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The Episode starts with Devsena coming to Arvamudan. She says I was doing puja and a hurdle came in between, Hahumaa told me about you. The man tells her what happened in the battle. Arvamudan sends the men. Devsena says I know you will fail Aryans and send them away. She does the aid. He says Aryans are also powerful. She says not more than you. He says my servants will do this, go and rest. She says my worry tuned into happiness seeing you fine. He says I got a new life seeing you.

Dravidians soldiers see Aryans taking care of wounded soldiers. Thangam kills the soldiers for praising Aryans. She sees Varundev and speaks ill about his dad. Varundev says one who does not know respecting themselves, what will they respect me. He defends his dad. The soldiers have a drink. Arvamudan’s man prays for

him. He gets fever by tension. Other men ask him what happened. The man says we have to save Arvamudan, we got saved by Arya’s pity, none should know, Arvamudan failed in the battle and got hurt, Arya don’t battle after sunset, so he left us, forgive me, will anything happen to Arvamudan, kill me, leave him. Someone hears this.

Arya asks Varundev why did he leave Arvamudan. Varundev says it was sunset, it was against rules to hit him. Abrook defends Varundev for protecting their ethics. He says even our enemies have obeyed our rule, should we leave our rules for our greed, we have to safeguard our ancestors’ traditions. Arya looks at Varundev.

Thangam goes to Dayalini with the informer. A man comes to Arvamudan with Dayalini’s message. Arvamudan asks Dayalini why did she call him at this time. His loyal man gets caught up. Arvamudan asks who has done ill treatment with him and why. Thangam says he did crime to ashame our clan. The man apologizes to Arvamudan for saying the truth. Arvamudan asks what truth, what mistake did you do. Dayalini says the crime which you did. Arvamudan asks what did I do. Dayalini says you lost in the battle. He says battle is still left. Dayalini says you have lost mentally, the punishment is just death. He says impossible. She says you fainted while battling with Aryas, an Arya has given you life, he has done pity and fed you water. The man says I told them to kill me for this. Arvamudan says you would have given me death. Dayalini says this crime has one punishment, death, this Rajya sabha announces death punishment to Arvamudan and his man. They will be beheaded. Hahumaa says you are culprit according to Dravid dharm, you have to accept the punishment. Arvamudan accepts the punishment. Dayalini asks is there no difference between punishment for king and soldier. Hahumaa says no. She asks why. Arvamudan says I know why, a king can just get death by his queen, if unmarried, then by princess, I have to die by Devsena’s hand if I want to die as king, but I will not let this guilt come on Devsena, she has sworn to not touch weapons, its my firstmost duty to make her safeguard her from danger.

Varundev asks did I do mistake to feed an injured man. Abrook asks would you do this for anyone. Varundev says yes, I learnt this from dad. Abrook says I m proud to spend time with your dad, I m glad that I m spending time with you now. Thangam asks the man to become cloth-less to get his punishment. He is taken. Dayalini says take him to the village in this state so that everyone knows the insult. Arvamudan looks on. Daasi informs Devsena about Dayalini giving death punishment to Arvamudan. Devsena gets shocked and runs to see.

She asks for her dad. The guard says he is taken out of the palace. Devsena looks outside and sees Arvamudan’s servant getting punished. His servant gets beheaded. Arvamudan is taken for the punishment. Thangam pulls off Arvamudan’s clothes. Devsena jumps and covers him with her dupatta/scarf. She hugs him and cries. Dayalini shouts Devsena. Devsena asks Hahumaa what’s happening. She opposes the punishment. Devsena defends Arvamudan. She says he is not only my dad, but a brave warrior. Dayalini asks do you know what happened. Devsena says yes, but I trust him. Dayalini says this is happening by Hahumaa’s command. Arvamudan says let it happen, I don’t want anyone to blame you, that you could not do justice in father’s love. Devsena asks is this justice Hahumaa.

Dayalini says Arvamudan has accepted the punishment, you don’t mix a daughter and future queen’s duties. Devsena says fine, if you expect me to be sorrowful for a father, I expect you to give him a king’s death. Hahumaa asks do you know how he will get a king’s death. Dayalini says by a queen or princess’ hands, it means you have to kill him. Hahumaa asks can you do this, can you live without this guilt. Devsena says I should die before seeing his insult. She gets emotional and says my life is a shame if I get him punished this way, I will not let him die by a Jallad’s hands, its better I leave my breath, his insult will be a burden on my soul, I will be free of all guilt, giving him a respectful death, if I can keep his respect safe, it will be my duty.

