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The Episode starts with someone sitting on the throne and igniting fire on it. Daasi asks the guards to stop the fire. Devsena and everyone come. Silamban asks how did this happen Daasi. She says I have seen someone going, maybe he has ignited this fire. Sambhavika looks on angrily. Devsena recalls Hahumaa’s words and thinks to be alert, who can be the dangers.

Jaldev sees the Daas. Everyone see Jaldev and think who is he, he is so fair. Jaldev thinks to take support of someone, else he will be lost. Soldiers watch someone. Devsena fights with Sambhavija. Meghla looks on. Sambhavija asks Devsena not to get emotional in Dhuwand, else you will lose. Devsena asks what’s failure to lose to mum. Sambhavija says identify me Devsena, I m your enemy. Devsena gets surprised. Sambhavija smiles and says

sword does not identify relations, never forget this. Guards get a man and complain that this man had the map of palace, maybe he has ignited fire. Sambhavija stabs him and asks them to burn him. She asks Devsena to see, every mistake has one crime, death, you have to leave emotions, throne is everything for a queen, you will be called a queen when you become like me.

Jaldev hears two men talking. Swami says its not easy to get a good Daasi, my wife scolds me. Jaldev thinks I got the support, he is afraid of his wife. He frees the Daas and ties Swami’s leg to the donkey. Swami says where did my Daas go. Jaldev asks will I get any work, low wage is also enough. Swami says you are powerful, will you do household work. Jaldev says yes. Swami says you will just get food and place to stay. Jaldev agrees. The soldiers ask Jaldev who is he. Swami says he is with me, he is my Daas. He lies to them. Swami says I m palace’s head gardener. Jaldev thanks him for giving him new name Shivgam. He says if you are really gardener, you would be knowing everyone, make me meet princess too.

The men announce that its last day for Devsena’s swayamvar, whoever makes her lose will be getting married to her, whoever fails will die. Swami asks him to meet princess from far. Jaldev says I will meet her and kill her too. Everyone says queen’s throne is like before. Jaldev asks how does princess look, huge, fighter type or like me. Swami asks him to be quiet, see she is coming. Devsena comes. Jaldev looks at her and smiles. He recalls the statue. He thinks her statue mesmerized me, I have come to kill her. He recalls Indramitra’s words. Silamban says Swayamvar begins, the one who wants to marry her, come ahead and fight Dhuwand, it will go on for some time and contestant has to make princess weaponless, else he will be given death.

Jaldev thinks this is the right chance, go ahead and kill her. A man Mahisha comes there. Sambhavija smiles seeing him. Silamban sees Sambhavija staring at Mahisha. Mahisha says I m ready to fight Dhuwand with Devsena. Silamban says great, come ahead and choose your weapon. Jaldev asks will a woman fight with a man. Swami asks why, woman is a sign of power in our Rajya, Devsena is queen Sambhavija’s daughter. Devsena fights with Mahisha. Jaldev witnesses the deadly fight. He imagines killing Devsena. The time gets over. Mahisha does not lose. Sambhavija says great, both contestants did not fail each other, they showed equal courage and skills. Silamban sees Sambhavija and Mahisha smiling seeing each other. Silamban thinks before my queen hugs Mahisha….. He announces Mahisha did not make Devsena lose, so he has lost in Dhuwand, and he will get death, this is right justice. Jaldev thinks their rules are wrong, they want to kill innocent. Mahisha asks Devsena what does she think, is this right justice, you could not make me lose.

Swami says we will go before the crowd disperses. Devsena recalls Mahisha. Jaldev recalls Devsena and burns his hand. Meghla comes to Devsena and asks where are you lost. Devsena says when I saw Mahisha, I felt I have some connection with him. Meghla says if you let him win, there could be some connection. Devsena says I tried best to make him lose, but I did not win, he should not be given death sentence for his bravery. Jaldev says I have come to kill her, I should not get attracted by her beauty. Meghla asks Devsena to talk to Silamban. Jaldev says I will kill Devsena tonight. Silamban says just Sambhavija can stop Mahisha’s death sentence, talk to her. Devsena goes. Silamban says if Sambhavija stops Mahisha’s death sentence, it means she loves Mahisha. Meghla says Mahisha is taken for death. Devsena goes to see and asks where is Mahisha. Guard says queen has stopped his death. Devsena asks where is the queen at this time. Guard says I have seen him going to guest room.

Sambhavija says I have given you a new life today. Mahisha thanks her. She asks him what can he do for her. She flirts with him. Silamban comes there and shouts Maharani Sambhavija. She asks Silamban to see this brave man, we can’t punish him, what will our Praja say. Devsena and Meghla come. Devsena says you did right, else I would have felt guilty, I came to thank you, no injustice can happen till you are here. Silamban says but justice has to happen, whoever makes you lose, you have to marry him. Devsena says Mahisha did not make me lose. Silamban says your mum finds him qualified, so you have to marry him. Sambhavija says Silamban is right, he is suitable groom for you, but let me decide engagement mahurat, till then Mahisha will be our special guest, this is my final decision and command too. Mahisha smiles. Devsena says sorry, but I can’t do this marriage, I don’t accept your command. Sambhavija says its your duty to obey me. Devsena asks what will you do if I don’t obey this. Sambhavija says I will punish you. Devsena asks will you punish your daughter. Sambhavija says I will punish the Praja girl who insults the queen. She cuts her hand and scolds her. Devsena cries. Sambhavija goes. Silamban holds Devsena. Devsena says I will never marry Mahisha.

Jaldev sees Swami sleeping and lies next to him to keys from him. Swami wakes up and stops him. He talks in sleep and says don’t leave me my love. He goes out. Jaldev says I have to reach Devsena’s room and kill her. Devsena is sleeping. Many snakes come to her room. She gets caught by all the snakes and gets shocked. She wakes up and says what’s this dream signing to, is Hahumaa calling me, I have to go to her grave. She leaves from her room. Jaldev makes a map and comes there. They don’t see each other.

