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AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One (5)

Hey people! This is Nisha again with a new totally romantic nok-jhok episode. So this time in the pic uploaded Aryan is holding Aradhya n is saving her from falling n this scene is also there in my Toda episode n this pic also indicates some romance n love which is there in my epi too so enjoy. N yes do comment n give ur suggestions to help me improve my story ?

Characters involved –

It starts raining ☔ Aaru gets happy n start playing with the rain drops. Aryan also gets happy n smiles by seeing Aradhya happy n enjoying. Aradhya then goes I the middle of the road n starts jumping n dancing n enjoying. Aryan is continuously seeing her n ta raara raa plays In the background. Aradhya then comes to Aryan.
Aradhya – Aryan u also come na it is so beautiful.
Aryan – no I’m okay u go n enjoy.
Aradhya – u r really boring.

Aradhya holds Aryan’s hand, pulls him n takes him with her. Cham Cham Cham song (of baaghi) plays n Aradhya is dancing n jumping n Aryan iis enjoying seeing her dancing. While Aaru is jumping her leg slips n she is about to fall but Aryan holds her. Ta raara raa plays in the background. They share n eye lock. Aradhya then moves back n feels pain in her right leg.
Aradhya- ouch!
Aryan- (with much care) Aradhya r u ok.
Aradhya- yaa.
Aryan – r u sure..?
Aradhya – yes ( with pain in voice)
Aryan – then lets go we need to go back to the car.
Aradhya – ok
As Aaru moves her right leg she feels pain.
Aradhya – Aah! Ouch!

Aryan – (worriedly) Aradhya r u fine. What happened?
Aradhya – nothing I think when my leg slipped I got hurt n its paining badly when I walk.
Aryan – y didn’t u tell me before n what was the need of jumping if u would have got hurt more then? Ur really crazy.
Aradhya – relax Aryan I hv got hurt not u y r u so worried.
Aryan – so if u hv got hurt will it not matter to me
Aradhya looks at him
Aryan – i mean we r friends right.
Aradhya – hmmmm…so lets go
Aryan – but how will u walk
Aradhya – I’ll do it some how
Aradhya is not able to walk properly. Aryan comes there, n holds him to give her support. Aaru looks at him with love n ta raara raa plays.

At the venue place-
Varun n Shivani r standing under the shade n it is still raining.
Shivani – where r Aaru n Aryan
Varun – they went somewhere but r not yet back.
Shivani – let me call Aaru….she is not picking up the phone.
Varun- let me call Aryan….his phone is switched off.
Shivani – hope they r fine.

Varun- maybe they had went to the hostel.
Shivani – maybe
Varun- so lets go back n check I hv my car here so we’ll go by it.
Shivani – ok lets go.
They both leave for the hostel by Varun’s car.

Back to AaRa-
They reach at the place where the car is parked.
Aradhya – what r u waiting for. Take out the keys.
Aryan checks his pocket but doesn’t finds the keys.
Aryan – oh no ! I hv lost the keys.
Aradhya – check it again
Aryan – it’s not there
Aradhya – now what ur really low IQ
Aryan – oh 2 foot Ki dinosaur I didn’t do that intentionally.
Aradhya – but what will we do now.
Aryan – let’s call Varun he will come by his car n take us.
Aradhya – hmmm…ok
Aryan takes out his phone but finds that it is not working.
Aryan – my phone is not working as it has got wet. So u take out ur phone
Aradhya – I left my phone in my room.
Aryan – now what! We hv stuck here, it is raining n this is a lonely road n this is all because of a 2 for Ki dinosaur. U wanted to go for a walk , u wanted to be wet n u made me wet too.
Aradhya – oh wow! So u mean that this all happened becz of me. So y didn’t u stopped me from coming for a walk n y did u become wet did I forced u to come with me.
Aryan – ok I’m sorry all this is my mistake alright.there is no point in fighting here in between a lonely road. We shld find some place to stay over night n tomorrow morning we can ask for help from someone .
Aradhya – okay.

The road is along a forest so they move into the forest to find a shelter.
Aradhya- Aryan Wai for me I can’t walk more faster than this.
Aryan – oh sorry I forgot about ur foot. Wait I’m coming.
Aryan goes to Aaru n again holds her to give support. After covering some distance Aradhya sees a hut type of thing in the forest.
Aradhya – Aryan see there is a small hut lets see if we can stay there.
Aryan – hmm lets go.
They go there n find that the hut was empty n no one is there.
Aryan – cool so we hv some shelter for this night.
There is dry grass they both sit on a distance n opposite to each other. Cold air starts blowing n Aradhya feels cold. Aryan notices that. Aryan gets up n starts to leave.
Aradhya – were r u going Aryan?
Aryan – u be here. I’ll be back soon.
Aryan brings 2 stones n some wood sticks. He keeps some wood n dry grass n starts rubbing the stones together.
Aryan- u were feeling cold right?
Aradhya just sees Aryan with love. Ta raara raa plays N then suddenly aryan gets hurt while rubbing the stones. Aradhya goes to him n holds his hand.
Aradhya – did u hurt urself? Show me.
His hand was bleeding.
Aradhya – give me ur handkerchief.
Aryan gives it to her.
Aradhya – ties it on his wound
Ta raara plays n Aryan again gets into dreams.

Aradhya – give the stones to me.
Aryan – no I’ll do it
Aradhya – u just sit here quietly
She takes the stones from Aryan’s hand n starts rubbing them. Ta raara raa plays n Aryan is just seeing Aaru.

PRECAP- Aradhya n Aryan r sleeping n they r sitting next to each other. Aradhya’s head is on Aryan’s shoulder. Aryan wakes up n sees Aaru romantically as she is sleeping by keeping her head on his shoulder. The sunrays falls on Aaru’s face so Aryan blacks the rays by his hand so that Aaru doesn’t wakes up.

Hope u liked this episode. N as u can see tmrws episode also has AaRa love scenes ❤ so don’t forget to check it n plzzz do comment. Till then enjoy ?

Credit to: NISHA SINGH

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