Aarambh 16th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Varundev and Devsena battling. Either of them gets stabbed. One night before, Devsena and Varundev keep the swords. Aryans and Dravids soldiers argue and get into a fight. Both the swords fall down. Thangam and Sivaan see this and argue. Abrook asks Aryans to get back and come. The teams pick the swords and leave. Dayalini congrats Devsena for making her proud. She asks the reason for her patience, why did she not kill that Arya. Devsena says I did not understand this, I have always killed my enemy in war, but today I could not think of killing him. Dayalini says I did not see any such brave warrior like that Arya. Devsena says I have to kill him, I want his death.

Dayalini says don’t worry, whenever this Dhuwand war re-begin, you will make Dravidians win, you went on your

mum, today I recalled Chamundi talking to you. She goes. Sivaan does aid of Varundev. Sivaan says you got wounds today, that too by Dravid warrior girl, I m alerting you, this lep will hurt you, but this will heal your wound soon. He applies lep. Varundev does not react. Sivaan looks on. Varundev says you would be thinking why I m not hurt, this is not wound, but just a mark, of Devsena touching me, her given wound does not hurt me. Sivaan says you are in love with Devsena. Varundev asks him to leave him alone for some time. He recalls Devsena.

Dayalini comes to Hahumaa. Hahumaa asks the result. Dayalini says Arya got saved today, I had to stop the Dhuwand because of rains, Devsena will win tomorrow. Hahumaa asks why did this not happen today. Dayalini asks why are you worried, are you sensing the same danger. Hahumaa worries. Dayalini says fate or love can change this war decision. Hahumaa says this can’t happen, go from here, I have to talk to Lord. Dayalini goes. Hahumaa recalls Chamundi’s words. Devsena recalls Varundev and wakes up. She sees Varundev in the sky and recalls the war. It starts raining. She goes and gets her sword. She sees Varundev’s sword and recalls the sword swapping. She imagines Varundev. He says you are surprised as if you thought of someone else and I have come. She says you can’t be here. He asks her to ask her heart. She says no, you aren’t here. She turns and sees the sword.

Varundev sees Devsena’s sword. He imagines Devsena. Aarambh…….plays…… Varundev says my wounds look like my dear person’s love, not enemy’s war.

The Aryans talk to Purohit against Varundev, who got hurt by a Dravid’s warrior girl. Arya says Varundev was getting affected by her beauty. Abrook says we don’t have experience to fight with women, but Varundev has fought well, I m sure he will win tomorrow and fulfill our dreams. Arya asks did we think our dream will end with Varundev’s failure. Purohit asks them to trust him.

Sivaan and everyone wait for the rains to stop. Sivaan sees Thangam and goes. Varundev practices his skills. Sivaan comes to him and says this sword is not yours. Varundev says its of her. someone may have swapped it. Sivaan says your fate is giving you signs. Varundev says what’s this game, she is my enemy. Sivaan says she is your soul mater, her image and call make you restless in sleep, you could not kill her today. Varundev asks for tomorrow. Sivaan asks him to meet Devsena once, you can fall weak in Dhuwand tomorrow, go and tell you feelings. Varundev asks will she go through this same restlessness. Sivaan says just she can say this. Varundev says this is wrong. Sivaan says its wrong for Arya representative, not a lover, go and meet her, else your inner lover and warrior will be incomplete, if you meet her, your love will witness your war, you will be rewarded in any rebirth.

Devsena rehearses. Varundev comes there. Devsena asks how did you come here. Varundev says like I come in dream. She points the sword. He asks is this Dravid customs to show weapon to defenseless enemy. She says you will be also taught to keep enemy away, why did you come here. He asks don’t you know. She asks herself to control herself. He says I m in your thoughts, why are you hesitant to accept this. She gets angry and says be careful before I… Her imagination ends. Soldier asks what happened. She says nothing and goes.