Arvamudan comes in the sabha, dressed as the king. Devsena walks in. She sees the sword, and says any of my promise can’t be important than my duty towards my father. He lifts the sword. She recalls his childhood moments. FB shows little Devsena crying when Arvamudan plays game and acts dead. He laughs and asks what happened. She says we will never play this game, you can’t die, I can’t live without you. He hugs her. Fb ends.

Devsena cries. Arvamudan asks who can be more lucky than me, I will get mukti, I will be getting death by Chamundi’s daughter Devsena, its a proud moment for me, Chamundi got blessed by giving birth to this daughter, today I will be blessed by giving birth to a queen, that throne is waiting for you, go and take Chamundi’s place, and free me. Devsena stabs him. Everyone look on. Arvamudan falls in her lap. She hugs him and cries. Devsena walks to the throne and sits. She says it was not my dad’s mistake, but that Arya’s pity, I swear on Chamundi and Dravidian pride, I will kill that Arya.

Devsena asks Arya’s name. Thangam says Varundev. Hahumaa tells about a battle. Devsena goes to challenge Varundev for battle.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I just love this show, it sans any kind of silly special effect and unnecessary sob story.

  2. The last two weeks were all about Varundev ……. Now finally Devsena has arrived. First time in the show today I could feel the queen in the making.

  3. what bullshit

  4. Amish you are very right. Bullshit it is. For one thing no Dravidian if there was such a thing as Dravidian calls himself or calls themselves Dravidian.They do not speak Sanskrit. If they name anyone Aravamudan then they do not name anyone Devsena or Hahuma. Hahuma has no meaning.Sanskrit or Dravidian.

    While it is true Aryans called themselves Aryans the noble ones it was the Aryans who called some people Dravidians. May be it means a region Dravid Desh. Defitinitely Dravidians do not call themselves Dravidians and Dravida Dharm etc.

    And would the makers clarify when this happened? Before or after Ramanyana or even Mahabharata?

    It is just that a lot of gibberish has been dished out after the humongous success of Bahubali They think people can lap up anything with gibberish like Karikalam kattappa naadar , duggubati etc. They are making fools out of us.

    1. Mona146

      this is complete bullshit interms of logic. If you go by logic no woman rules the kingdom as a queen. frankly they were not given that much importance and also no freedom to go and challenge. there were wars between kings of different states for the expansion of their territory but there was never any kind of enmity wrt aryans or dravidians. I think ur ryt in one aspect. Dravidians dont call themselves as dravidians. this is just a fiction which is going to be a flop.

      1. sorry man that’s where you are wrong you say no woman rules the kingdom as a queen, then did Razia Sultan and Rani Laxmibai drop from the trees. Another thing you say there was no enmity between Aryans and dravidian’s then go to google and write Aryans and you will see in the first link that states: The word Aryan was used by the Indic people of the Vedic period in India as an ethnic label for themselves, and to refer to the noble class as well as the geographic region known as Āryāvarta, where Indo-Aryan culture was based. and as for dravidians you can also search that in google and you go to the indus valley civilization you will find it states: The Indus Valley civilisation (2,600-1,900 BCE) located both in Pakistan and India is often identified as having been Dravidian and Paleoclimatologists believe the fall of the Indus Valley Civilization and eastward migration during the late Harappan period was due to climate change in the region, with 200-year old drought being the major factor.[56][57][58] The Indus Valley Civilization seemed to slowly lose their urban cohesion, and their cities were gradually abandoned during the late Harappan period followed by eastward migrations before the Indo-Aryan migration into the Indian Subcontinent.


  5. It’s just a show just for our entertainment don’t see logic in this

  6. the show is a fiction guys

  7. I like this show,next epi wiil b good to see devsena facing varun dev

  8. I dont think there is any need to take the storyline seriously. Its for entertainment, just like any other show….only they have tried to give the audience something different than daily soap…something never seen before on indian television. And i think we should appreciate their effort rather than find fault with the storyline. Clearly this show is a result of a lot of hard work… (not like any ekta kapoor show with PATHETIC VFX and LOGIC )
    And coming to the episode i just loved it. Karthika is doing really well as devsena…i just hope they keep on making the story interesting and better….

  9. First of all its a fictional show and then it is not like the normal SaaS bahu dramas which show only romance in t he name of entertainment . I am surprised that many people are ready to watch nagin 1 and 2 which has no logic at all. This is a fictional show which does not show any history . I just love the character of hahuma and the villains too have a motive . I just cried when devsena killed her father and the fb scenes were too emotional

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