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AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One (4)

Hi! Friends this is Nisha Singh again.Thanku everyone for your comments. I am glad to know that u all r liking the story.
So in my story, I hv take n base same but there will be no role of the krishnadsi thing as this is a short FF related to only the love story of Aryan n Aradhya. N yes the pic that is uploaded will be related to that episode. For example – in the first episode there was a fight between Aryan n Aradhya so the puc was also the same n in the 3 FF AaRa became frns so in the pic they were holding hands that indicates that they become friends. ?

Characters involved-

In Aradhya’s room-
Aaru is wearing a white coloured knee length One piece dress n is lokin adorable. She wears white colour heels n then combs her hair.

In Aryan’s room –
He is wearing a black pant n white shirt with a loose black tie. He wears black shoes n combs his hair hair.

In Aradhya’s room –
Aaru decorates her hair with white flowers n looks in the mirror.
Aradhya- WOW! Aaru ur looking beautiful now that low IQ will not be taking off his eyess from u ? she smiled looking at the mirror.

In Aryan’s room-
Aryan wears his watch n looks in the mirror.
Aryan – not bad Aryan. Ur looking handsome dude. Now that 2 foot Ki dinosaur will be just looking at u ? he smiles looking in the mirror.
Arya goes to Varun’s room
Aryan – Varun u go to the venue n check for the arrangements n I will bring Aradhya n Shivani.
Varun- alright
Varun leaves.

Aradhya’s room –
Aradhya goes to Shivani’s room ( Shivani yet doesn’t know about this plan) Shivani is sitting on her bed n studying.
Shivani – arey aaru! Ur looking beautiful! Are u going somewhere..?
Aradhya – thank you Shivani. Ya we r going out.
Shivani – we..?
Aradhya- yes we u n me. I m getting bored. So lets go out n enjoy. So ur coming right?
Shivani- yes ok but where r we going n that too like suddenly a plan to go out.
Aradhya – first u get ready otherwise we will get late n I will answer all ur questions on our way.
Aradhya takes out a beautiful pink dress from Shivani’s cupboard n says her to wear that. She does her makeover n she too looks beautiful.
Aradhya – Wow! Shivani ur looking so pretty.
Shivani – thanks Aaru that’s actually becz of u.
Aradhya – so lets leave.
Shivani – okay but where?
Aradhya – no question Shivani.
They both leave.

Outside the college –
Aryan is waiting outside the college for Aaru n Shivani in his car. He opens the car door n comes out.
Aryan – all these girls r the same. What she was saying” I will be there on time ” n I’m waiting for her here for more that 20 mins.
Aradhya n Shivani reach there. Aryan sees Aaru n gets in to dreams. He can’t take his eyes off her. Ta raara Ra plays in the background. Aradhya comes in front of her n claps in front of his face. Aryan gets back.
Aradhya – what happened. I m looking so beautiful that u went in dreams.
Aryan- no actually I was thinking something. But leave all this I m waiting here for 20 mins what u were saying that u will be on time. I hv seen how punctual u r. Next time I’ll leave u n go.
Aradhya – oh hello! See the time in ur watch I had to come at 8 n its still 10 mins to 8.
Aryan gets speechless.
Shivani – u both started again. But Aaru y is Aryan waiting for us is he also coming..?
Aradhya – I said no question Shivani. When we reach there u will understand everything.
Aryan – ok so lets leave .
They all sit in the car n leave.

At the venue place-
Aryan- so girls we have reached.
They come out of the car. There is a beautiful place decorated with lights, candles n flowers in the middle there is a table with 2 chairs.
Shivani sees the arrangements n gets happy.
Shivani – wow! Soo well decorated. It is looking lovely.
Aradhya – yes Shivani its beautiful.
Shivani – but y hv we come here?
Aryan- that Varun will tell u.
Varun comes there.
Varun – Shivani all this is for u
Shivani – really u did all this?
Varun – yes for u. I’m sorry for yesterday.
They both hug each other.
Aradhya n Aryan – ahum .! ahum .!
Aradhya – Aryan we both r like kabab Mein haddi here so lets go.
Aryan – actually but where shld we go?
Aradhya – donno but lets go.

Aryan – ok then sit in the car..
Aryan derives the car while Aradhya is continuously talking.
Aradhya – stop the car
Aryan – y what happened
Aradhya – plzzz Aryan stop the car
Aryan – ok ok
He stops the car. Aradhya comes out of the car n moves towards the ice cream vender. Aryan follows her.
Aradhya to vender- bhaiya give one chocolate ice cream.
Aradhya – N Aryan what will u take?
Aryan – bhaiya a chocolate ice cream for me too.
The gender gives them the ice cream.
Aradhya – kitna Hua? ( how much money?)
Vender – ₹100 madam.
Aradhya was going to give money when Aryan stops her n gives the money.
Aradhya – I was giving the money so y did u give.?
Aryan – u eat ur ice cream or else it will melt. N its totaly okay so lets go.
Aradhya – ok
After eating d ice cream Aryan was going to sit in the car when Aradhya stops him.
Aradhya – let’s walk. See today is such a beautiful day.
Aryan – ok as u wish.
They start to walk.

Aradhya – Varun is so romantic. See he planned such a beautiful surprise for Shivani but u look so boring.
Aryan – really? I’m boring? All that plan was mine even that decoration was done by me.
Aradhya – sach Mein. That means ur not that boring. By d way nice idea.
Aryan – thanku very much.
N suddenly it starts to rain. Aradhya becomes very happy n enjoys the rain n aryan becomes happy seeing Aaru n just sees her. Ta raara Ra plays in the background.

PRECAP – It is raining n Aradhya is getting wet n jumping n dancing in rain. Aryan is seeing Aradhya n is smiling n ta raara Raa is playing in background. Aradhya goes to Aryan , holds his hand n pulls him to join her enjoy. Aradhya is jumping n her leg slips Aryan holds her n they share an eye lock n ta raara raa plays again.

Hope u liked this episode too. Plzz don’t forget to comment. N as I said more of AaRa scenes will now be there. N tomorrow’s episode is really very romantic as u can see by d Precap so surely check it n till then enjoy ?

Credit to: NISHA SINGH

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  4. Sorry there is a spelling error *gender that is actually *vender.

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  6. Awesome wowwww nisha very lovelyyyyyy episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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