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AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One (6)

Hi everyone! This is Nisha Again. Sorry for the late update. Hope u like today’s episode. Plzzz do comment everyone n thnx for ur support?

Characters involved –

Aaru is rubbing the stones. The dry grass catches fire.
Aradhya – see I did it.
Aryan is lost in dreams n is just admiring Aradhya.
Aradhya – Aryan r u listening. Aryan?
Aradhya goes to him n shouts in his ears.

Aradhya (loudly) – Aryaaaaaaan
Aryan gets conscious
Aryan- what happened why did u shout.
Aradhya – because u were not listening to me u were in some other world.
Aryan- wo actually I
Aradhya – don’t tell me cause I knw u were thinking something.
They both start laughing. Aru sits next to him n in front there is a fire lit n they start chatting.
Aradhya – okay so tell me about what r u always dreaming I mean thinking of.?
Aryan – nothing
Aradhya – I knw ur hidding something. Am I ur frnd.
Aryan – yes!
Aradhya – then cummon u hv to tell me.

Aryan – r u sure
Aradhya – ofcurse.tell me what ur thinking about all the time.
Aryan – about
Aradhya – about..?
Aryan – u (he forgets that he was talking to Aaru)
Aradhya – what..? Me!
Aryan – yyyyes about u. I mean I feel that I’m so Lucky cause dinosaur are no more now but still i hv seen a dinosaur who is even my friend.
Aradhya – very funny (smiles slightly)
Aryan too smiles seeing her
N they keep on talking….

In the hostel-
Varun n Shivani come outside the college.
Varun- Shivani what happened..? Did u find Aradhya…?
Shivani – no Varun Aradhya is not in her room. N what about Aryan did u find him.?
Varun- even he’s not there.
Shivani – so what shld we do now…? Shld we go to the police..?
Varun – no I think we shld wait for sometime more maybe they hv gone out or something. If they r not back till tmrw morning then we will go to the police.
Shivani- hmm… Hope they r fine.

Back to AaRa in the morning –
Aradhya is sitting next to Aryan. They both r sleeping. Aradhya is sleeping with her head on Aryan’s shoulder.
The sunrises n the sunrays fall on Aryan’s eyes. He wakes up n realizes that Aradhya is just next to her n is sleeping. He gets mesmerized by her beauty. He just sees her sleeping. Ta raara Ra plays.
The sunrays then fall on Aradhya’s eyes. Aryan keeps his hand in front of her eyes to block the sunlight falling on aaru’s eyes so that she doesn’t wakes up. But Aradhya wakes up she sees Aryan’s care towards her n they share an eye lock. Ta raara raa plays.

In the morning at the college –
Shivani is in her room she calls Varun. Varun is also in his Room. He picks up the call.
Shivani- Aaru is still not back..?
Varun – Aryan is also not back..?
Shivani – so shld we go too the police..?
Varun – yes I think now we need the help of the police. Get ready n after that meet me outside the college then we will report to the police.
Shivani – ok!

Back to AaRa-
They r standing at the main road.
Aradhya – Aryan know what will we do. In sometime the class will also start n Shivani n Varun would be worried for us.
Aryan – we hv only one option to reach college n that is taking lift from someone.
Aradhya – see a truck is coming.
Aradhya turns back n does something. When she turns , she had put her bag under her dress n she pretends to be pregnant.
Aryan – what r u doing..?
Aradhya – u wanna reach college on time right then go n stop that truck.
Aryan goes b stops the truck.

Truck driver – what happened y did u stop me.
Aradhya comes there.
Aradhya – bhiyaa he’s my husband. N I’m pregnant.
Aryan – what..?
Aradhya – yes!
Aryan yyyaa she is my wife.
Aradhya- I’m having labour pain n we need to reach the hospital. (she acts as if she is in pain) aah aah
Aryan – don’tworey Aradhya u hv called him bhaiyaa he will definitely help u he is a very good man right bhaiyaa..? He will take us to the hospital.
Driver – (is a bit confused)
Aradhya – aaaaahhh aaaaaahh bhaiyaa plzzz help us.

Driver – ok ok sit inside.
Aryan – thanku bhaiya
Aradhya winks(aankh marna) to Aryan.
Aryan smiles.
They go n sit I the truck n the driver starts the truck.

PRECAP- Aradhya n Aryan r sitting in the canteen.
Aryan- wow u act so well u shld be a actress in movies.
Aradhya – u too r not that bad I mean u too can join me in the movies ?
They both then start laughing ?

Hope u hv liked it. Plzz do comment. Thnx for reading…?

Well I also hv a bad news for you guys…
As we all know Aryan n Aradhya will get Married but soon after their marriage Aryan will also mary Poorva ☹ moreover he will lock Aradhya in the store room ☹ n will not behave very badly with her ☹crying ? ??

Credit to: NISHA SINGH

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