Aap Ke Pyaar Mein Hum Sawarne Lagay

C’mon hold her still, tie her.”

“Aaahhh aha aha.”

These voices were heard inside a mental asylum’s ward. A nurse came out and called someone.

“Sir, we did what you told us to do, she will never get fine.”

She grinned and left from there and just then a girl ran to that ward almost barging in with fresh tears running down her face. She was tired, tired of seeing her like this, tired of hearing her screams, tired of seeing her showing no progress at all, how couldn’t she be tired? Her sister had beared a lot and no one was there to get justice for her. She held her hand as her sister sat up from the sudden pain of the electroshocks that had made her whole body vibrating and caused her to sweat and cry too much and most importantly her life that had taken all her happiness from her. ‘Maya,’ she spoke softly and lovingly, she turned to her and her eyes pooled up with tears. ‘Didi,’ she said and threw her arms embracing her and she bursted into tears.

‘Didi came right? Now stop crying my dear, I promise I will take you from here, shh shh,’her sister Durga said rubbing her back as she cried bitterly. ‘I will take you soon, out of this pain and this life, I am with you and I won’t let anything happen to you.’ Maya pointed towards the sketch of cryingly. Durga went towards that sketch and burnt it to ashes. ‘Don’t keep that person’s sign anywhere, he won’t come here and even if he comes, I am here to save you right? I won’t go anywhere from here,’ she said while burning the sketch and gave her a small smile.

Later that day, Maya was sleeping and the door of the ward opened, someone came towards her and caressed her face and she woke up with a jerk. ‘No! No! Stay away from me you bas***d, I will kill you,’ she said panicking badly and had turned her face away from the person and took the vase kept on the bedside table and turned to him, as she saw the person’s face, she got enraged and looked at him with bloodshot eyes.

It was Kabir. She raised the vase to hit him but he held the vase and laughed evilly.

‘Arey re, so much anger, won’t you say hello to me? Hmm?’, he said holding her jaws tightly. She writhed in pain closing her eyes tightly. He pushed her on the bed and kept the vase back on its place coming on top of her. She could feel his hot breathe on her neck. ‘Maya baby, open your eyes,’ he said laughing evilly and drew his face closer to hers. Meanwhile outside the ward, Durga talked to someone on phone. ‘Till when will you come? Today night? Tomorrow? When?’, she asked over the phone unaware about Kabir near Maya, her chhoti.

‘Tomorrow, good job, OK I m going, Maya is alone,’ she disconnected the call and went inside the ward and the sight in front of her was enough to boil her blood. Kabir was on top of Maya who was pushing him continuously. ‘Kabir!’, she shouted enraged making both of them startle. She went near him and pushed him from top of her on the floor. She bent down and held his collars. ‘Why the hell are you here? Did you forgot what I can do or do you want me to refresh your memory?’, she said shouting at him.

Kabir was scared of her because she had made some goons beat him up in the past. ‘Will you go or should I give you a dose ?’, she asked slapping him tight and he stood up showing her his finger. ‘Bohat parr nikal aye hain,’ he said and went. She turned to Maya who was staring at the ceiling with tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘Chhoti,’ she said and held her hand but she jerked it away thinking it’s him. ‘He went, don’t you know what I did with him last time? I hired goons to beat him up, if you say I will make him paralyzed,’ she said.

Maya didn’t reacted as she was in fear of him coming again. It was his daily routine to come and scare her like this. ‘Achha mere pas na tere liye surprise hai, lekin vo tujhay kal doongi, sahi?’, she asked and Maya nodded. All this was watched by Kabir. ‘Oh, she’ll make me paralyzed? Who does she think she is? I should’ve done the same to her without wasting time,’ he said and went to his house. As soon as he entered, he was greeted by a hug. ‘Home sweet home, where were you dear?’, asked the girl who hugged her.

‘What do you think? Where would I’ve been? Guess my dear Sanju (Sanjana),’ he said as they settled on the couch. ‘Don’t tell me you went to that b*t*h,’ she said angrily.

‘Exactly, you don’t understand, if I scare her like this daily, she will never disclose the truth in front of lawConfused in the fear of me that I know her whereabouts, I just scare her and not love her,’ he said. ‘The fault is all yours duffer,’ she replied enraged. ‘My fault? Are you mad?’, he asked. ‘Yes it is your fault, its high time you should accept it.’

‘Oye bharkeeli, meri galti nahi hai OK, us ko bhi shahdi karni hi thi jab main rishta le kar gaya,’ he said defending himself. ‘Usko bhi nahi Kabir, usko hi, kiun k tumhari shahdi pehle hi mujhse bani hui thi, us se shahdi karne ka koi sawal hi nahi uthta tha, pehle hi shahdi shuda aadmi dusri shadi nahi karsakta jab tak k pehli biwi marri na ho or na hi uska divorce hua ho. Tumne sirf uski hi nahi balkay meri bhi zindagi barbaad ki hai, main hi pagal thi k tumhare sath rahi,’ she said and ran upstairs.

Jennifer Winget as Maya Bhattacharjee
Sanjeeda Sheikh as Durga Bhattacharjee
Karan Singh Grover as Kabir Sawant
Bipasha Basu as Sanjana Sawant

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  1. Nice really nice but feeling bad for Maya.The plot is brilliant .Good continue dear and update ASAP.
    Personally I feel sad for Jennifer winget.I hate karan Singh Grover .No offence to anyone it is just my personal comment.

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