Aara- Two Hearts That Beat As One (Episode 2)

Aara- Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One

Hope u people liked my previous episode n thnx for the comment. This time also don’t forget to comment n give ur suggestions. Also a good news for u all from the next episode onwards there will be more of aara romance scenes…?

Characters involved:

At Night In Aradhya’s room-
Aradhya is with Shivani n is very angry on Aryan.
Aradhya- idiot, low IQ. He’s so irritating

Shivani- I think u said him more than what was required
Aradhya- Shivani, u r my friend or his frnd. Why ur taking his side. N u saw how he was talking to me n what he said me 2 foot dinosaur. ?
Shivani- But first u said him low IQ n then he named u 2 foot Ki dinosaur.
Aradhya- But he came n interfered in ur n varun’s fight. He even didn’t know why u were fighting n he was blaming girls.
Shivani- u also interfered in our fight right? Did u knw y we were fighting? I think u should say him sorry.
Aradhya- Sorry to that low IQ never
Shivani – achcha okay no one can win from u.
Aradhya – (smiles) but y were u fighting..? What happened.?
Shivani – ya I’ll tell u…..

In Aryan’s room-
Aryan is also very angry ?
Aryan – what does that crazy girl thinks about herself. 2 foot Ki dinosaur.
Varun – Aryan u said her very much. U shldn’t hv done that.
Aryan- u knw what u hv become mad in love. U were saying sorry to Shivani okay but that doesn’t mean that that 2 foot Ki dinosaur was right.
Varun – I was saying Shivani sorry cause I was wrong. I have hurt her.
Aryan- really..? I mean what happened? Is everything fine?
Varun- no actually this time we were wrong n we shld say the girls sorry
Aryan- but y what did u do
Varun- ya I’ll tell u ….

Shivani to Aradhya n Varun to Aryan at d same time
Shivani- actually today was a very special day 4 me n Varun but he forgot it.
Varun- On today’s day I n Shivani met last year shld hv taken her 4 a date or something but I forgot that n she must be hurt. U knw girls r very emotional n they really like things like this. I shld do something special for her n apologies to her.

Again back to Aryan’s room-
Aryan- hmmm.. So u mean that u n me both were wrong n shld say sorry to them.
Varun – yes! N u too hv to say sorry to Aradhya.
Aryan- No never! Teri galti hai u go n say sorry to her tomorrow after the classes. Now I am going to sleep (he yawns)
Varun- But…
Aryan- no but u too go to sleep…gn.
Aryan switches off the lights n goes to bed n sleeps. Varun also goes to his room.

Aradhya’s room-
Aradhya- see Shivani I told u all these boys r the same. But don’t worry I knw Varun is a nice boy he is not like his frnd Aryan he will definitely say sorry n do something to make u happy. But for then let’s sleep it’s late night now n I’m feeling very sleepy ?
Shivani- hmm..hope so. Gn aaru.
Aradhya – gn
Aradhya offs the lights n Shivani goes to her room.

Aradhya goes to her bed n thinks about Aryan.
Aradhya- shld I say him sorry..? I donno but if he apologises n accepts his mistake tmrw n behaves nicely then I’ll also say sorry. Bit Aradhya now sleep u hv to attend the classes tmrw

In the morning –
Aryan is walking with Varun in the corridor n he strikes with Aradhya. Aradhya slips n is about to fall but Aryan holds her by her waist. Ta raara Raa plays in the background n they share an eye lock.
Shivani n Varun together – ahum! ahum!
Aradhya n Aryan move aside.
Aryan- i want to say something Aradhya – what..? Speak fast I don’t have time.
Aryan- it was my mistake. So sorry 2 foot Ki dinosaur (a bit rudely)
Aradhya- see low IQ I told u boys r every time wrong n so say sorry.
Aryan- see don’t start again I have said u sorry.
Aradhya- thanku very much aryan ji for the sorry. Oh hello u r not doing any favour on me by saying this sorry. Who says sorry like this so rudely.
Aryan- ah sorry I shldnt hv talked to you like that.
Aradhya – what..? Actually I was not able to hear you can u plz repeat yourself.
Shivani – aaru…..
Aradhya- okay okay…. I am sorry Aryan I should also have not behaved like that.
Aryan- so friends…?
He brings his hand forward……..Aradhya too holds his hand
Aradhya – friends ?

PRECAP- Aradhya is wearing a white coloured knee lenght one piece n hving open curly hair decorated with white flowers ? n is loking adorable and aryan is wearing a black suit with white shirt n a loose black tie n is lokin handsome like always. When Aryan sees Aradhya he gets into dreams n just stares her.

Hope u guys r liking my story. Plz don’t forget to comment n next episode is gonna be a blast so make sure you check it. Till then enjoy ?

Credit to: NISHA SINGH


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