Aara- Two Hearts That Beat As One (Episode 1)

Aara – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One

Hi everyone there! This is Nisha n this is my first KD FF so plzzz support me n do comment. Hope u enjoy reading…

Characters involved:

*Aradhya, Aryan, Shivani n Varun study in d same college.
*Aradhya n Shivani r best frns n Aryan n Varun r best frns.
* Aryan n Varun live in boys hostel n Aradhya n Shivani live in girls hostel.
* Girls college is on the right of the college n boys college is on the left of the college.

•Aradhya’s room
Aradhya is sitting on her bed n getting bored
Aradhya- such a boring day. Nothing to do. Think Aaru think Aaru. Idea! Let me go to Shivani n chat with her.
She goes to Shivani’s room
Aaru- Shivani r u there..?
She opens d door n doesn’t finds Shivani
Aaru- oh ho where has she gone n where shld I look for her.

•Aryan’s Room
Aryan- where is this Varun. He’s gonna miss the match today. I guess he’d be sleeping. Let me call him.
He goes to Varun’s room to call him but when he opens d door he doesn’t find Varun.
Aryan- Varun where r u..? Oh no now I need to search for him.

They both come out of the hostel to find Shivani n Varun. N they see Varun n Shivani fighting. Aryan goes there.
Aryan to Shivani – hey Shivani I know that u r varun’s gf but u can’t talk to my frnd like that.
Aradhya also comes there.
Aradhya to Aryan- oh hello! How can u talk to my frnd like this. It must be ur frnd Varun’s mistake that’s y Shivani is talking to him like that n that is y Varun is saying sorry to Shivani.
Aryan – this is the problem. These girls always blame the boys n never accept their mistakes. N Varun r u mad y r u saying sorry.
Shivani- varun tell everyone.
Varun- yes..ssss Aryan I said sorry because…
Aryan – what because…u knw what it is very difficult to understand these girls. I donno y but they always overreact.
Aradhya – oh low IQ I think that we girls don’t accept r mistakes right n that is because it is never our mistake it is u guys who make mistakes. N what did u say that its is difficult to understand girls but u knw what it is impossible to understand boys. Uff! But y am I talking to u. U r low IQ n so u will not understand anything.
Aryan – u said me low IQ…?
Aradhya – yes
Aryan- I am low IQ..?
Aradhya- Yesss…don’t u understand it at once.
Aryan – huh! But u knw what. I am really surprised by u.
Aradhya – y.?
Aryan – arey u r a 2 foot Ki dinosaur but u give long speeches of 5 foot. Hahaha.
Aradhya – What!
Aryan – 2 foot Ki dinosaur
Aradhya – low IQ
Aryan – 2 foot Ki dinosaur
Aradhya- low IQ low IQ low IQ
Aryan – 2 foot Ki dinooosaur 2 foot Ki dinooosaur.
Shivani (shouts)- just shut up both of u.
Varun- Aryan calm down n let us go.
Aradhya – yaaa plz go. Who is willing to talk to low IQ.
Aryan – so I also don’t want to talk to u crazy girl I mean 2 foot Ki dinosaur because of u I missed my match.
Aradhya – wow that’s good.
Shivani- enough aaru known let’s go.
Aryan- not aaru its 2 foot Ki dinosaur.
Aradhya – uff! Low IQ u r very irritating.
Aryan- n u too.
Varun takes Aryan to the boys hostel n Shivani takes Aaru to the girls hostel.

PRECAP: Aryan n Aradhya r standing facing each other.
Aryan – sorry (a bit rudely) it was my mistake.
Aradhya – see I told u it is always boys mistake.
Aryan – see I am saying sorry now.
Aradhya – who says sorry like this so rudely.
?? hope u guys liked my ff n plzzz do comment n give me ur suggestion n views

Credit to: NISHA SINGH


  1. Roma

    Awesome, lovely episode. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. Muaaaaahhhhhh

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