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The Episode starts with Daasi asking Devsena did the flowers not come for her today. Jaldev adds some liquid in the flowers and thinks this flowers essence will stop your breath. Devsena thinks one of my enemy will be in front of me today. Jaldev asks Daasi to smell the flowers, he chose all flowers for Devsena. Daasi smells flowers and falls down. Some time before, Swami gets scolded by his wife. She doubts on him. He praises her beauty. He says I have to go to palace now. Jaldev sees map and thinks to go palace at any cost. Swami’s wife asks him to go and prepare Swami’s food. He puts her hair on Swami’s clothes. She gets shocked and asks him was Swami with him when he plucked flowers from garden. Jaldev says no, I went alone. She sends him. Swami comes and sings song for her. He says I m going

to palace. She says you won’t go, Shivgam will take flowers, you massage my legs. FB ends.

Jaldev goes to Devsena’s room. Devsena’s back string opens. She asks did you come Meghla, just tie the knot. She turns and gets shocked seeing him. She covers her modesty and asks who are you. He says my duty is my identity. He throws the knife on a rope, and makes the curtain fall to her. The curtain falls over them. They have an eyelock. He gets out of the curtain and takes a knife. He cuts the curtain into a dress and ties the shoulder strap. She gets amazed and looks at him. It starts thundering.

Hahumaa says what’s happening, what sign is nature giving me, I m worried for Devsena. Jaldev gets a flower and gives to Devsena. He thinks once she smells this flower, she will faint, then it will be easy to kill her. Devsena smells the flower and faints. Jaldev gets a knife and looks at her. His imagination ends. Devsena asks who are you, how did you come here. He gives her a flower. She takes the flower and throws it. She points sword at him and says answer me first, none is allowed to come in princess’ room. Meghla comes and asks who is he. She calls guards. Guards catch Jaldev. Devsena says Sambhavija will decide about him. Jaldev smiles seeing her. He recalls Indramitra’s words.

Indramitra says I got info that Jaldev reached close to his aim, he will fulfill his task soon. A bird comes. Indramitra says this unique bird is our messenger. Arya ties message to the bird’s feet. Bird flies off. Jaldev’s dad looks on. Everyone gathers in Rajsabha. Jaldev recalls Indramitra’s words. Devsena says this stranger came in my room, you have to punish him. Sambhavija says his punishment can be death. She throws a knife and asks her to go and kill him. Devsena proceeds to kill Jaldev. Jaldev thinks to kill her by her knife.

Jaldev stops her and pushes her away. Guards attack him. Jaldev fights with them. Devsena and everyone get shocked. Jaldev kills many guards. Meghla smiles seeing him. Jaldev asks Devsena to be careful. He throws the weapon at the guard behind her. Sambhavija says this man is Siyala’s guard, how did he come here, you are a stranger but did a good thing today. Devsena asks who are you. Jaldev says I m from your Rajya, I m Swami’s Daas.

Swambhavija says you are brave and a liar too, Daas don’t fight like you. Jaldev says I m a Daas and got flowers for Devsena. Devsena asks how did you learn warrior skills. Jaldev says I stayed in jungle and learnt the skills, and then I have learnt from you, seeing you from far while you practised sword fighting. Sambhavija goes to him with a knife and kills the guard beside him. She goes and says I kept them for our protection, they failed, you saved us today, what’s your name. Jaldev says Shivgam, my mum calls me Shiva by love.

Meghla says Shiva…. and smiles. Swami comes and says its not my mistake. Sambhavija asks is he your Daas. Swami says yes, did he do anything, I will beat him. Sambhavija pays double money and frees Jaldev from Swami’s service. She says I m happy with you Shivgam and make you chief security guard of our palace. Jaldev smiles. Jaldev thinks Indramitra is right, I got a chance to stay in this palace now. Devsena thinks he is not the one he is saying, why do I feel he came here by some other motive. Jaldev thinks it was necessary to win your trust before killing you. Devsena thinks is he the one about whom Hahumaa told me.

Sambhavija says Devsena’s engagement will happen today evening, increase the security. Daasi informs Rani Shayala that all guards sent to Sambhavija got killed. Shayala says I m glad hearing this. Devsena recalls Jaldev.

Meghla comes and says I did not see anyone impress me like this before, Shivgam is so amazing, he is so handsome, he is brave. Jaldev says I have won her trust. Meghla says its your engagement today, I have t go and get ready now. She goes. Jaldev gets the message by the bird. He gives his message and sends the bird. Devsena says Meghla is innocent, if she is getting attracted to Shivgam, I have to keep an eye on him. Jaldev sees Devsena bathing. Devsena senses and looks around. He goes. He says I have to control my heart and have sight on my aim.