Varundev goes to meet Devsena. She gets shocked seeing him and says why am I getting hallucinated. He says I m not any illusion, you can touch me and see. She asks how did you reach here. He says in your love, you have stolen my heart. She asks him to return before she…. He says we both have same feelings, I want to know truth, I wanted to tell you my truth, my friend thinks I m in love with you. She gets shocked and says but I hate you, my dad died because of me. He asks in war? She says no, you have insulted him in battle ground. He asks how. She says by pitying him, by giving him water instead death. He says he was a brave warrior, he was alive. She says we don’t accept to live on someone’s pity. He says pity and humanity matters to us, I was going to kill him, shank sounded, it was sunset, we Aryas don’t fight after sunset, I stopped my sword, after war ends, we regard enemies as common people, we obey humanity, your dad was asking for water, I heard him and fed him water. She gets shocked.

She sees Arvamudan’s pic. He says Devsena, our meeting is not any coincidence, we met by fate, since you touched me for the first time, just you are in my thoughts, my mind knows you are my enemy, but my heart started believing you are my lover, today I m standing in front of you, I m saying my feelings and you are listening, why, because its destined, our swords swapping was not any coincidence. She says you are my enemy Arya, I have to end this war by getting a result. He says me too, who gets such chance, two warriors falling in love during war, they both gave wounds to each other which became marks of their love, if you are my soul mate, Aryas believe in heart relations, our relation is of births. He holds her. She gets shocked and says Lord has birth and death in hands. He asks and love? The Dhuwand is imp for our clans, if you also love me, then whoever dies tomorrow, our death will be complete, a complete warrior and complete lover will get death, if you return my sword tomorrow, I will believe my love is one sided, if you fight with my sword tomorrow, whoever wins tomorrow in Dhuwand, our love’s victory will be certain. She asks how will you go back.

He says if you are asking this in my worry, then your love will shield me and make me reach my place, if you are challenging me, then kill me by my sword, its said one dying by his love’s hand achieves love any way. She turns away. He leaves. She sees his sword.

Its morning, everyone gathers in the battle ground. Varundev recalls Devsena. Devsena comes there, holding his sword. Varundev smiles seeing her.

Varundev says thanks, the thing you could say by tongue, I hope you say that by sword, come we will take our love talk ahead by our sword fights. Devsena says sure. The battle begins. She falls in his arms. She says you are eager to get death. He asks why are you delaying in killing me then. Everyone look on. He says atleast this way, two lovers came in each other’s arms, when you have accepted my sword, why are you hesitant to accept me, one who meets in love is not scared of anything, not even death. She says I got cheated, I have to fight with a warrior, not a lover.

He holds her. She says you have to accept death by your sword. He moves back, taking her along. They both fall down the mountain. Everyone looks on. They fall in the river. Varundev gets out of the water. He sees Devsena. She strikes him. He stops her. He says fate united us, we came so close, our wounds’ blood got same, if death is necessary to die to unite souls, I m ready to die. She pushes him and strikes. He gets hurt. He says love duty is firstmost. She strikes him. He says the thing which did not complete in this birth will be completed in next birth, end this soon. He gets wounded by her strikes. She cries and asks why are you not fighting. He asks why are you fighting with yourself. She says I took an oath to fulfill my revenge.

He asks her to fulfill revenge, we just had this Dhuwand in this birth, this journey from revenge to love. She sits down and cries. She says if this is love, how is this love, how can someone love at the point of a sword. He says so you agreed….. He holds her and says you agreed you also love me. She says yes, but…. He says no but…. our story was just till here in this birth, now sword will enter our hearts and make us soul mates from competitors. Varundev stabs her and says fulfill your revenge Devsena, then our love journey will begin, you can’t die alone. He holds her hand and makes her stab him. They see each other. They fall down. They hold hands. The bloods flow and mix together. Devsena says I have become yours Varundev. They both drop dead. Kabhi aan ka kabhi baan ka……plays……

Purohit says none can stop Aryavarth’s establishment. Purohit sits on the throne and smiles. Hahumaa says I curse you, a Dravid woman will step on your Arya dynasty. A woman comes and stabs some Aryas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. after a long time ( manmarziyan finishing)… this episode made me to comment with the same eager, pain and happiness….. i really felt bad for varunsena, this love can be differentiated from any other story… really fab. very happy that track s very fast and i want the same cast as lead for the future also…. if they changed, any of them (rajnish and karthiga)…. i won’t see this serial pa…. i hav lots and lots in my mind abt this episode… but i can’t give words to them…. this show steals my feelings??

