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Hi guys, it’s again Miya here with a new ff. I’m not new here but yeah, I’m new to the Swaragini ff. I’ve been writing on BD but now it’s the first time I’m writing one relating to Swaragini. I hope you all will like it.

The story starts with an old man (around 90) telling a story to a man around 20.

Young Man: Bade Daddu, why are you staying here, Mom and Dad have always asked you to stay permanently in Kolkata but why are you not ready to listen to them?
Old Man: This is the place where, your mom and dad’s, love story started, where their love changed me completely…

Deendayal Gadodia, the head of Gurukkul (inspired from Mohabbatein), was very strict toward students studying there as he never wanted anyone to point out at any of his students to have a bad behavior. He had an obedient wife Parvati, a son Shekhar and his wife Janki, who was more like a daughter to him and a granddaughter Ragini who was everything to him.
(Here, Gurukkul is a school for boys and girls). His son was a literature professor in Gurukkul and Ragini studied there. Even if Deendayal loved a lot Ragini, he always had a fear that his granddaughter would fall in love with someone (Deendayal have a bad experience of love before marriage in his life as his mother did a love marriage but his father ditched his mother and married again a woman of his family’s choice which made Deendayal to hate the terms love before marriage. He believed that one should love the person who he marries). (A flashback is shown when Ragini was born)

A nurse (to shekar): Sir, it’s a girl.
Sheker (happy): Really! (He goes to his wife) I’m so happy Janki!
Janki: Me too! But don’t know what Pitaji would say…
Deendayal (interrupted): What would I say? (He comes near the cradle and took Ragini in his arms) she is my Poti… I would give her such good ethics that she wouldn’t go against me… I would love her so much that her, every, decision would be taken by me… (All smiled) Did you think any name?
Parvati: Tell a name, after all, she is your granddaughter na…
Shekhar: How about, Ragini, Pitaji?
Deendayal (looked at him for a second): Nice; very nice, Ragini (he smiled at her).

Coming to Ragini, she was lovely to everyone there. She had some attitude that her grandfather was the head of Gurukkul but that didn’t make her to be a spoilt brat girl there and nobody dared to go against her.
A new boy joined Ragini’s class in Gurukkul. So Ragini wanted to play a prank on him but it turned on her. She was shocked as she never thought that he would have the guts to go against her.

Ragini: How dare you! How dare you to mess up with me! Do you know who I am!
Boy: Whoever you are, I don’t care and listen don’t try to do this with me again, I just don’t like if anyone mess up with Sanskar Maheshwari. (Yes he is Sanskar) {Guys, they were all in 11th grade}

From that day she started hating him and the boy too. Their hatred was going to such level that they used to fight every time they met and argued for silly reasons.

Ragini: you idiot! This is my book!
Sanskar: Oh ya! Then where is your name?
Ragini: What nonsense?!
Sanskar: Look, I took it first!
Ragini: And I saw it first, so it’s mine!
A boy: Sanskar, stop arguing with her, she is Dayal sir’s granddaughter. Don’t mess up with her.
Ragini: Look, even he knows. So give me the book and go silently from here. Go! Go!
Sanskar: (looking at the boy) whoever she is, she is just a student here (looking at her). (They both kept arguing)

They whole school had named the pair as Ragsan not because they loved each other but because they hated each other.
A fine day, Shekhar was taking class of English literature. His conversation led him to talk about the love story of Salim-Anarkali. He was telling them how Salim and Anarkali used to fight and argue for silly things in their childhood. How destiny brought them together when they were enough young and how the same destiny separated their love. While he was describing their childhood, Ragsan were seemed disturbed. It was reminding them, their fights and arguments over each other. Later, the class went to the music class and there, Ragsan saw a beautiful violin. As usual, they were fighting for that.

Ragini: Sanskar! Leave it! I want it!
Sanskar: Even, I want it!
Ragini (screamed): Sanskaaar!

Then suddenly, her father’s lesson about Salim and Anarkali struck in her mind!

A voice (of Shekher, it’s a flashback of previous lesson): In their childhood, Salim and Anarkali used to fight for Anarkali’s ghungroo.