Shayala says see I have to do all this for you. She sees Silamban’s pic. She says I have sacrificed many guards so that I can get my aim, to get you. She cries. FB shows Shayala telling Mahisha to fulfill her task, kill Sambhavija and her family, you have to use your body, mind and powers. She asks him to kidnap Silamban and get him, he was mine, Sambhavija cheated me and snatched him, we both loved each other and were going to marry, I have waited for him for 20 years, you will get him. He agrees. She asks him not to get influenced by Sambhavija. Mahisha asks her not to worry. FB ends. Shayala says Mahisha will get Silamban soon, we will be uniting Silamban. Mahisha recalls Guru asking him to help Siyala queen and hide his Agni powers. He thinks to kidnap Silamban in engagement ceremony. Daasi comes and sees Mahisha burning. She asks what’s happening. Mahisha burns her. Sambhavija comes and says I heard a scream, is anyone here with you. He says no, I m alone. He says we have to do another duty according to ritual today, my Daasis will give you a bath by chandan, Kesar and kumkum. She sends him with Daasis. She says I can keep you with me by getting you married to Devsena. She laughs.

Swami asks Jaldev will he forget him. Jaldev says no Swami. Swami says you are free now, remember I did not ill treat you, make me meet princess once. Jaldev asks did you never meet princess, you lied to me, fine I promise you I will make you meet princess. Swami gives him gold coins. Jaldev asks are you bribing me. Swami says no, I m giving you as my brother. Swami’s wife comes and scolds Swami. Jaldev lies to her. She gets angry. Jaldev goes. Swami says I gave him money to meet her. She beats him.

Devsena looks for Shivgam. Jaldev comes and thinks why is she finding me. He comes in front of her and asks why are you finding me. She says no, why will I find you. He says I heard you asking Daasis about me. She says so you were following me. He says queen commanded me to keep an eye on you, I have to save you from people’s eyes. He goes. She says he disappeared in a moment. He sees royal family pic burnt. He gets worried and leaves. Devsena goes to Mahisha’s room and sees the burnt pic and curtains burning. She recalls Hahumaaa’s words. She says did Shivgam do this, did he come to hurt my family, it means his identity is fire, he will use fire against me. She gets angry.

Meghla sees Jaldev and smiles. She collides with him and says you look in hurry. He says I was finding Devsena to protect her. She says I m also princess, I need more protection, Devsena is a warrior, I m an innocent princess, soft hearted and delicate, I did not kill a fly till now, if anyone attacks me then. He says oh, I understand, but Devsena needs me now. She acts to fall and holds him. She says I can’t walk, help me. He calls Daasis and asks them to drop Meghla to room, call any Vaid. He goes. Meghla says I m fine, go and do your work. She thinks he won’t melt soon, this game will have fun.

Sambhavija asks the mirror who is beautiful, Devsena or her. She asks real Sambhavija to come and see Devsena once. Silamban comes and asks are you ready. Sambhavija covers the mirror. He asks why did you cover mirror suddenly. She says I have covered abshagun, mirror broke. He says I will get it thrown. She says why to waste time, come I will get it changed.

Devsena thinks of finding Shivgam’s truth. Mahisha feels sorry to cheat Devsena, but he has to kidnap Silamban. Jaldev recalls Indramitra giving him something to place under everyone’s throne to lessen Dravid’s powers. He imagines placing the thing under Sambhavija’s throne. Silamban says Devsena will become queen after marriage. Devsena comes. Jaldev looks at her.

Jaldev goes to fix the metal plate to the throne. Mahisha holds the ring and goes to Devsena. The ring falls down and goes away. Everyone sees Jaldev walking to the throne.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, the highlight of this episisode is the lovely chemistry between the leads,Jaldev’s very purpose of coming to Dravidian kinglom is to kill Devasena but inspite of himself.,he couldn’t help but getting attracted to the lovely princess,simply because their relationship is beyond these worldly constraints. They are soul mates and their love is eternal. Rajneish and Karthika are portraying these emotions beautifully.

  2. What is this a mother hitting on her son in law?? It’s disgusting !! Also who is real sambhavija ? Any guesses what could be the story??

    This sambhavija seems very barbaric.

  3. Sorry for any ty.po errors

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