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AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One (7)

Hi guys! This is Nisha again. Sorry for the late update. Plzz do comment everyone. I know many people r silent readers even I was a one but when I started writing I realized that when we ff writers get comments we really feel happy n r motivated. Be it negative or positive but plzzz all the silent readers there plzz comment.
N I’m really happy as Poorva n Aryan r not married they r just acting so. I’m so so so happy. Now at least AaRa can easily unite as there is no problem of the second marriage.

Characters involved –

Outside the college-
Shivani n Varun r standing together.
Shivani – I hope Aradhya n Aryan r fine.
Varun – yaa…n now we hv no other option than going to the police.

AaRa in the truck-
Aryan to the driver – now take left from here.
Aradhya – Aryan when will we reach…aah
Aryan – Baby we r just gonna reach.
Aryan to the driver – yes stop here only.(when they reach outside the college gate)
Aradhya – thanku bhaiyaa u helped us so much.
Driver – but where is the hospital this is a college..?
Aryan – hhhhospital its behind the college we’ll manage to go there.
Driver – but ur wife is not in a condition to walk let me leave u there.
Aradhya – nooo (she shouts)
Driver gets type of scared
Aradhya – I mean u helped us so much n now we can not ask for more help from u. Thanku
Driver – but…
They don’t reply n quickly come down from the truck n during this the bag which Aaru had kept inside her dress falls down. The driver sees this n gets shocked and angry.
Aradhya – oh no!
Aryan – now what?
Aradhya n Aryan together – now runn…..
Driver – hey wait u both dramebaaz where r u going I will not leave u.
Aryan n Aradhya run.

Outside the college –
Shivani n Varun move towards the college gate n clash with Aryan n Aradhya.
Varun – Aryan Aradhya where were u the whole night..?
Shivani – r u both fine..? We were so worried for u n we were just going to the police.
Aryan – let us first breathe.
Aradhya – n don’t worry we r fine.
Aryan – actually what happened….(Aradhya n Aryan tell what all had happened)
Varun – ooh so that means u both hv enjoyed together…I mean the rain n then u were both alone in a forest for the whole night n then the husband -wife acting…wow this looks like a movie.
Aryan n Aradhya get shy.
Shivani – now stop it Varun they both are feeling shy.
Aryan – Varun I’ll see u just wait.
Aradhya – Shivani u too ?
Shivani n Varun start laughing. Shivani notices that Aradhya has badly hurt her both hands.
Shivani – Aaru what is this…(holding her hands) u hv badly hurt both of ur hands.
Aryan – (holds her hand) Aradhya n u didn’t even tell me u shld hv applied some medicine how careless r u n I knw if Shivani wouldn’t have seen this u would not tell this to anyone.
Aradhya – calm down Aryan I’m okay.
Aryan -so this is ok.
Shivani – looks like some one is very considered for Aradhya.
Aradhya – Shivani.
Shivani – ok ok I’m sorry.
Varun – the class will start in 20mins so u both go n change.
Aryan – ya n Aradhya plzz put some medicine on ur hands.
Aradhya – okkkkaaaaay.

In the class after 20 mins-
Shivani n Varun r sitting on the first bench n Aryan is sitting a behind then n waiting fir Aradhya. He is continuously looking at the door.
Shivani – Aryan r u waiting for someone.
Aryan – no nothing like that
Varun – cummon Aryan now u will lie to us..?
Aryan- y will I wait for Aradhya..?
Shivani – but we did not say that u r waiting for Aradhya.
Varun – so u r waiting for Aradhya..?
Aradhya comes in the class.
Aradhya- sorry I got a little late.
Shivani – its okay to us but someone was madly waiting for u.
Aradhya – who..?
Varun – of course Aryan..?
Aryan – Varun ke bachche…they r just joking Aradhya nothing like that.
Aradhya sits next to Aryan.
Aryan – hv u applied some medicine on ur hands.
Aradhya – yes yes yes I hv.
The professor comes n starts his lecture. Aradhya starts making notes but is not able to write n feels pain in her hands.
Aradhya – aouch!
Aryan – Aradhya r u okay…(holding his hand)
Ta raara Ra plays n Aradhya just sees Aryan as he’s caring so much for her.
Aryan- I’ll write the notes for u. U just sit n listen to the lecture.
Aradhya – but what about ur notes…
Aryan – that I will copy later.
Aradhya – no it’s ok
Aryan keeps his hand or Aradhya’s mouth.
Aryan – now will u keep quite.
Aryan starts writing the notes n Aradhya’s eyes r also just on him ta raara raa plays.

When the class gets over-
Aryan – let’s go to the canteen guys.
Aradhya – yaa I will too come with u.
Varun – Aryan n Aradhya u go to the canteen I need to talk to Shivani so we’ll come later.
Shivani- even I need to talk to u Varun.
Aryan – ok
Aradhya n Aryan move towards the canteen.

In the canteen-
Aryan – yaar I didn’t know that u act so well. U shld be an actress in movies.
Aradhya- u too r not that bad I mean u too can join me in movies.
Aryan n Aradhya start to laugh.
Aradhya – Aryan I’m really hungry. Let’s eat something I hvn’t eaten something since last night.
Aryan – yaa even I haven’t eaten anything.
Aryan brings food for Aradhya n himself n keeps it on the table. They start eating. Then Aryan notices that Aradhya is not able to eat.
Aryan – Aradhya wait..!
He takes a bite from her plate n bring it towards Aradhya’s mouth.
Aryan – I’ll make u eat the food…ok
Aradhya opens her mouth n eats the food from Aryan’s hand.

PRECAP – Aryan is lying on his bed n thinking about Aradhya. On the other side Aradhya is sitting on her bed n thinking about Aryan. She goes to the window n sees the moon. N Aryan too at the same time is seeing the moon.

Hope ur liking my story n sorry for the late updates but I’ll try to update faster now. Till then enjoy ? N don’t forget to comment.

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  1. Loved it yaar …. Keep on writing

    1. Nice one but it was too short

      1. Ya I know todays epi was short cause I’m out of town n I’m not getting time to write. So all that I could write I have uploaded that. But I’ll try to make the next one longer. ?

    2. Thnx a lot osheen aggarwal ?

  2. Hi Nisha!….I was a silent reader but your ff forced me to comment…..and please don’t feel bad for no comments because I believe that there are many silent readers like me….and they will definitely comment after reading your ff…..I really love love love love??????????☺️☺️☺️ your ff….and please don’t even to stop…..keep going lovely ff❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  3. Hi Nisha!….I was a silent reader but your ff forced me to comment…..and please don’t feel bad for no comments because I believe that there are many silent readers like me….and they will definitely comment after reading your ff…..I really love love love love??????????☺️☺️☺️ your ff….and please don’t even think to stop…..keep going lovely ff❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

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