Ragini (feeling uncomfortable): It’s ok… you take it. (She took another violon and took her sit)
Sanskar (questionable face): What happened to her? (Then the same lesson struck in his mind) Guys, let’s go.

While the teacher was teaching everyone to play the violon, Sanskar’s full concentration was on Ragini. It was, the first time, for Sanskar to see her like that. He was observing her keenly.

Sanskar (in mind): Oh my god! How beautiful she is! I never saw her like this before but how can I be so stupid to not observe her keenly. Her eyes are just… Oh my god! It’s still attracting me! And her face… no chance, she is driving me crazy! Wait, wait, wait! Why am I thinking about her, I am supposed to hate her! Why am I getting attract towards her! Is this because of today’s lesson or is this really…

This was the same case for Ragini; it was disturbing her, even at night. It neither was letting sleep Ragini nor Sanskar. Both were thinking about each other.

Ragini (in mind): Why am I thinking about that stupid? And what was Papa saying? That Salim and Anarkali’s love started with hatred. Why his description is still reminding me about Sanskar and my moments. Why?

The next day, the two ignore each other, shocking everybody. They didn’t talk or saw each other. Every time their friends took Sanskar or Ragini’s name, the two kept ignoring it.

A month was going like this. Ragini and Sanskar didn’t saw each other as it was the annual leave. Finally, the two realized that, it was love. But they were afraid to express it fearing that the other one would reject. The school started and Ragini and Sanskar were asked to play the role of Heer and Ranjha for a celebration at school. They both agreed unwillingly. On the day of the play, Ragini and Sanskar were very much involved in their characters. It was the last scene of the play where Heer would eat a laddoo and die.

Sanskar: Nooooo!!…. What happened! Why are you not saying anything! (After checking her pulse) How can you leave me like this? You are my everything! How can I live without you? Please wake up! I can’t even imagine further without you! I love you! I love you! (He was crying) I love you, Ragini! (He said it while kissing her and it was just audible to her).

Everyone clapped when Sanskar fell beside Ragini. She, who couldn’t bear this, went out of the stage, running after the end of the play. Sanskar followed her and saw her crying. He came near her and put a hand on her shoulder. Ragini realized that it was Sanskar.

Ragini (crying): Why are you here! Go! Go from here! I want to be alone!
Sanskar (teary eyes): Why are you crying?
Ragini: It’s my wish, why are you bothering about it?!
Sanskar (he pinned her against a wall): It bothers me, damn it! I can’t see your tears. It’s killing me (he cried). I can’t even imagine you in pain!
Ragini: Ahhh! (She mourned in pain)
Sanskar (he released her): I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know that it’s not the correct time to tell you but… I should. I can’t keep my feelings like this. (Ragini looked on with teary eyes). Ragini, the day I saw you, I was mesmerized by you. But, the way you behaved with me, made me to hate you. Not only me, but I know that you also hate me. Still now, I was thinking that I hate you but it’s not the fact. The truth is that… I love you! Haan, I love you so much! I know you would hate me even more hearing this, but if I keep in within me, I would be a coward, so…

Suddenly, Ragini kissed on his cheeks, surprising Sanskar. She was blushing, indicating him that she too loved him and hugged him. Sanskar happily hugged her. (aashiqui 2 bgm plays…) Days were passing and Ragsan’s love was growing stronger. They weren’t able to be without each other. Often, Sanskar at night, used to come to her room, without everyone’s knowledge, to admire her sleeping. But Deendayal came to know about this. He thought to put an end to all this.

Deendayal (at home): Shekhar, this is Ragini’s 12th grade. I thought to send her abroad for higher studies, what do you think about that?
Shekhar: It’s good, Pitaji. After all, she is the one who is gonna take care of Gurukkul.
Deendayal: Good.

This was listened by Ragini. She couldn’t believe that she was going to be separated from Sanskar. Next day at school, Sanskar saw her crying at a corner.