  2. The best historic series i.have ever seen. What a screenplay n acting…so much mesmerised in the way love is shown or portrayed…varundev is so dashing that any princess wud fall for his eye catching sequence..noone can pull off the charactera as he has done…devasena is cute..i am longing for nxt sequence. The difference btw bahuballi writer n tv serial writter is onething which i observed is..b.writer concentrate on script irrespective of audience but t.writter concentrate on family drama than script..the script is so poor in chandra nandini though they have best artist…i am damn sure..aarambh wins all award..its simply amazing…the last sequence of blood flowing…wat a plot….

  3. Kiya

    This is the best episode… But r they changing the heroine???? This devsena is best… She a dusky beauty…

  4. O-h m-y g-o-o-d-n-e-s-s!!!! Thats my reaction after seeing the episode!!! I cant believe this!!! The episode was a surprise package….it made me remember the movie magadheera which was written by the same writer and it was also about reincarnation….but they didnt say anything about reincarnation in the promos!!! Though i did read about some kind of huge leap in the show after which a lot of new characters is going to be introduced….there is going to be the birth of six destiny children, they said (idk what that means). Two of the new characters would be rajneish’s parents in the rebirth or something like that…
    Anyway idk what to say abt the episode really!!! Yes it does make the show complex and interesting, but it also kind of made me sad to see their death like that…:( I luved their pairing as Devsena and Varundev….:(

  5. Did they just kill the lead characters? Not at all comparing this TV show with GOT but yes that was a massive unexpected twist. Like what just happened?

  6. Ohooo….wo…..shoked episode…
    Devarun died by each other….
    Wether they take rebirth or still alive?

  7. Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to say about today’s episode… I am sure that Devasena and Varundev will reincarnate and remember their past life and the sacrifice they made.

    I wonder if Devasena will reincarnate as a Dravid queen once again. I doubt she will reincarnate as an Aryan because Aryan women are not highly involved in combat from what has been shown so far.

    This story is moving so fast. I’m wondering what else this series has in store for us. Truly well done so far!

  8. Wow… just a word to describe today episode

  9. So unexpected. Hope they bring back the two lead characters. They are so Good. Perfect for the roles.

  10. Yes.certainly the journey of vsrundev and Devasena was very short and quite unexpected.But I think they did the right thing as their respective clans would be never have allowed them to live as a couple.Still was it the right thing to do?Was there no other alternative for them except to go? What a sad end to such a beautifull love story!It has ended before it even started.Rajnesh and Kartiga will certainly be missed.

  11. Line 4…….pl.read as would never have allowed…….Sorry for ty.po error

  12. Samm

    Did they just die?! They can’t be actually dead, right?? How can they die like that without caring for what will happen to the two clans after their sudden death? And what did the Arya Purohit have in his mind if things didn’t go as planned? ? How come Aahuma didn’t see this coming?
    The pace of this show is so fast! 8 episodes in and the main leads are already proclaiming their love for each other! And dying! I love these two people way too much to carry on with this show if they show some kind of reincarnation crap without a proper layout! Varundev and Devsena are such perfectly defined characters who are made for each other! I don’t know how the Aryans will change the Dravid clans rule drastically and stay with the Dravid people as if nothing happened?! I’ll admit I’m going blind into the next week and will trust the writers to not disappoint.
    The honorable mention should definitely go to the fight sequence choreography! It was so stunning with those vibrant colours, slow mo strikes, and awesome moves! It’s not often that a traditional sword fighting sequence makes my heart pound in tune with the tone of the scene, but this one was just amazing! Devsena’s conflicted feelings and Varundev’s confidence in her painful decision was so real that I could actually hear their swords talking, just as Varundev predicted! I just hope they have the same actors play the reincarnated versions of themselves, or even better, don’t let these two die!! That isn’t too much to ask for, right? ??

