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The Episode starts with Hahumaa saying how shall I solve this third danger. Abrook says Varundev gave us info, it means our distance with enemy is less. Varundev says we have to lift sword in one hand and Aryavarth flag in other hand. Guru Purohit says you are going fast in thinking, if we do any mistake, we will be hurt, there can’t be any mistake in this war. Varundev says none can fail crocodile in water, we have to know Dravidians army number, we have to spy on them. Abrook says I m best in this, permit me to go and pray that I succeed. Guru Purohit asks who am I to permit you. Everyone agrees with Abrook. Varundev says I also agree, but I request you to take me along, I will put my best efforts. Abrook asks did you think you are great by winning in one task. Guru says Abrook, you can choose anyone

but Arya Dharm does not permit you to insult any Arya.

Varundev tells his dad that a spying mission will begin prior to the war. His dad says then I will be going with him. Abrook commands Varundev’s dad and smiles. Dayalini says Devsena’s Rajya abhishek did not happen today as we did abshagun, but Devsena will sit on the throne. Thangam says no, its tough, I made all these sticks, choose any one. Dayalini chooses one. Daasi asks the man to aim at the fruit. The man throws the weapon. Dayalini asks can’t he throw at the aim. Daasi says sorry the aim was here. She shows the man dying. She says Devsena will never forget practising, when she comes here, she will surely get her hands on these sticks.

Devsena goes to practice. Dayalini and Thangam look on. She sees the new weapon sticks. Hahumaa comes and asks Devsena not to touch it. Devsena asks what happened. Hahumaa says I sensed danger is around you. Dayalini says you are right, and makes the servants take all weapons away. Hahumaa asks Devsena to take a fast to get rid of the danger. Devsena says fine, tell me what fast to do, I can leave food and water. Hahumaa asks her not to touch any weapons, its her command. Devsena says this is punishment, weapons are part of me. Hahumaa says you have to sacrifice it, its your tapasya, its sign of strength, are you so weak. Devsena says no, I m Chamundi’s daughter, I take an oath, I will not touch any weapon till 30 days in any state or situation.

Varundev sees his dad working and helps him out. Varundev says I feel bad that you are leaving today. His dad says its a command on me, its my duty to go, I don’t care about any insult, I will feel insulted if I fail to do my work. He hugs Varundev. Varundev stays worried.

Devsena plays with some Daasi. Dayalini comes and asks do you need anything, I will be busy outside. Devsena asks where are you going. Dayalini says to help some people, from man eating animals, its so interesting to fight with such ferocious creatures. Devsena gets restless. Dayalini says sorry, I forgot you took oath that you won’t touch weapons, I was saying about adventure. Devsena says yes but I can come along. Dayalini says yes. Devsena says Appa will be upset knowing this.

Dayalini asks how will he know, shall I give a solution. Devsena in sainik’s disguise tries to leave from the palace. Arvamudan stops her and says I know you well, you can’t leave like this. He tells about her childhood. He says I was not just your Appa, but your Amma as well, you are grown up now, you are hiding things. Devsena says no, I was going out with Dayalini, but I was not going to break my fast, I feel bored without practising, Dayalini did not ask me to come along. He says she does not say anything, but I don’t know did you just hear Hahumaa or see in her eyes, its not any small danger, I did not find her so restless before, I request you, its matter of 30 days, don’t do anything, don’t touch weapons and don’t go out of palace, take an oath. She promises to do as Hahumaa and he said. He asks her not to go against, else he will feel she has stabbed him. She says never and hugs him.

Hahumaa says Arya has come. Daasi says yes, Arya’s army troupe is gathering. Abrook and Varundev’s dad reach the Dravidian market. Abrook scolds him. Varundev’s dad apologizes. A man hears them. Dravidian guards follow them. The man asks who are you. Abrook says we are selling silk wool, see, we will return to home soon. The man says no, we have to inform the chief first, you are our guest, come. The man takes all of them and cheats. Aryans get caught in chains by the dravidians. Abrook asks how did they know, how did they identify us, nothing will happen, I will see who is their chief. Thangam comes there and gives a coin to the informer. The man tells her about Aryans chief wearing the silver thread. She asks the men to get Aryans chief. Varundev’s dad hears this. He walks to Abrook. Abrook says at what time did I get this man in my army. Varundev’s dad hits him and wears the silver chain. The men come and check who has worn the silver thread. Varundev’s dad is taken by them.

