni- choro neil
dekho hum humare relationship me bohot age bar gaye hain wo bhi bina shadi ke

neil- wo to ye baat hain
isliye meri queen inti tensed hain
koi baat nahi main abhi sab thik kar deta hun

and he took the knife kept in fruit basket and cut his finger
and filled up avni’s hairline with his blood

neil- see now we are married
now none can separate us
avni- yah neil now none can separate us

neil- I love u avni
I can’t live without u jaan

avni- I love u too neil
u r a blessing in my lyf sid..
I too cant live without u

and they hugged eo and both said together
ye hain humara AASHIQUI ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

☆☆ THE END ☆☆

if u r reading n enjoying a bit…guys…dont forget to like & cmnt….as it will inspire me to publish more works..

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  1. Fenil

    lovely OS for AvNeil.??

  2. Lillianalieben

    fantastic…….. plz make an ff if u have any plots in ur mind.

    1. Ayesha51

      I’ll try if I’ll get tym as it’s boards mythis yrr

  3. Sweetgirl7

    Hi dear… All the best for boards.. I understand coz me too a schooler…. Well. This is was like I was wanting from a long time.. But much mistakes.. I ignored… I loved this is Stephanie.. Ur friend from now… I am Samiksha ..call me Samiksha samosa

    1. Ayesha51

      well glad u liked it samiksha … n Abt the mistakes – I know … I did always ?????

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