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AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ The Beat As One (8)

Hi guys this is Nisha again! Thanku thanku thanku so much for ur comments on the last episode. Glad to know that u r liking my story. N thanks to all the silent readers who commented on my request. Plz comment this time too.

Characters involved –

Outside the class-
Shivani n Varun are standing outside the class n want to talk to each other.
Shivani- Varun I wanted to talk to u.
Varun – even me too but u tell first.
Shivani – day after tomorrow is Aradhya’s birthday n I want to plan something n…
Varun – what..! Day after tomorrow is Aradhya’s birthday.
Shivani – yaa but what happened.?
Varun – Day after tmrw is Aryan’s birthday too.
Shivani – really.?
Varun – yes n I wanted to talk to u about his birthday plan.
Shivani – what a coincidence. They both are made for each other. The way they take care of each other shows it all. They r just not realizing their love for each other.
Varun – so let’s make them realize
Shivani – yaa but how..?
Varun – they both hv birthday’s day after tmrw but they don’t knw that both of them hv it on the same day. So lets plan something.
They both start planning.

Back to AaRa-
Aradhya n Aryan hv eaten.
Aradhya – where r Varun n Shivani, what r they talking about for so long.
Aryan – yaa lets see.
They go to Shivani n Varun.
Aradhya – Shivani n Varun r u done with ur romantic talks .
Aryan n Aradhya start laughing.
Shivani – Aaru…
Varun – we hv done our romantic talks but u tell about urself. Hv u both done with ur romantic talks.
Aryan – achcha tughe to I’ll see u later.
Shivani – okay leave all this. So tmrw is Thursday n we have our college off till Sunday so we have 4 days holiday. So what are we gonna do. Will we be here in the college only..?
Varun – yaaa lets go out for these holidays.
Aryan – out..? But where. Let’s be here only.
Aradhya – yaa lets go out here we will get bored. What will we do for 4 days. Aryan ur so boring. I wanna go out.
Varun – So Aryan r u cumin.
Aryan – if u all wanna go then what will I do here. Okay I’ll too come with you.
Shivani- great !
Aradhya – but where will we go..?
Varun – one of my friends has a resort in Goa so lets go there.
Aradhya – Goaaa wow!
Shivani – so we will leave tmrw morning sharp 6 in the morning.
Aryan – alright. So lets go n start packing.
Aradhya – it will be fun.
Shivani – Aaru so lets go.
Aradhya – yes.
Aradhya n Shivani leave
Varun – Aryan let us also move.
Varun n Aryan also leave.

At night –
Aryan is in his room n is lying on the bed. He thinks of Aradhya n smiles.
On the other side Aradhya is sitting on her bed n is also thinking of Aryan.
They both think of the moments they have spent together. The rain, the night , when Aradhya tied handkerchief on Aryan’s wound, when aryan was writing notes for aaru, when aryan made aaru eat the food n many more.

Aradhya n Aryan both at the same time go towards the window of their room.
Aradhya – low IQ is not that bad (n smiles)
Aryan – 2 foot Ki dinosaur is a nice friend to have (n smiles)

Next Day in the morning –
All 4 r standing outside the college gate. Both the boys that r Varun n Aryan r keeping the suitcases in thee jeep.
Aryan- All done. So lets move.
Aradhya – Goa we r coming.
Aryan sits in the front on the driver’s seat. Aradhya goes to sit on the back seat.
Varun – Aradhya u go n sit in front.
Aradhya – why what happened.
Aryan – try to understand Aradhya. Shivani is sitting behind so how will he sit in the front.!
Aradhya – ooh. How mad am I. How can I separate u both. But I am sorry haan. Now I’ll not disturb you guys.
Shivani – aaru now stop pulling our leg.
Aradhya – ok ok I’m sorry. ?
Aradhya n Aryan r sit in the front n Varun n Shivani sit at the back. Aryan starts the jeep.
They all start chatting , cracking jokes n laughing
Aradhya- Aryan stop the car
Aryan- but y.?
Aradhya – stop it na
Aryan – again ice cream…?
Varun – ice cream..?
Aradhya – not ice cream but paani Puri n chat.
Aryan – what.
Aradhya – aren’t u guys feeling hungry.
Shivani – yaa Aaru I’m hungry.
Varun – even me.
Aradhya – so lets eat something. There is a paani Puri stall behind so lets gooo.
Shivani- wow paani Puri let’s goo….
Both the girls go in excitement.
Varun – Wai I’m coming too.
Aryan smiles n goes behind them.
Shivani n Aradhya start eating paani Puri.
Shivani – Varun let’s go to the chat stall. (its a part of their plan to leave Aradhya n Aryan alone)
They both go. Aryan is seeing Aradhya eating paani Puri.
Aradhya- will u not eat paani Puri..?
Aryan – no u eat it.
Aradhya – don’t u like paani Puri. Seriously..? I just love it.
Aryan – no no I too love paani Puri. I’m a champion no one can win from me n eat more than me.
Aradhya – really? Even I’m a champion so lets hv a competition.
Aryan – cccompetition….
Aradhya – u got scared..! Ur a champion of this right..!
Aryan – scared n Aryan. Never.
Aradhya – then lets start..
They both start eating. N Aryan is continuously seeing aaru.

Shivani n Varun r talking abt them at the chat stall.
Shivani- they both r looking so cute together.
Varun – now I’m sure that Aryan loves Aradhya.
Shivani – how..?
Varun – see what he I doing.
Shivani – he’s just eating paani Puri.
Varun – but he doesn’t like it.
Shivani – what..!
Varun- aryan doesn’t likes paani Puri n never eats but today. For n with Aradhya he is eating it. This totally proves that he loves Aradhya n wants to see a smile on her face.
Shivani n Varun smile.

Aradhya n Aryan r still eating paani Puri. They both then together sayy- stop now ! I cant eat more!
They both then start laughing.
Aradhya – not bad Aryan
Aryan – I told u its not easy to win from me but u too were tough to win from.
Aradhya n Aryan smile looking at each other.

PRECAP – all the four r sitting in a park in a circle. Aryan looks into Aradhya’s eyes n sings hum ter bin ab reh nahi sakte… ( tum hi ho).

Hope u liked it. Thnx every one for the support. Loved ur response for the last episode. Please give the same response on this epi too. Would be waiting for ur comments so plzzz do comment. N don’t forget to read the next episode…till then enjoy ?

Credit to: NISHA SINGH

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