Thangam asks Varundev’s dad why did he come here and injures him. Abrook wakes up and asks where is that fool, I will not leave you. Arya says the men took him along, he has snatched your silver thread to save you from their tortures, he has taken all the dangers on his head. Abrook gets shocked. He hears Varundev’s dad screams and cries, saying he is innocent. He says he is innocent, forgive me Lord, punish me for my words.

Varundev worries. Sivaan asks him why is he worried. Varundev says I felt restless, its not a good sign, I think dad is in danger, he needs my help, but I m here. Varundev’s dad calls him out. Thangam hurts him and asks the men to get him, the rest will see his state and open up mouth. Abrook and others get shocked seeing him. Thangam says this is just an example, he did not speak up, but you all will say. Abrook gets angry. He asks Varundev’s dad to give him a chance to repent, I command you to open eyes, I m sorry for all my harsh words. Varundev’s dad says your safety was my duty, tell my son I did not bear any burden of insult when I was alive, I dedicate my life to Aryans, I rest my duties on Varundev’s shoulders.

Abrook says I will save you, nothing will happen to you. Varundev’s dad says no, I can never see him now, promise me, you will guide my son. Abrook promises. Varundev’s dad dies and drops the keys he picked from the table. Abrook and everyone get freed by the chain locks. Abrook says I can’t leave him here. Arya says we have to leave him, else we can’t run from here, he has sacrificed his life to save us. Abrook rests him and says your sacrifice will not go waste. They all pull the door and run out. They beat up the sainiks and run. A man announces Arya’s spies are running away. Abrook breaks a bull’s idol head. The men apologize to Maheshaman and get back. Abrook and Aryas run away. Abrook manages to escape alone, while other Aryas lose out in the fight.

Varundev waits for his dad. He sees Abrook coming alone. He runs to Abrook and holds him. He asks about his dad. Abrook cries. Varundev gets shocked. Abrook apologizes to Varundev and breaks down. He asks Varundev not to shed a single tear on his dad’s death, its an example of Arya’s prestige, when he died, he said the land where he is sacrificing his life will be called Aryavarth’s land. Varundev says this will happen, I want to ask one thing, did he had many wounds on his body. Abrook says they are not enemies, they are animals, its our stupidity to expect humanity from them, but your dad made plan for our escape while bearing all tortures, I would have not done this being in his place. Varundev cries and goes. Guru stops Abrook.

Varundev cuts wood and makes an idol of his dad. Guru asks what are you doing. Varundev says I m preparing to handover my parents to Agnidev, both of them were great warriors, when dad and I left from home, my mum asked us not to worry for her, when my dad died as martyr, Indralok will welcome him. Guru says such parents are blessed to have a son like you. Varundev does the last rites of his parents by keeping the small statues, and prays to Indradev. He swears that he will fulfill ancestor’s dreams, Aryavarth will be established, I will take revenge of my dad’s death and ruin Dravidians.

Varundev says we will enter the battle ground to a desire to win. The battle starts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Haaumaa kisi cartun se kam nahi lagti.kya hai…. ye sab??????
    kam se mam thoda realistic hona chahiye n?!!
    saanp lipta rahta hai ………so awkward!!!!
    and devsena to lagti hai k bas apna duty pura kar rahi hai… acting nahi.!! thoda aur effort dikhna chahiye chehare par .effortless acting.!!!!

  2. Yes,Hahumaa looks weird with all those snakes wrapped around her but the storyline is from 1500 B.c. ,,And Aryans are known for their complex customary practices and religious rituals and Hahumaa is a high priestess with the knowledge of past as well as future,so let us assume that in those days it was very normal for a mystic to look like that.
    The most repulsive scene was the way Thangam tortured the old man,My God,being a woman ,how could she be so cruel to adopt third degree torture ?Because of this cruel woman,Abrook thinks that all the Dravidians are cruel and tells the sameTo Varun.With this misconception at the backdrop,the meeting between Varun and Devasena will be quite interesting.I am happy that Abrook has a conscience and is not a bad guy.

  3. Aarambh endorses British scholar max mullar’s Aryan invasion theory. Its against our native’s views who contended max mullar presented aryan invasion theory to support British rule in India. Indian scholars argued Aryans as India origin race. Thus serial presented another picture of indian Aryans.

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