Sanskar (worried): What happened Raagu? Anything serious?
Ragini (crying): Haan, Sanskar. I think this is the last day we are seeing each other.
Sanskar: Why? I know, after this, there is gonna be exams and we all will be busy with that. Buddu, just for that, you are crying.
Ragini (still crying and hugged him): No Sanskar, I’m not crying for that. My Daddu has decided to send me abroad after the exams.
Sanskar (shocked): What?! How can they do that? What about me then?
Ragini: I don’t know Sanskar, I don’t wish to go. I want to be with you.
Sanskar (after thinking a lot): Ok, you go and study. You won’t go abroad.
Ragini: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Don’t worry; I will do something that will stop you from going.

On the one hand all were studying for the exams and on the other hand Sanskar was planning something to stop Ragini from going. After the exams, Sanskar took directly Ragini from the exam hall and went somewhere and here, Deendayal and Shekhar were waiting for her. Both came to know that Ragini was with Sanskar and the two were in a temple.

Ragini: Sanskar, why we came here? (After praying)
Sanskar: I will tell… First close your eyes.
Ragini: Ok!

She closed and opened her eyes. She was shocked to witness Sanskar with sindoor and mangalsutra.

Ragini (shocked): Sanskar! What is this!
Sanskar: I’m sorry Ragini, I didn’t consult about this with you before… But this is the only way that can stop you from going.

Ragini’s family and Sanskar’s family reached the place where Sanskar and Ragini were. It was a temple. But it was too late as Sanskar had already filled Ragini’s maang with sindoor and had put mangalsutra on her neck. Deendayal, seeing this, was burning in anger. He was about to beat Sanskar when Ragini stopped him.

Ragini: Daddu, I love him! (Holding Sanskar’s hand)
Deendayal: What! What did you said! You love him!
Ragini: Haan. We did it with our wish. Don’t separate us, please!
Deendayal: You are saying you love him, but till when he would be with you. One year, two years after that he will throw you like a tissue.
Sanskar (interrupted): I won’t do like this. I love Ragini a lot.
Deendayal: love (he smirked). Do you know the meaning of love?! Look at you! You are still wearing the clothes that your parents have given you! You said you love her so you married her! Ok! How would you survive her! With your parent’s money?!
Sanskar (stammered): I will… take up… a job!
Deendayal: Then? Don’t talk rubbish!

Shekhar (in anger): Ragini, Pitaji is right, come with us!
Ragini: Papa, I don’t want to do the same mistake as you! (Shekhar looked on) Papa, I know that in your younger days, you loved a girl Ragini and you left her for Daddu. You still couldn’t forget her, Papa! That’s why you have named me Ragini! I don’t want to do the same mistake where I would name my child as Sanskar and live my life in regret like you. (Shekhar, hearing this, backed off) We can do anything for our love (She held Sanskar’s hand)!
Deendayal: Can you have the guts to stay separately for 8 years! Without any communications and without seeing each other! No na! Then don’t talk nonsense! Look at him, what has he, to look after you! No education! No job! No money! Nothing! Do you believe him?! What if he ditch you later! …

Sanskar (interrupted): I’m ready! I’m ready for all your challenge. I will come after 8 years with all you asked, to take my Ragini with me, as how she is now!
Deendayal: Then leave! Come after 8 years!
Sanskar: I will leave and see you Mr Deendayal Gadodia! (He said it with determination)

Ragini looked at him with pleading eyes. Her eyes were saying him not to leave her. But he had to do it for their love, to prove how it is pure and unbeatable. 8 Years were passing and there wasn’t a single day where Ragsan didn’t think about each other. While Ragini used to pray for him every day, Sanskar used to look at her photo so that his motivation gets fulfilled. (Milne hai mujhse aayi plays in background…)

8 years had passed and Sanskar became a successful business man. Ragini also completed her studies and was looking forward to meeting Sanskar. Sanskar was returning to meet Ragini, his lady love and soulmate, for whom he had achieved so much. But fate was again playing in their life. While returning, Sanskar was attacked by few people, who turned out to be his schoolmates. They stabbed him so that he won’t reach to meet ragini, which would make him fail in his challenge. But Sanskar somehow managed to meet Ragini, who was waiting in the same temple where he left her. (tum hi ho plays…) Ragini was happy and crying happily seeing him. Sanskar managed to hide his wound so that Ragini doesn’t panic. She ran to him and hugged him tightly.

