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The Episode starts with Hahumaa saying Devsena took rebirth, I will give her a lie, she has to live, I will rectify my mistake, its a rule of nature, one dies and one gets birth. Arya says what’s this punishment. A lady tells Arya to give a hot iron shock to the baby’s chest to revive his heart. Sambhavija asks where is Hahumaa, what shall I do with this liveless girl. Her husband asks her to have patience, Hahumaa said she will give breath to this girl. The lady gets the hot iron iron to revive the baby. Hahumaa gives life to Devsena by giving up her life. Even Arya’s son gets a life. The lady drops the hot iron rod. Both the babies cry. Their parents get glad.

Sambhavija says its a miracle, thanks to Hahumaa. Arya says my son got a life before you touched him. Arya names the baby Jaldev.

Hahumaa told Sambhavija that I have a vardaan/blessing of Lord, when I leave my body, don’t do my final rites, and just humaa for make my Samadahi. Sambhavija thanks Hahumaa about her baby. She names her Devsena.

After 20 years, Devsena sees a target and aims the arrow. Sambhavija talks to mirror and says Devsena has become a great warrior, she will kill enemies, you should be happy, the Rajya thinks Devsena will become Rani soon. Devsena comes and asks were you talking to yourself. Sambhavija says yes, I got mad by happiness, you are my pride, I m glad when people praise you. Devsena asks where is Meghla, you are talking like her. Sambhaviija says my innocent and sweet daughter Meghla, she is where she is always. Meghla gets ready and says my sister has weapon skills, and my weapon is my beauty. Devsena comes and talks. Sambhavija says why shall I not get happy, both my daughters have my skills, but practice is always necessary. Devsena says I have to practice now. She goes.

Devsena fights with her soldiers. Sambhavija and Meghla feel proud seeing her. Sambhavija too practices her skills in her Kaksh. She tells her husband Silamban that she wants some rights to spend time with her family. She tells about her life. He asks her if he can help her. She says no, now Devsena can help me, I was thinking Hahumaa’s prediction turned true, she is qualifying to be queen, its time I handover Dravid Rajya to her, its time to make her the queen.

Meghla says none can be better than my sister. Sambhavija says yes, she has grown up, she has to manage many duties, why don’t we start with her marriage. Meghla gets glad. Devsena says I have just one condition, I will marry that brave man who makes me lose in war. Sambhavija says I m proud of you, announce a Dhuwand war, all brave men are invited for Swayamvar. Meghla says none can make Devsena lose. People come in Swayamvar. A lady announces about Devsena. Devsena looks on. A man aims at the target and shows his great archery skills. Devsena shoots the arrow and proves herself to be better.

The second guy comes and shows his sword fighting skills. Silamban says I think he is good. Devsena fights with him and makes him fall down. Devsena asks them to stop the Swayamvar now. Sambhavija says greed can attract anyone here, but if death danger is in front, just a true warrior can come ahead, the person has to win to marry Devsena, if he loses to Devsena, he will be given death sentence.

Aryans meet and have a discussion about finding the Arya who would qualify all his bravery tests. He says we have got that brave Arya. Jaldev is seen. Indramitra calls Jaldev there. Everyone gets surprised. Jaldev’s dad smiles. Indramitra says Jaldev has passed all the four tests. He gives a touch task to Jaldev. He tells about Devsena, you have to end her, her kindgom will end with her death. He gives him some miracle thing what will snatch Dravid Rajya’s power. Jaldev agrees. Indramitra blesses him.

Meghla feeds Devsena. She says I have prayed to Lord for you to get a suitable groom. Devsena says I m in dilemma, I just want to fulfill my motives and get the land from Arya back, and establish Dravid clan there. Meghla asks her to ask Hahumaa, she will guide you, every morning brings new hope. She hugs Devsena and goes. Devsena says just moonlight is enough for someone finding way.

