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The Episode starts with Devsena doing the last rites of Arvamudan. She thinks of his words and cries. She says I told you, I don’t want to become queen for this, these things came between us, but thanks, Dravid Rajya needs a justice doer and determined queen right now. Arvamudan’s body is sent in a river log. The log sinks. Everyone looks on. Hahumaa asks Devsena why did she break her promise, see the result, you have hurt yourself. Devsena says even you can’t change fate Hahumaa.

Aryavarth does final rites of many Aryans soldiers. They all discuss about Dravid army being equally powerful. Abrook says we can lose in this war. Varundev says now we have to take every step carefully now. Purohit says if we lose, we will be ashamed to lose out to woman’s sword. Hahumaa gets flashes of Devsena and

Varundev’s fight. She talks to Lord and says I have to stop coming destruction. Hahumaa addresses everyone in Sabha and says we have to change our plan in this battle. Devsena comes in the sabha. She sits on her throne. She asks what does she want to change now, already big change happened. Hahumaa says change is a rule of nature, I m saying about fate, if we got hurt by one day war, I can see future changing. Devsena asks are you not sure we will win.

Hahumaa says how many people will be saved to celebrate victory, I command you all to battle Dhuwand bar, an Arya will fight with our soldier, whoever wins will be accepted as winner. Devsena accepts Hahumaa’s decision. She decides to battle in the war as Dravid’s representative. Hahumaa says you can’t fight, you are Dravidians’ future. Devsena says yes, but present can’t be destructed for future, we will battle Aryas, I have to take revenge of my dad’s death. Hahumaa says a queen’s duty is imp, you are deciding in anger. Devsena asks who is more better than me in this Rajya. Hahumaa says a competition will decide that. Devsena leaves.

Dayalini says there is no one more better than Devsena. Hahumaa says I know Devsena’s death is the end of Dravid Rajya. Devsena recalls her dad and gets sad. Thangam comes. Devsena asks did you get Dayalini’s message. Thangam says no, I got a news for you, I always work for Dravid Rajya. Devsena asks the news. Thangam says I heard the Arya’s name who has insulted Arvamudan in the war. Devsena asks the name. Thangam says Varundev, I have seen him on war night, if I knew he has done this, I would have not left him alive. Devsena asks her to go. Thangam goes.

Devsena says Varundev …… Varundev says someone called me out…..He asks did anyone call me. Sivaan says no one called you. Varundev says no, I heard my name. Abrook says maybe your dad is missing you. Varundev says I would have recognized his voice, this call had hatred. Abrook says we do mistake in differentiating between love and hate, both calls are from heart. He asks him to come fast, Purohit called them.

Thangam goes to scare an Arya and laughs. A horse gets out of control. Thangam says we tied this horse, it was tough to control him. The soldier asks what will we do of him. Thangam asks him to see. Thangam tells the men that who ever will win the competition will compete with Arya. Dayalini says this horse runs like wind, think if it as an Arya. Thangam says if the Arya prisoner controls the horse, the Dravid men have to stop it. Devsena says this battle is of power and strength, Arya is like wind, its strength is in its speed, Dravid is like tree, strength of earth, its our duty to stop this wind now. Dravid men try to control the horse. The horse makes all of them fall down.

Arya gets on the horse and says we Aryans will never come in your hands. He spits on them and rides the horse. Devsena stares at him. Arya goes ahead. Devsena jumps in front of the horse. The horse stops seeing her and makes the Arya fall down.

Devsena throws the rope in the Arya’s neck and rides the horse. She gets him back to everyone. Everyone chants her name. Devsena asks Hahumaa did she really feel anyone else can face those Aryans, I will give them an answer, I m Chamundi’s daughter, I m their destruction.

Purohit says this is a topic to discuss. Varundev says we have lost many soldiers. Purohit asks who will manage the soldiers, medicines got over in managing the wounded soldiers. Dravidians messengers come. Purohit says I don’t think this war can go on for many days. He asks the man to get the messengers. Abrook says what’s this Rajya, even messengers are women.

Purohit welcomes them. The messengers tell them about Devsena’s proposal to go ahead with Dhuwand war (one to one), instead army battle, keeping in mind the wounded soldiers, you can choose the bravest Arya from your side, the warrior who wins, his side will be regarded victorious, do you accept this. Abrook says I think Dravids accepted their defeat. Purohit says we want some time to think about it, we will give you an answer, till then we will do arrangements of your stay.