  13. I love this serial and my favorite after ishqbaaz the lead couples are awesome I hope they don’t change the leads very very excited for the upcoming episodes

  14. Todays episode was really good…… As the reincarnation i want rajnesh and karthiga to be back……without them the serial will be having no charm for me…..:(

  15. Guys, all of u who are worried about the lead pair getting replaced,can relax now!!! Because karthika and rajneish are still there….karthika herself confirmed this(via twitter) ….that she and rajneish are still very much in the show….how its going to be idk, but atleast they are still there!!! And i do hope they dont change the names of the lead pair…that would be unbearable…
    And i do wonder who the woman in the precap is….no idea!!! lets wait nd watch…..#aarambh#varunsena

  16. Yazhu

    Just now watched the epi on hotstar as I’ve missed it yesterday… ????whaaaat… That’s the reaction came from me when the epi ends….that’s so unexpected…. This is THE BEST HISTORICAL SHOW ever…. I totally loved Devsena and Varundev…. From Their love confession till their death it’s full of emotions…. So far the historical shows I’ve seen they made me feel like it’s not a complete historical show…as almost every show became like a typical daily soap at some point… As I’ve really expected a lot from Chandra Nandhini… But it turns out to be the lamest historical show ever…. But Aarambh gives me the exact dose which I was expecting…. Hope there’s gonna be lots of twisting turns in the show… If there is an incarnation concept pls don’t change the leads name…. Love Devsena(Karthika) and Varundev(Rajneish)??????….love Aarambh… ?????????

  17. Nice episode. I like this show,it explains the south Indian traditions and values.And I love varunsena pair.don’t change the lead actors.

  18. As per reports, a lot of new characters are going to be introduced in the show post reincarnation sequence….popular movie actress Madhoo along with Vaquar shaik(from qubool hai,sarawatichandra etc) will play the role of karthika’s parents…they would be dravidians and the rulers of the kingdom or so….They would be the antagonists in the show.Veteran Actor shahbhaz khan and tv actress Dolly Sohi will play the role of Rajneish’s parents…His father would be an aryan warrior,(politician) and senator with grey shades…however his mother would be supportive…In addition to them actress Prachee Pathak (Tejaswini in colors’ Udaan) and Bigg boss S8 fame Soni Singh will be seen portraying pivotal and strong roles…also a few others whose roles aren’t confirmed as of now has been roped in to the show…
    All in all, lot of new characters would be brought in…But as it seems, Rajneish and Karthika will be born to Aryan and Dravidian clans as before…I dont know what will happen to Hahumaa, Abrook and the rest, post leap…I only hope that Rajneish and karthika’s characters do not end up having less screentime due to so many new introductions…..♡Aarambh♡Varunsena

    1. I think the dravid woman shown in the precap would be Devsena’s mother portrayed by actress Madhoo (i didnt recongnize her at first)….her character is said to be similiar to that of Shivagami in Baahubali….also quite antagonistic as well..

  19. Thank you Shivani for all this information and I am very happy that Karthika and Rajneish are retained.At the same time I am a bit disappointed with the way Devasena and Varundev’s characters ended,within 8 episodes,everything was over.I don’t know what characters will be given to Karthika and Rajneish in the upcoming episodes,but they were too good as Devasena and Varundev,should have continued with them for some more episodes before introducing a new storyline with so many new characters.Anyways let us hope that the post leap story line will be as fascinating as this one and enthrall all of us.

    1. You are welcome lakshmi :). Iam also a bit worried about their characters post leap but lets hope for the best…karthika herself said that the viewers are all in for a treat post leap….so maybe they ended this so soon in order to give us something even better….This show is really so fast paced that most are hoping it to slow down!!! Whereas all the other daily soaps are so slow paced that people are mostly complaining asking them to move on… with aarambh its the other way around…Well i guess its because they have got so much story to tell us,as per the writer…anyways…♡aarambh♡varunseña

  20. Omg a new promo is out…200 years later, Devsena is going to reincarnate….and Madhoo is portraying the role of her mother!! Wow. Now just waiting for varundev!!! I wonder if hahumaa is still there…And the arya shown in the beginning of the promo is the one who played the role of Bheesma in Mahabharat…And they want to kill Devsena before she is born…Omg cant wait for saturday 9pm…♡aarambh♡varunsena

    1. Kamalanayani

      Varevah.. Arav Chowdary as an arya… waiting…

  21. Where is 22nd July 2017 written update?

  22. Why there is no written update for 22nd July 2017 even by 2:00 pm the next day?

  23. y there is no new updates…. its very bad yaar…. pls someone update it. pls

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