Jaldev comes to Dravid Rajya. He fights with the men. He sees someone going and follows. He sees Devsena’s statue and recalls the past. He says what’s happening, are you a statue or any pretty woman. Devsena says Hahumaa, you gave your life to get a life for me, solve my dilemma. It starts getting windy. Hahumaa appears. She says I got your birth done on special time, you will become the queen of dravid Rajya, more 5 people are born in same Nakshatra, you have to kill them, remember they will pose many dangers to snatch your family and throne. A snake charmer and other contenders are seen.

Jaldev’s mum asks him to go, he is ready for the new phase of his life, go and kill our enemies. She goes. Jaldev says I have to meet you, I will find you and get one glimpse of you.

Sambhavija punishes someone for mistake. Devsena says I will kill out all those five people. Jaldev comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. One of the best historical serial in tv…the story line is simple..but yet complex. I have become eajnesh fan..hope v get to see more of him n karthika..both r super quite..karthika..if she corrects a little on body langyage..then she is the best

  2. Hi .. sorry to say but i hate this serial.. it has great actors.. but the story, i just hate it.. It ia almost an imaginary story like magadheera, bahubali, chandranandini. But you people this time made imaginary story on two great clans of india who still have conflicts among them.. At the end you have to make some one win, in the serial you have to show a clan negative.. though by this you can attract a huge viwer , you also make the distance between the south indians & north indians.. WE ALL KNOW THAT , NOW NONE IS COMPLETELY DRAVIDIAN OR ARYAN.But still people will gonna belive this crap unwillingly. Some so called dravidians protest seeing just hindi language so at this time how can you make this type of serial.. we all are indians.. Forget the past ..move ahed.. Even we made movies on mughals who destroyed our own cultures, but stll we potrayed them as hero..why??

    1. baby divva grow up. If Mughals are not heroes..you might not have born. your ancestors might have killed on the name of religion..after rule of Mughals also 100 crore Hindus are left in India..

  3. Now we have blood of both the clans..We love and respect views of both the clans.. So stop spreading hatred now..we love people of each corners of india..And also want the same. Guys i request you ” if u watch the serial, it is not a problem.BUT DON’T BELIEVE IT BLINDLY.”

  4. Divya,why are you so much worried ?!All of us on this forum are mature and responsible enough to understand that the story line is imaginary and Devasena and Varun are fictious characters like any other Saas Bahu serial.The only difference is the two civilisations,Aryans snd Dravidians are real and the makers have done well to take the two clans and their struggle as the backdrop to this interesting historical fiction.When Jodha Akbar was aired on Zee there was quite an apprehension about its effect on Hindu ,Muslim relations but it was received well and enjoyed by everyone,No one really wanted to go into the authencity of the facts shown ,even History is not clear about some contentious issues like the real relationship of Jodha with Akbar (some say that she was not his wife but his daughter- in -law) and Akbar’s love for Jodha(many say that she was just one of his manyRajput wives married for political
    reasons).So when we could enjoy the beautiful love story of Jodha and Akbar ,who were not
    altogether fictional characters and whose story was only 400 to 500 years old,why to bother about this storyline which goes back to 1400B.C and whose characters are purely fictional?No one is really interested in what Aryans and Dravidians did or who was superior and even if we are interested also,it is impossible to get reliable evidence for everything.We are neither historians nor professional critics,just viewers who watch T.v for some entertainment..So let us take this serial at its face value and enjoy it.I love the new look of Karthika and Rajneish
    ,waiting for that adorable chemistry between them.

    1. tania-the fairy

      Agree with u Lakshmi.
      Divya,it is a fiction series dear.
      Dont take it seriously.enjoy the performance of character.It is really interesting show.u can watch it as a entertainment than digging the unknown past.

  5. ARK

    Guys please do read my ff Varunsena

    1. tania-the fairy

      Nice, hearing about that someone wrote ff on aarambh.

  6. tania-the fairy

    Nice, hearing about that someone wrote ff on aarambh.

  7. Well said lakshmi….we comment on anything but we dont understand the history n the pain which our ancestors have undergone. Aryan’s or Dravidians…now we all reside in india n indians …pls dont put negative remark..more than history …i am eager to see how the writer has put the creativity..i really liked rajnesh..karthika..its not easy to portray a character just like that..lets appreciate the creativity rather than racist comment

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