Ragini (cried): Sanskar…
Sanskar (consoled her): Ragini, please don’t cry, I came nah! Look, I won my challenge. Now nobody can separate us!
Ragini: Haan Sanskar, like you said, I came the way you left me!
Sanskar: Not exactly!
Ragini (looked confused): Meaning?

Sanskar went and returned with a little box, where there were sindhoor. He took it and filled her maang.

Sanskar: Now you are looking like my Ragini. (Ragini hugged him and noticed Deendayal)
Ragini: Daddu. (Sanskar turned and saw Deendayal.)
Sanskar: Look sir, as you challenged me, I came, after 8 years, without any communication with my Ragini (he caught her hand), like what you wanted. Now I have money, education, standing on my own feet and even famous. I’m now able to make live my Ragini like a queen. I won sir, I won… (Sanskar fainted)
Ragini (screamed in shock): Sanskaaar!!!!!

Sanskar fainted due to the wound and everyone rushed him to the hospital. Everyone was tensed and Ragini was crying heavily.

Deendayal: Doctor how is he?
Doctor: He is completely fine. The wound wasn’t that much deep.

All rushed to his room and saw Sanskar gaining conscious. Two days were passing and Ragini was taking much care of Sanskar. Deendayal used to visit him but used to stand outside of the room to check whether Sanskar is fine or not. Sanskar one day noticed this and went to him.

Sanskar: Sir…
Deendayal (interrupted): You won Sanskar, as you said you won… You defeated Deendayal Gadodia…
Sanskar (interrupted): No sir, I didn’t defeat you. It’s again you who won this challenge. (Deendayal looked on) Your love and your over protectiveness for Ragini have made me to become a successful business man now. If you have left us that day; perhaps till I would have been struggling in my life. (Deendayal hugged him and accepted him)

The young man: Then what happened Bade Daddu?
The old man: I made them married again in front of my eyes. (It’s revealed that the old man is Deendayal). They settled in Kolkata and your father established his business there too. He became a well known successful business man Laksh.
(The young boy is none other than Laksh, Ragsan’s son) But they keep on visiting me often.
Laksh: Bade Daddu don’t call me Laksh, call me Lucky!
Come let’s go, the car is waiting outside for us!
Deendayal: Haan chalo! By the way tell me one thing, do you love anyone?
Laksh: Bade Daddu, me, Lucky, the dream boy of every girl. Till now, girls are crazy for, but me, no way!
Deendayal smirked: Let’s see!

Lucky is driving the car and Deendayal is sitting beside him. They are talking when the car hits a girl.

Lucky: Oh shit!
Deendayal: What happened?
Lucky: Looks like someone came in front of the car. (He got out of the car) Are you ok? (The girl got up and Laksh is mesmerized seeing her and sun raha hai na tu piano instrumental plays…)
The girl (in anger): Are you mad?! Can’t you see while driving! Don’t know who is the idiot who gave you license!

The girl is scolding him but Laksh is lost in hers. A smile appeared on his face. Deendayal, who is seeing this, smiles.

The girl: Hoy Hello! I’m shouting like a mad here and you are smiling! Am I looking a fool to you! (Laksh is still looking at the girl) You…
A voice: Shona beta, what are you doing there?
Shona: Coming Dida! (She looks at Laksh) Idiot! (She goes from there and Dendayal comes near him)
Deendayal: What happened Lucky?
Laksh: Beautiful. (He is still looking at her)
Deendayal: do you know that someone just before has told that he won’t fall…
Laksh: Who is that monkey who told you this? (Still looking at Shona) Oh no! She is going! (He goes shouting) Ek minute, Hoy ladki…. sorry, madam, shona… stop…

Deendayal is remembering Ragsan’s moments, their first meet and fight and smiles.

Deendayal (himself): By the way, people are saying right, HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS! (And ragsan moments are shown while tum hi ho plays in the background).


So guys, how was it? I hope you all liked it. πŸ™‚


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