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The Episode starts with Abrook saying we have to take revenge for Varundev’s dad/Veer Aluka’s death. All Aryans agree. Guru says then why a delay of one second, you should agree to this and take it as sign from Agnidev, prepare for the war soon. Thangam catches an Arya and shows to Arvamudan and Dayalini, tell about Aryans spying on them at night. Arya says you could not keep us captive, others have run away. Thangam beats him. Arvamudan says enough, not anymore. Thangam says sorry, the Arya has broken the Maheshanam idol and killed our men. Minister punishes him death. Arvamudan says we should keep him alive and get info. Dayalini says what shall we do of this news, Aryans have entered Sapt Sindhu, their army troupes can enter our Dravid Rajya.

Arvamudan says its clear they came to attack on us,

request to declare the war in all Rajyas. Guru asks Aryans to make a war plan. Varundev tells about the jungle between Sapt Sindhu and mountains. Abrook says I understood, Varundev wants to say the enemies can attack on us. Varundev says like we are angry, they are also angry and would be preparing to attack, we want their land, they will do anything to protect their land. Sivaan says we have to see if enemies are hiding in the jungle. Guru says the war shall begin. They all chant Aryavarth …..

Arvamudan swears on Chamundi, that he will not let Dravidians respect suffer, but remember Aryans are not weak, they have left everything to come here, they have nothing to lose, we have jungle and rivers to our advantage, we will win. Devsena dreams Arvamudan getting stabbed and wakes up. She comes to meet Hahumaa and asks why are they worried. Dayalini says Aryans have come for the war. Devsena says we have to make them lose. Hahumaa asks why did you come here. Devsena says I got a dream, I want to take part in this war. Hahumaa says you took the promise for not touching weapon. Devsena says but I m a princess, I was always with Appa in every fight, I m his lucky charm, he never lost any war. Hahumaa says you mean he didn’t win by his bravery. Devsena says no, I can’t think so. Arvamudan asks Devsena to complete this promise well. Hahumaa asks her to go to temple and pray for his safe return.

Abrook says we can’t expect any ethical thing from Dravidians, we have to become like them and war. Varundev says it means we become Dravidians. Abrook says its not the time to joke, they have other ways to attack. Varundev says I know. Abrook says if we follow customs, we will lose. Varundev says but our Dharm does not permit this, we are a sign of pure civilization, we can’t drop our customs. He goes.

Arvamudan comes to Devsena and explains her that some times enemy does not wear enemy clothes or weapons to show he is enemy. She says but you are not enemy. He asks her not to have apple, its not written on enemy’s face that he is enemy. He cuts the apple and shows the decay. He says this can be poison too, you should be careful, you can fight with enemy you can see, its its tough to fight with someone who don’t see, this throne is surrounded by hatred and enemies, you have to get saved by identifying people. She says you are here to help me. He says yes, you can just trust Hahumaa, just she can protect you and wish best for you, no one else.

Dravids and Aryas prepare for the war. Arvamudan tells the warriors about their land respecting women. Varundev says we will go ahead with the aim to win. Arvamudan gives credit to all the women in his life and says I m glad to get a daughter, this war is a good chance to make the women proud. Varundev says we got this dream from ancestors, will we give a dream to coming generations, just pray we really give them Aryavarth.

Dayalini also encourages the warriors. She explains the rules of war. Devsena looks on. Aryans reach for the battle. Guru says we reached till here to get this land, we are going to fight this war, just remember the land is of Aryavarth. They all get ready. They try to get their enemies out of the woods. They aim arrows at the jungle to check if Dravidians soldiers are hiding in the woods.

The arrows are released. Dravidians soldiers bow down and leave the birds in the air to fool the Aryans. Aryans get relieved that the route is safe. Guru blesses them. Aryans go ahead. Dravidians attack on them.

Devsena comes to meet Hahumaa and says I can do anything for my dad. The lady tells her about the puja. Arvamudan and Dayalini lead their army. Arvamudan asks them to go ahead. The battle begins. Varundev fights bravely. Dayalini and Thangam look on and wish Arvamudan dies. Guru prays for Aryans’ protection. Varundev aims and shoots at Arvamudan. Arvamudan gets saved and tries to escape. Varundev follow him to the jungle. They both have a one to one fight. Devsena lights diya and prays for Arvamudan. Varundev and Arvamudan sword fight. Arvamudan falls down. Varundev goes close to him. Devsena prays. Varundev is about to stab Arvamudan. Sun sets. Shank plays to stop the war. Arya asks Varundev to kill their enemy. Arvamudan asks for water. Arya asks Varundev to kill him, how can you have pity, kill their king, we will win, this war will end. Varundev says we will not leave our morales. Dravid shouts to Varundev and asks him to kill the enemy than giving him water. Varundev feeds the water to Arvamudan. Dravid runs to Varundev asking him to stop feeding the enemy.

Dravid recalls Dayalini’s words and says what did you do, you did pity on us and gave us death. Devsena sees the fire catching and blows it off. The sindoor falls over Arvamudan’s pic. Varundev takes his sword and goes. Devsena says what’s the meaning of this.

Dayalini punishes death to Arvamudan. Devsena goes to save Arvamudan. Devsena swears to kill that Arya/Varundev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, I loved the way Arvamudan,Devasena’a brave father fought with the young Varun,.What strange customs these ancient races practice! A Dravidian who gets even a sip of water from an Aryan in the battle field is given death punishment straightaway :by showing this kindness to Devasena’s father,Varundev has indirectly become instrumental in Arvamudan’s death sentence.Waiting for the encounter between a fiery Dravidian princess and a proud Aryan warrior who seems to be too much obsessed with his Aryan heritage and pure blood.He should realise that all blood is same and good and bad are integral parts of every race ,whether Aryan or Dravidian.

  2. Good episode…a nice break from watching the daily soaps. I wonder how devsena and varundev’s first meeting will be..it will most likely be on the battlefield, where else? And as far as i have seen, both of their characters couldnt be any different. They are like chalk and cheese!! And with the hatred they have towards eachothers’ races, i have no idea how they are going to fall in love with eachother…thats sure to be interesting to watch. And i wonder who is going to fall first anyway.?!?? Does anyone here have any guesses?!

  3. KAINA

    i think varundev will fall in luv 1st as in one of the promo he says to devsena “pyaar shabhyat nahi dekhta humara rista janam janamantar ka hai”

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