Abrook says we should accept this challenge. Arya says Dravids make humans a devil by tantra vidya, they can do anything. Purohit says thinking enemy is weak can be dangerous for us, Varundev what are you thinking. Varundev says sorry, I was thinking, both armies have lost the soldiers, it means they don’t want to lose more soldiers, Dhuwand war will have two warriors, any one will win, we will see whom will they send for the war. Purohit asks do we accept this Dhuwand war proposal. They all say we accept.

Devsena says so they accepted proposal, who will be fighting against me, I have to give death to Varundev. Purohit says Arya will be chosen by Indradev, there is a fish in this lake, it will change color when I chant mantra, it will turn golden, the Arya who succeeds in catching it will be chosen by Indra, you have to do this work by getting blindfold, its not a game, its a big task to decide the future of Aryavarth, do this with sincerity and honesty.

Varundev, Abrook and other Aryas get blindfold and enter the lake. Purohit chants the mantra. Fish starts changing color. Abrook cheats to catch the fish. The fish passes by everyone. Everyone try to catch it. Fish turns golden. Abrook and Varundev catch the fish. Abrook shows the fish to Purohit. Purohit says Indra’s wish is known, Abrook will be representing Aryavarth in Dhuwand war tomorrow. Varundev looks on.

Varundev practices his skills. He asks Abrook why did he do this. Abrook says your dad gave his life to save me, I have seen Dravids, even if I die in this Dhuwand, I will win and die, trust me. Varundev nods. Purohit comes to them.

Devsena dons a ghunghat comes with soldiers and a giant human. Aryans look at the huge man and say Dravids make humans a devil, so they have chosen him as their representative. Abrook says they will need such a creature to fight with us. Devsena says there is an alternative too, if you say. Purohit asks who are you. Devsena says I m an ordinary Dravid Rajya, I have got a message from Lord, she gave me a chance to come here. Arya asks did you come here to dance and entertain us before Dhuwand. She smiles and says I m ready to dance and entertain you, I will do an unique Dhuwand dance, Lord has chosen me for this Dhuwand war.

Purohit asks what’s this joke. Devsena says don’t get angry, respect my Lord’s command, your representative will be handsome and powerful Arya, he has to face this Dravid representative, if you let me choose the Arya, the one I choose has to face me. Purohit says I think you have chosen someone. The Arya says then we should fulfill this helpless woman’s wish. Abrook says no, we have decided, I will fight with this devil, Dhuwand is not a kid’s play. Purohit says if they want to make it a game, what’s the problem, don’t you want Aryavarth to be established soon. He asks Devsena whom does she want to choose. Devsena says Varundev. They all look on.

Purohit asks did your Lord told you our Arya’s name. Devsena says yes, tapasya has much power, you are Purohit, you will know it. Varundev tells Abrook that its tough to change fate, I have to fight Dhuwand, that too with a woman. Purohit says we accept your proposal, Dhuwand war will be between you and Varundev. Abrook asks Varundev to see power of Varundev. He shows the idol. Devsena says even you could not identify me, sorry I have hidden two truths. She lifts her ghunghat/veil and drops down. They all see her.

Devsena says this man is not any representative. She shows two men in disguise of one, to trick them. She says we feel men are weak in front of women, you can see the power of Dravidian courage. She takes her sword and goes to the idol. She cuts the idol’s head by a strike. Varundev looks at her and smiles. Aarambh……plays……. Devsena asks are you ready for Dhuwand. Varundev shakes hands with her. They both sense something by their touch and look at each other. She goes. Aryans look on.

Devsena practices her skills. Purohit asks Varundev to win the battle and kill Devsena. Varundev and Devsena battle. Varundev strikes. Devsena falls in his arms.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bakwaass drama copy of bb make it some better way

  2. Nice episode waiting to watch varunsena war

  3. Waiting eagerly for the next episode….by the way , i’m loving the show♡♡♡!!!

  4. Very good episode and an interesting historical fiction much different from the regular romantic dramas.Once in a while the viewers require this change ,we are really fed up of those never ending Saas Bahu storylines.i love this spirited young Queen,Devasena who is way different from those delicate decorated dolls type female leads that we see normally and the dusky beauty who is portraying this character perfectly suits this role.The makers have done well by selecting these two ancient civilisations,their conflicts and strange customs as the backdrop to this interesting drama,and it is better we enjoy this fiction without going into various details like dates,authenticity of the story,names of the characters etc because the makers have never claimed that the events were real.Otherwise also,much of the History is fiction only,it is impossible to get recorded evidence for everything.Waiting for that interesting encounter between Devasena and Verundev.

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