Devsena asks Hahumaa is she trying to tell her something, what’s the meaning of this dream, I m restless, I could not make Mahisha lose, Sambhavija commanded me to marry him, but I don’t want to marry him, I have to kill those five people, by whom me, my family and kingdom have danger. Hahumaa appears and says they are close to you. Devsena says tell me, I will kill them. Hahumaa says no, they are born in your Nakshatra, they will also have some powers, Agni, Jal, Vayu, Dharti and Akash, they will have either of these five powers, you have to identify them. Devsena asks how will I identify them. Mahisha sees Sambhavija’s family pic. He burns Sambhavija’s pic by pointing his finger. He says you have to marry me Devsena, I have entered your life, I will snatch everything from you and end everything dear to you. He laughs. Hahumaa says trust yourself, you have to be ready, when anyone of them comes in front of you, you have to be alert, they can be friends or enemies, they can love and hate you, they will try to attack on you by cheat. Devsena says I m ready, I will find five of them and kill.

Guard stops Jaldev and asks what are you hiding. Jaldev says nothing. Guard sees the blank letter. Jaldev says I lost the way. Guard says its queen and princesses’ rooms here, go back. Jaldev thinks to find some other way to come in. Sambhavija asks why is this Rajsabha called, where is Devsena.

Devsena says I called you all to tell my decision, Sambhavija commanded me. Sambhavija says you have refused to it. Devsena says I accept it now, I accept to marry Mahisha. Mahisha smiles. Devsena says but engagement will happen today. Sambhavija says my decision was insulted and now…. Silamban says Devsena ki jai. He announces engagement will happen today. Sambhavija gets angry.

Jaldev says Swami, I did not see such flowers. Swami says these are grown especially for Devsena, its her engagement today. Jaldev thinks there will be much crowd, I have to be there. He asks can I go there. Swami says Devsena just takes flowers from me, I have to go there. Meghla asks Devsena why did she agree for marriage today. Devsena says marriage is not my life’s motive, I thought to do this as life’s task and go ahead, I want to know who has dared to burn our throne, Hahumaa told me someone wants to kill me, that person reached me, he will try to come to me by using crowd, nature will give me sign about him, I will kill him.

Jaldev says this flowers’ essence will become Devsena’s last breath. Devsena’s wardrobe malfunctions. Jaldev comes to her. She asks who are you. Jaldev goes to her. Mahisha burns someone. Indramitra says I will ask Arya sena to go ahead when Jaldev gives us a sign.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. kindly will anybody tell what is the telecast time of arambh? Cause i watched it regularly. It was telecast at 9pm in india n 9.30 pm in bangladesh on every sat n sun. But 2dy i was eagerlX waiting 4 it bt dance plus was going on aftr 9.30 pm. So i thought it wont b aired 2 dy. Bt i read the writn update of tody some time ago. Is the air time change? Will anybody pls in4m me?

  2. Telecast time is 9.30-10.30 pm in india

  3. today it aired at 9:30 pm in India.so may at 10 pm in bangladesh

  4. Aarambh is continuing to prove itself to be a masterpiece. The way that the cultural difference between the Aryans and the Dravids are shown is truly remarkable. I will say that this may be unpopular due to the fact that people are too caught up in their ego and continue to argue over really small things like what language this show has been scripted in.

    Varundev/Jaldev and Devasena’s separation kind of hurts my heart. Both of them gave such a huge sacrifice in their last life to be together but in their next life not only were they born in different clans but they now have significantly more challenges to face.

    So far this show is fantastic. Seriously hope the writers of Aarambh keep up the great work!

  5. This periodic drama is a masterpeice. I am longing for more scenes btw jaldev n devasena. Irrespective of clans..their love was unique n eternal. Their heart beating for each other wen they cross without realization ther previous birth is supeerb..i wish this show is telecasted every day…i literally had to wait for a week on wats next..the show moves very fast n increasesmy bp with curiosity…the best ever ever written ..i used to like chandra nandini for its chemistry btw leads..but these days its so irritating to watch..good aarambh came at right moment with right story line…

  6. Yes Suhana ,I agree with you,this show deserves to be called a masterpiece and the makers should be appreciated for choosing the daring subject of Aryans and Dravidians and doing their best in portraying their customs ,practices,beliefs and a strong will to survive at any cost.Individuals didn’t have any importance ,that includes the royals themselves ,it was the clan that would come first and everyone was expected to give the ultimate sacrifice of their life without thinking twice ,the reason why,Varundev and Devasena gave up their lives and their love as well in their previous birth.And we know the principle of mother nature, ‘the survival of the fittest’ .If one of the two clans were superior,either Aryans or Dravidians would not have existed now.But all of us ,their descendants prove that both were equal.So without going into all those unnecessary issues,let us enjoy this show because it is not always that we come across this type of Story line which is a pleasant deviation from the other Saas Bahu serials.

  7. Can anyone tell me dat what is the real name of d show ????
    Is it ARAMBH or DEVSENA…….. As yesterday i saw d wallpaper and it changed 2 d pic of devsena and also d tag changed and there ARAMBH was not written at all…..

  8. What is the real name of the character played by megla??

  9. Honestly it is super great piece of storyline. so much better then chandra nandini which is so meaningless but both jaidev and devesana played every well.

    I wish the show is showed everyday instead of sat and sun and perlong the stroryline even longer. The writer simply awesome,
    I agreed to all of you, there is blissful and unique feeling of love of both of them whenever they passed by . I cant wait for the show .
    I am from Malaysia and many of us are talking about the show everyday.

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