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AaRa- Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One (3)

Hey friends! This is Nisha Again. Happy to see ur comments. N this time too plz do comment n todays episode will introduce a new character that is not really there in the show. So that is an additional character.

Characters Involved –
Vicky- he is a bad guy who has an eye on aaru n will be misbehaving with her.

In the morning-
Aradhya – friends
Aryan – friends
Then suddenly Aryan hears a weird sound ‘tring-tring tring-tring’ he opens his eyes n gets up n realizes that it was a dream n he has yet not said Aradhya sorry.
Aryan – oh so it was a dream! I knew that she will never talk to me nicely. In dreams also she is so rude. But y shld I think of her I hv to go for the classes.
He gets up n goes to the washroom to freshen up.

In the college-
Varun – Aryan what shld we do now.?
Aryan – I hv a plan.
He tells his plan to Varun
Varun- great! But we also need the help of Aradhya to Bring Shivani.
Aryan – hmm.. Okay so u go n say sorry to Shivani n I will talk about d surprise to that 2 foot Ki dinosaur.
Aryan recives a call n says Varun to go. Varun leaves to talk to Shivani n Aryan is busy talking on phone.

Shivani n Aradhya r standing outside the college when Varun comes there.
Varun- Shivani can I talk to u for a minute. Will u please come with me.
Aradhya- go Shivani go! I will be waiting for u here only.
Shivani n Varun leave. Aradhya is alone there. Vicky sees Aradhya alone n plans something bad.

On the other side Varun apologises to Shivani
Varun – I’m really sorry Shivani. I promise this will never happen again.
Shivani doesn’t replies him. Varun then takes out a ring from his pocket n holds Shivani’s hand n makes her wear the ring.
Varun- I love you Shivani plz forgive me. I promise this will never happen again.
Shivani – I love you too
They both Hug each other n r busy in their romance.
Aryan is still talking on phone.

On the other side Aradhya is waiting for Shivani n Vicky comes from behind n keeps his hand on her shoulder. Aaru turns back .
Aradhya – yes what happened.
Vicky – I’m in love with u. Ur so hot I mean let’s go out today evening u’ll have fun with me.
He tries to come close to Aradhya but Aradhya pushes him.
Aradhya – how dare u. Just stay away that would be better for you otherwise
Vicky – what otherwise.
he holds Aradhya from her waist n aaru again pushes her n slaps him hard on his face.
Vicky – how dare u slap me now I hv to teach u a nice lesson.
He tries to forcefully touch Aradhya n aaru tries to save herself during all this Vicky tears Aradhya’s sleeves (of her dress). N Vicky tries to come close to Aradhya n he was just going to touch her when Aryan comes n gives him a punch ? on his face. Vicky falls down. They start to fight. N during the fight Aryan gets hurt in his hand. Finally Aryan defeats Vicky.
Aryan- how dare u touch Aradhya. This time I’m leaving u but if next time I see u around Aradhya u would be in a big trouble. Don’t even try to harm her.
Aryan puts Vicky in Aradhya’s feet
Aryan- say her sorry.
Vicky – sorry Aradhya ur like my sister I’ll even never come around u.
Vicky runs from there. Aradhya is crying. Aryan goes to her.
Aryan- Aradhya r u okay..?
Aradhya doesn’t says anything n just hugs aryan. Aryan also holds her.
Aryan- Aradhya stop crying that Vicky will never harm u now. Nothing has happened stop crying. I’m here only no one can touch u now.
Aradhya gets back. Aryan removes his jacket n makes Aradhya wear it.
Aradhya – Aryan thanku thanku so much if u would hv not come then what Vicky would hv…
Aryan keeps his hand on her mouth.
Aryan – but nothing happened I came n saved u n u hv also thanked me right so now stop crying.
When Aryan keeps his hand on aaru’s mouth she sees his wound.
Aradhya – u hv got hurt.
Aryan- yaaa. But it will get okay.
Aradhya – come with me.
Aryan- aaru it’s really fine.
Aradhya- can’t u keep quiet.
She takes her outside the girls hostel.
Aradhya- wait here. I’ll be back in 5 mins.
Aradhya goes to her room. She comes back after changing her clothes n also brings a first aid ? box.
Aradhya- sit on that bench
Thre is a bench.Aryan n aaru sit on that bench.
Aradhya puts the bandade on Aryan’s wound while Aryan is just seeing Aaru. Ta raara Ra plays in the background.
Aradhya – Aryan I wanna say something.
Aryan – ya tell
Aradhya – actually I want to say sorry for what I did last night. I shldn’t hv talked like that.
Aryan- even I m sorry. I also overreacted.
Aryan n Aradhya (together say)- sorry
They then start laughing.
Aryan-( brings his hand forward) so friends..?
Aradhya -( holds his hand) friends ? by the way u r not that bad.
Aryan – yaa n u know what u r also…not that bad.
They again start laughing.
Aaru – now lets go for the class.
Aryan – hmm…yes.
They move towards the college.
Aryan n Aradhya r sitting in the same class. Where Aaru is making notes n Aryan’s eyes r just on Aaru. Ta raara ra plays in the background. The class gets over n Aryan is still in dreams. Aaru comes there n sees Aryan dreaming. She claps on front of his face.
Aryan comes back to earth.
Aryan- what happened
Aradhya – what happened to u..?where u dreaming
Aryan – wo actually I was thinking about something. Arey leave that actually I n Varun have planned something for Shivani so I just wanted to talk to u about the same.
Aaru – oh wow so shldx we Tal in the canteen..?
Aryan- yaa fine

In the canteen-
They are sitting on a table with 4 chairs.
Aradhya – yaa so what’s the plan.
Aryan- (tells about the surprise)
Aradhya – wow! Nice idea I’m impressed.
Aryan- u knw what this is my idea
Aradhya – not bad.
Aryan- so I’ll be waiting in my car outside the college n plzz be on time cause you girls take so much time in getting ready.
Aradhya- lets see! I’ll be there on time n then tell me if I was late.
Aryan – okay then lets see.
Shivani n Varun also come there n sit on the left 2 chairs.
Varun – what r u talking about n one minute low IQ n 2 foot Ki dinosaur together..? How come?
Shivani- is every thing now ok between u..? N Aaru where were u?
Aradhya – where were u ? I was waiting for u for so long.if u r back together that doesn’t mean that u’ll forget me.
Shivani – achcha achcha sorry but what happened to u both?
Aryan – well…yes we r friends now.
Varun- but how?
Aradhya tell all that had happened.
Shuvani- I’m sorry aaru. I shld hv been there with u. R u okay.
Aradhya – yes, all thanks to Aryan. He came on time n saved me otherwise.
Aryan- lets leave that topic.
They all start chatting.

PRECAP- Aradhya is wearing a white coloured knee lenght one piece n hving open curly hair decorated with white flowers ? n is loking adorable and aryan is wearing a black suit with white shirt n a loose black tie n is lokin handsome like always. When Aryan sees Aradhya he gets into dreams n just stares her.

Hope u guys liked this one too. Plzz keep commenting n suggesting so that I can improve n entertain u guys. The next epi will be a total romance so check it surely n till then enjoy ?

Credit to: NISHA SINGH

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