Aap ke Pyaar Mein Hum Sawarne Lagay (chp 2b: The past)


As Durga drove the car, Maya’s horrible past came in front of her eyes. ‘I like Maya a lot, I will give her a lot of happiness, I won’t ever let her get sad, her problems are mine now,’ Kabir said. The alliance was fixed and she gave Maya’s hand in Kabir’s hand. A tear rolled down her cheek as she recalled how she was happy when her life got settled. ‘Mehendi laga k rakhna, doli saja k rakhna, lene tujhe o gori, aaein jo tere sajjna,’ Durga said teasing Maya as Kabir went. Maya laughed. ‘I love you di, thanks for telling dad to find someone for me first then for you,’ Maya said and kissed her forehead.

Durga wiped her tear, it was very difficult to cry and drive at once. But she couldn’t stop her tears as her sister who was once a happy soul had forgotten to smile. Kabir closed Maya in a dark room and she started banging the door. ‘Kabir, please kholo na, andheray se darr lagta hai,’ she cried, Sanjana came there and stood outside as she heard her screaming. Just then Durga came in that house to meet Maya and was about to ask Kabir about her.

But before she met Kabir, she met Sanjana as she saw her outside the store room. She ran upstairs and stood behind her but Sanjana didn’t notice her as she was busy in focusing on Maya’s voice. ‘Maya,’ she called out banging the door. ‘Sanjana please, mujhe kholo na, please na,’ she said panicking. ‘Sanjana, what did you and Kabir do with her? Open the door right now!’, Durga said angrily, Sanjana tried to open the door and saw that it had a lock on it. ‘I don’t have the key, wait a second,’ Sanjana ran downstairs and went to the kitchen.
She took a matchbox and came back upstairs. She lit the matchstick and kept it on the keyhole of the lock and the lock opened with a small burst. The duo rushed inside and saw Maya in a corner and was short on breathe, she was claustrophobic. ‘Chhoti, dekh main agayi na, chalo yahan se bahar chaltay hain,’ she said to Maya who was whimpering silently. She forwarded her hand towards her. ‘Ajao, main tujhe kuchh nahi honay doongi,’ she said and Maya placed her hand in her hand and stood up hugging her immediately.
The duo took her out. ‘Chhoti, what has happened?’, Durga asked after Maya had calmed down. ‘Sanjana and Kabir were already married, he just married me for a kid, they both have betrayed me, they took my Arya from me,’ she told her. ‘No Maya, I didn’t want to take your child, I m against what he did,’ Sanjana said and Durga slapped her. ‘How dare you? You were her friend right? Why you did this? She always helped you and what you did? You’re a stain on friendship’s name, if you were a friend, you would’ve stopped this marriage,’ she shouted.
‘You were too dumb to agree,’ said a voice and they turned to see. It was Kabir. ‘You got her married to a random person, and how dare you slap my wife? Sanju, you okay?’, he asked. ‘You should ask that to Maya,’ Durga said angrily. ‘You shut up! Maya is a trash which I m going to throw out of my house today,’ he said and held Maya’s arm. ‘Kabir leave her,’ Sanju said. ‘Quiet!’, he shouted and pulled her downstairs. ‘Kabir, you bas***d, leave her, leave!’, Durga said following them. ‘Please let me take my daughter, let me meet her,’ Maya pleaded.
He stopped at the entrance of the house. ‘Get lost Durga, else I will throw her out of the house, go!’, he shouted still having a tight grip on her arm while she struggled to free it. ‘Are you going?’, he shouted. ‘I will go taking her,’ he said. ‘You don’t have any self respect, both sisters are dramatic,’ he said and pushed Maya and after some steps, she fell on the floor. ‘Chhoti,’ Durga gasped and ran to her, Sanju was shocked as well and ran to her but Kabir caught hold of her arm firmly.
‘Stop, if she stays here, you will get away from Arya,’ he warned. ‘Kabir, what’s her fault if I m infertile?’, she asked. ‘Nothing, but I can’t hear people calling you infertile,’ he said. Sanju looked at Maya who was crying continuously on the floor and felt sorry for her. ‘Do you want to become a mother or you don’t? Do you love Arya or not?’, he asked. ‘I want to, but not like this,’ she said and ran upstairs. She came back with a little girl of about five years in her arms. She cried while coming downstairs and went outside to Maya.
Kabir looked at her with anger. ‘Maya, your daughter,’ she said and gave her to Maya. She smiled happily and hugged her. Kabir came there angrily and grabbed her arm turning her towards him. ‘What are you doing? Are you mad?’, he shouted and Durga stood before Maya and held his collars. ‘If I don’t get you beaten up, then change my name, chal chhoti,’ she said and helped her stand and was taking her but Kabir took Arya and pushed Maya, Durga held her. He took her away while Maya kept pleading to him standing on the entrance and he closed the door. ‘Kabir!’, she shouted and turned to Durga and ran to her giving her a sudden hug.
Sanju felt weak on her knees and ran to Kabir who was going upstairs but he ignored her. They reached upstairs to their room and he kept her back on the bed. ‘Kabir, yeh tumne kya kiya? Ek maa ko beti se alag kar diya,’ Sanjana said cryingly and Kabir cupped her cheeks. ‘Kabhi kabhi kisi k achhay k liye bura karna parta hai,’ he hugged her. ‘I want my daughter, di, di please,’ Maya whined. ‘Chhoti chal yahan se, tumko tumhari beti main la k doongi, tujhe bharosa hai na apni behen pe?’, she asked and Maya nodded. ‘Bas, chal yahan se,’ she took her. Durga didn’t realized a truck was coming from the opposite direction and it clashed with their car breaking the door of the driving seat and she fell out of the car banging her face on the big stone ruining her face and fell unconscious.

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